ZEITGEIST RECORDS                       UK

Distr.  : UK -
Style   : reissue-prog.rock/ power rock /

ZG      9100    THE PETARDS             PET ARTS                        CD      01.2013

(Note : prog.rock from Germany, 1971)
ZG      9104    THE MOTHERHOOD          I FEEL SO FREE                  CD      03.2016

Legendary Berlin-born saxophonist and bandleader Klaus Doldinger, this psych-funk
ultra-rarity was recorded and released in Germany in 1969. Featuring superb Beatles
and Cream covers, as well as nine funky, punchy originals, it's nothing short of a
space-age bachelor-pad classic. With original copies changing hands for well over
$600, it makes its welcome reissue debut here.
ZG      9105    MAUREENY WISHFULL : THE MAUREENY WISHFUL ALBUM          CD      03.2016

In the mid-'60s, a prolific young singer-songwriter named John Williams was invited to
record demos for Andrew Oldham's troubled Immediate label, with guitar and sitar
accompaniment from Jimmy Page and Big Jim Sullivan. Nothing was released at the time,
though in 1967 Williams did have an LP and a couple of singles issued on Columbia.
A few years later he privately issued 300 copies of his wistful Immediate demos as The
Maureeny Wishfull Album. A legendary underground folk rarity now reissued on CD.
ZG      9106    BRYONY JAMES            FEELING GOOD                    CD      04.2016

This New York-born half-Cuban vocalist came to London in 1967 and had her sole album
released in the UK in 1969. It finds her tackling a number of jazz and popular
standards in sultry style, backed by the percussive, jazzy grooves of the Laurie
Holloway Quartet. A considerable rarity in its original vinyl form, it's reissued
here for the first time.
ZG      9107    BERNIE SCHWARTZ         THE WHEEL                       CD      04.2016

By the time he released this solo album in 1970, Bernie Schwartz was a veteran of
the Hollywood music scene, having collaborated with The Everly Brothers on some
unsuccessful singles, written songs for The East Side Kids and The Yellow Payges,
and played with psych-pop band The Comfortable Chair. Co-produced with Wesley Watt
and Bill Lincoln of Euphoria, The Wheel effortlessly spans wild psychedelic rock and
gentle ballads. Expertly written, played, and sung, it's a lost classic, reissued
here for the first time.
ZG      9001    REACTION                REACTION                        CD      01.2013

(Note : rare LP by a German power trio from Hamburg, early 1970)
ZG      9002    FOLKAL POINT            FOLKAL POINT                    CD      01.2016

Based in Bristol, England, this teenage quartet made one of the most sought-after folk
albums of all time. Originally released in 1972, it combines folk standards with
contemporary material by Bob Dylan, Tom Paxton, and others, all set to precise guitar
arrangements and the gorgeous, wistful vocals of Cherie Musialik. With original copies
changing hands for several thousand dollars, it makes a welcome return to CD here.
ZG      9003    TRIP                    TRIP                            CD      01.2016

Trip is an early-'70s Austrian "pop-opera" concerning the reception given to a black
messiah in the modern age. Touching on the youth concerns of the time, it made a strong
impact in Austria, where this extremely rare soundtrack album was issued in 1972.
Spanning funk, pop, acid jazz, and gospel, with electric guitar, flute, organ, sitar,
and more, it has been sampled since (notably for the epic breakbeat in Sunlounger's
"White Sand" (2006)) and makes its CD debut here.
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