Distr.  : UK - Norman/Piccadilly/
Style   : indie /

ZCR     01 LP   LYDIA AINSWORTH         PHANTOM FOREST                  LP      04.2019
ZCR     01 CD   LYDIA AINSWORTH         PHANTOM FOREST                  CD      04.2019

        1       Diamonds Cutting Diamonds
        2       Tell Me I Exist
        3       Can You Find Her Place
        4       Edge of the Throne
        5       Kiss The Future
        6       The Time
        7       Give It Back To You
        8       Floating Dream
        9       Green is the Color

Juno-nominated singer, all-round auteur and Botticelli fan Lydia Ainsworth presents
her third studio album. An exercise in fantasy world-building, Phantom Forest promises
to be the Canadianís most ambitious record yet. This is pop music produced with the
ear of a composer, which finds a place for both live and programmed instrumentation.