Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly
Style   : electronic /

ZAUN    010     HUBUR                   MUSIC FROM THE ARCHIVE          LP      03.2019

        A1.     High Ladder
        A2.     Oneiroi
        A3.     Koji
        A4.     Plum
        B1.     Perder La Pieza Que Necesitas
        B2.     El Biqote
        B3.     Bedroom And Pavement
        B4.     Mal 2
        B5.     Rums Rums
        B6.     Rolling Absolute
        B7.     Schiessen Sie Auf Den Pianisten Vom Planet Der Affen

The music of Hubur is full of details and small elements that trigger the big picture
profoundly. You can call his music electronic. You can say he writes tracks. But then
there are some song-ish moments in them  even if there is no singing at all. Not at
least because his melodies are tempting. You can also find traces of hip hop. Traces
of leftfield electronics. Traces of jazz without jazz. A gentle ride with a story arc
that absorbs profoundly and that does not require a commercial value to exist and be