ZOLFO                                   ITALY

Distr.  : IT -
          US - Forced Exposure
Style   : reissue /

QNT     001     THE NAZGUL              DE EXPUGNATIONE ELFMUTH         LP      01.2017

Zolfo present a reissue of Nazgul's De Expugnatione Elfmuth, originally released in
2002. Nazgul was a mysterious two-piece band formed in 1996 in Monreale, a small
village right outside of Palermo, Sicily. Comes in a deluxe, gatefold jacket on 180
gram vinyl. A true authentic underground legend.
QNT     002     NUCLEAR SIMPHONY        LOST IN WONDERLAND              LP      01.2017

a reissue of Nuclear Simphony's Lost In Wonderland, originally released in 1989.
Nuclear Simphony Formed in 1986, Favara, Sicily's thrashers Nuclear Simphony released
their legendary Choir Of Desperation demos right before appearing on the Metalmaniax
compilation on the Durium label (1987), along with the cream-of-the-crop of the Italian
metal scene of that time (Vanadium, Strana Officina, Skanners, Sabotage and Danger
Zone). Reissued on 180 gram vinyl, with full reproduction of the original artwork and
inner sleeve.
QNT     003     SINOATH                 RESEARCH                        LP      01.2017

Zolfo present a reissue of Sinoath's Research, originally released on CD in 1995.
A popular name in the tape trading years of thrash metal, Catania, Sicily's renowned
death metal band Sinoath's first two demos Forged In Blood from 1991 and Still In The
Grey Dying from 1993 allowed the band to build a huge legion of fans all over Europe,
mainly thanks to their huge use of keyboards and their professional approach to studio
recording. Research was their first full length, originally released in 1995 on the
small Polyphemus label right before going into a hiatus that lasted many years (their
follow up is from 2007), a fact which definitely did not help Sinoath reach the
popularity they deserved. A pure gem of melodic old school black/death metal, Research
finds one of most iconic underground cult groups of the Italian extreme metal scene at
the peak of their powers. Recommended for all fans of Celtic Frost, Venom and
Candlemass. This first-time vinyl reissue comes as 180 gram vinyl.
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