YOUNG BLOOD                             138 New Bond Street
***********                             London W1
Young Blood International               UK

Start   : 1969
Owner   : Miki Dallon
Distr.  : UK - CBS
          GE - Deutsche Vogue Schallplatten GmbH
Style   : vocal / r+b /r+r / soul / folk / classic rock / jazz / blues /
          blues rock / prog rock /

SBYB    1       V / A                   YOUNG BLOOD VOLUME 1            LP        .1969

        A1      Mac Kissoon– : Get Down With It / Satisfaction
        A2      Don Fardon–             I'm Alive
        A3      Jimmy Powell            Out Of Time
        A4      Mac Kissoon–            Baby I Love You
        A5      Don Fardon–             Let The Live Live
        A6      Jimmy Powell            	House Of The Rising Sun
        B1      Mac Kissoon–            (You Keep Me) Hanging On
        B2      Don Fardon–             Keep On Loving Me
        B3      Jimmy Powell            	I Can Go Down
        B4      Mac Kissoon–            In A Dream
        B5      Don Fardon–             I Get So Excited
        B6      Jimmy Powell            Captain Man
SBYB    2       V / A : "GET THIS" YOUNG BLOOD VOLUME 2                 LP        .1970

        A1      Python Lee Jackson      n A Broken Dream
        A2      Mac And Katie Kissoon  –eep On Laughing Baby
        A3      Jimmy Powell            Ivory
        A4      Paintbox                Get Ready For Love
        A5      Don Fardon              Indian Reservation
        B1      Python Lee Jackson      Doing Fine
        B2      Mac And Katie Kissoon   Acts Of Violence
        B3      Jimmy Powell            Witness To A War
        B4      Paintbox                Can I Get To Know You
        B5      Don Fardon              Belfast Boy
SSYB    3       ALASDAIR McDONALD       TAM-LIN                         LP        .1971

        A1      Tam Lin
        A2      Twa Corbies
        A3      Bratach Bana (The Shining White Banner)
        A4      Chairlie O Chairlie
        A5      Donald McMcGillavry
        B1      Johnny O'Breadislea
        B2      Song Of ClanDonald
        B3      Normond Braes
        B4      McPhearson's Rant
        B5      Andro And His Cutty Gun
SSYB    4       V / A                   YOUNG BLOOD VOL.3               LP        .1971

        A1      Raw Holly               Raining In My Heart
        A2      Mac And Katie Kissoon   Pigeon
        A3      Don Fardon              Follow Your Drum
        A4      Paintbox                Get Ready For Love
        A5      Jack Hammer             Colour Combination
        A6      Jimmy Powell            Have You Seen My Baby
        B1      Mac And Katie Kissoon   Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep
        B2      Don Fardon              Girl
        B3      Paintbox                Vietnam Rose
        B4      Raw Holly               Well Alright
        B5      Jack Hammer             Swim
        B6      Jimmy Powell            Progessive Talking Blues
SSYB    5       DON FARDON              I'VE PAID MY DUES               LP      07.1970

        A1      Belfast Boy
        A2      Hudon Bay
        A3      Indian Reservation
        A4      New York City
        A5      I'm Alive
        B1      Take A Heart
        B2      I Need Somebody
        B3      6.10 Phoenix
        B4      Keep On Loving Me
        B5      Sally Goes Round The Moon
SSYB    6       DANDO SHAFT             AN EVENING WITH DANDO SHAFT     LP      07.1970

        A1      Rain
        A2      Cold Wind
        A3      September Wine
        A4      Cat Song
        B1      In The Country
        B2      Drops Of Brandy (Instrumental)
        B3      End Of The Game
        B4      Lazily Slowly

        A1      China Girl                                      3:36
        A2      Goldfish                                        2:47
        A3      Sophisticated Beggar                            5:07
        A4      My Friend                                       4:06
        A5      Big Fat Silver Aeroplane                        3:39
        A6      Blackpool                                       5:08
        A7      Legend                                          3:43
        B1      Girlie                                          3:02
        B2      October The Twelfth                             5:54
        B3      Black Clouds                                    4:31
        B4      Mr. Station Master                              3:04
        B5      Forever                                         3:27
        B6      Committed                                       3:14
        B7      Hup Hup Spiral                                  0:32

LP      Strike              JHL 105         1967        UK
SSYB    8       ELIAS HULK              UNCHAINED                       LP        .1970

        A1      We Can Fly
        A2      Nightmare
        A3      Been Around Too Long
        A4      Yesterday's Trip
        B1      Anthology Of Dreams
        B2      Free
        B3      Delhi Blues
        B4      Ain't Got You
SSYB    9
SSYB    10      ELIAS HULK              ELIAS HULK                      LP        .1970

        A1      Anthology Of Dreams
        A2      Nightmare
        A3      Been Around Too Long
        A4      Yesterday's Trip
        B1      We Can Fly
        B2      Free
        B3      Delhi Blues
        B4      Ain't Got You
                (Note : Germany issue)
SSYB    10      MAC KISSOON             SOLE SATISFACTION               LP        .1970

        A1      Get Down With It/(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction3:22
        A2      Baby I Love You                             2:26
        A3      I Really Care About You                     2:58
        A4      You Keep Me Hangin' On                      2:39
        A5      Wear It On Your Face                        2:41
        B1      Let The Good Times Roll                     3:15
        B2      In A Dream                                  2:45
        B3      Walking Around                              2:35
        B4      The Vow                                     3:40
        B5      I Can Feel It                               3:00
SSYB    11      JOHNNY GRIFFIN          FOOT PATTING                    LP        .1970

        A1      Foot Patting
        A2      Please Send Someone To Love
        A3      The Turk's Bolero
        A4      Deep Eight
        B1      A Handful Of Soul
        B2      The Jamfs Are Coming
        B3      Lady Heavy Bottom's Waltz
SSYB    12      THE SAHIB SHIHAB QUINTET : SEEDS                        LP        .1970

        A1      Seeds                                           4:05
        A2      Peter's Waltz                                   5:07
        A3      Set Up                                          3:00
        A4      Who'll Buy My Dream                             3:57
        A5      Jay Jay                                         2:55
        B1      Another Samba                                   3:06
        B2      My Kind Of World                                3:48
        B3      Uma Fita De Tres Cores                          3:04
        B4      Mauve                                           3:05
        B5      The Wild Man                                    3:40
SSYB    13      DON FARDON              RELEASED                        LP      12.1970

        A1      Indian Reservation
        A2      Riverboat
        A3      California Maiden
        A4      Hudson Bay
        A5      Mississippi Woman
        B1      New York City
        B2      Miami Sunset
        B3      6:10 Phoenix Gone
        B4      Cheyene
        B5      San Diego
SSYB    14      SALAMANDER              THE TEN COMMANDMENTS            LP        .1971

        A1      Prelude Incorp. He Is My God
        A2      Images
        A3      People
        A4      God's Day
        A5      Honour Thy Father And Thy Mother
        B1      Kill
        B2      Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery
        B3      Steal
        B4      False Witness
        B5      Possessions
SSYB    15      MAC AND KATIE KISSOON : INTROGUCING                     LP        .1971

        A1      Otis, Janis, Jimi And Me
        A2      I've Found My Freedom
        A3      Do You Really Love Me
        A4      Games People Play
        A5      Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep
        B1      Hey Diddle Diddle
        B2      Lead Me To Paradise
        B3      Show Me
        B4      Swinging On A Star
        B5      Pigeon
        B6      Love Came Today

        A1      Brief Encounter
        A2      Water Brother
        A3      Heaven Must Have Passed This Way
        A4      The Onliest Way
        A5      Stay Away From My Dream
        A6      Don't
        B1      We Is Mine
        B2      Raining In The City
        B3      Winds Of Change
        B4      Lady
        B5      Rose Coloured Glasses
        B6      Dark Brown Legs

Young Blood International

SYB     3001    PYTHON LEE JACKSON      IN A BROKEN DREAM               LP        .1972

        A1      Second Time Around The Wheel                    4:50
        A2      In A Broken Dream                               3:40
        A3      Boogie Woogie Joe                               4:30
        A4      Wily Ways                                       3:20
        A5      Cloud Nine                                      3:55
        B1      Turn The Music Down                             3:00
        B3      If The World Stopped Still Tonight              3:05
        B4      Sweet Consolation                               4:10
        B5      Blues                                           4:15
        B2      If It's Meant To Be A Party                     3:20
SYB     3002    APOLLO 100              RHAPSODY IN ROCK                LP        .1972

        A1      Mendelssohn's 4th
        A2      Hall Of The Mountain King
        A3      Danse Macabre
        A4      Joy
        A5      Reach For The Sky
        B1      Air On A 'G' String
        B2      Libido
        B3      Tamara
        B4      Jazz Pizzicato
        B5      Excercise In 'A' Minor
        B6      Classical Wind
SYB     3003    CHAKACHAS               CHAKACHAS                       LP        .1972

        A1      Stories
        A2      Push Together
        A3      Soledad
        A4      Bantu
        A5      By The Way
        A6      Love, Love, Love
        B1      Judas Kiss
        B2      Oye Me
        B3      Try It You'll Like It
        B4      Copacabana
        B5      Oye Mi Guaguanco
        B6      The Party
SSYB    3004    COCKEREL CHORUS         NICE ONE CYRIL                  LP        .1973

        A1      Tie A Yellow Ribbon
        A2      Around The Old Campfire
        A3      To All Our Friends
        A4      Butterfly
        A5      Do Do Be Do
        A6      Nice One Cyril
        B1      Part Of The Union
        B2      Only A Thousand A Day
        B3      Loop Di Love
        B4      Chicken Hearted Lover
        B5      Long Haired Lover From Liverpool
        B6      Southend On Sea
SSYB    3005    APOLLO 100              MASTER PIECES                   LP        .1975

        A1      Jesu Joy                                        2:40
        A2      Beethoven 9                                     2:33
        A3      Mendelssohn 4                                   2:36
        A4      Nutrocker                                       1:53
        A5      Dance Macabre                                   2:24
        A6      Listening To Mozart                             2:22
        B1      Hall Of The Mountain King                       2:12
        B2      Classical Gas                                   3:14
        B3      William Tell                                    2:18
        B4      Sonata 8                                        2:52
        B5      Tristesse                                       3:14
        B6      Exercise In A Minor                             2:47
SSYB    3006    APOLLO 100              MELODIES ON MY MIND             LP        .1973

        A1      Cast Your Fate To The Wind
        A2      Walk In The Black Forest
        A3      Reach For The Sky
        A4      Soul Coaxing
        A5      Tamara
        A6      Amazing Grace
        B1      Tapestry
        B2      Air On A G String
        B3      Libido
        B4      Melody On My Mind
        B5      Opus 5
        B6      Rickoshay
SSYB    3007    APOLLO 100              MELODIES WITH A BEAT            LP        .1973

        A1      I Will Return
        A2      Matthew & Son
        A3      Orange Blossom Special
        A4      Sweet Dream
        A5      Besame Mucho
        A6      Valleys
        B1      On The Rebound
        B2      Lady Madonna
        B3      Talk Back
        B4      Telstar
        B5      Hang On, Sloopy
        B6      Rock and Reel
SYB     3008    MAC AND KATIE KISSOON : THE BEST OF                     LP        .1973

        A1      Love Will Keep Us Together
        A2      Freedom
        A3      Beautiful World Out There
        A4      Sing Along
        A5      Black Skinned Blue Eyed Boy
        A6      Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep
        B1      Hey You Love
        B2      Love Me Baby
        B3      Change It All
        B4      True Love Forgives
        B5      Don't Make Me Cry
        B6      Pidgeon
SYB     3009    STU STEVENS             STORIES IN SONG                 LP        .1973

        A1      Streets Of London
        A2      Hudson Bay
        A3      Never Miss A Woman
        A4      Julie's Gone
        A5      God Forsaken Land
        B1      My Woman My Wife
        B2      Honey What's The Matter
        B3      Mary Goes Round
        B4      Looking For A Place To Sleep
        B5      Whatever Happened To Me
        B6      Hello Babe