Distr.  : NE - Sonic Rendezvous
Style   : indie / alternative /

ZAMOLP  2002    LA CHICA                LA LOBA                         LP      02.2021
ZAMOCD  2002    LA CHICA                LA LOBA                         CD      02.2021

        01.     3
        02.     AGUA
        03.     LA LOBA
        04.     DRINK
        05.     SOL
        06.     INTERLUDE
        07.     HOY (LOBO)

After her EP Oasis (2017) then her first album Cambio (2019), La Chica had accustomed
us to a warm and colorful energy, between Latin American Rhythms, songs in Spanish
and occidental pop. With La Loba, the Franco-Venezuelan artist shows her folklore in
a more mystical and nebulous light, in an album dedicated to her deceased brotherwhere
voice and piano dialogue intimately. La Loba is an album that tells about suffering
and the beyond, but for all that, it doesnt have anything that could hold the stale
tearfulness. On the contrary, it is through magical stories inspired by Venezuelan
folklore that La Chica addresses these themes, in songs full of hope and strength.
An album that you listen to like you read a novel.