YOU ARE THE COSMOS                      Zaragoza
******************                      Aragon


Distr.  : SP -
          NE - Clear Spot/
Style   : prog. rock / psychedelic / guitar pop / folk rock / power pop /

YATC    01      FAIRFIELD PARLOUR       EMILY                           7"      10.2014

        A       Emily
        B       Soldier Of The Flesh
                (Note : 7" , 535 hand-numb. copies)

7"      Vertigo                 6059032         1970    UK
YATC00000002    ORA                     SEASHORE                        7"      10.2014

        A       Seashore
        B       You
                (Note : 7" , 535 hand-numb. copies)
YATC    03      JOSH ROUSE              EASY STREET                     7"      10.2014

        A1      Easy Street
        A2      City Blues
        B1      The Clear Coast
                (Note : 7" , 535 hand-numb. copies)
YATC00000004    THE PARSON RED HEADS    ANOTHER CHANCE                  7"      10.2014

        A1      Another Chance
        A2      Crying Days Are Over
        B1      Banking On The Sun
                (Note : 7" , 535 hand-numb. copies)
YATC    05      V / A                   BAROQUE WORLD #1                7"      10.2014

        A1      Violet Swells           Into The Ether
        A2      New Electric Ride       A Submarine Song
        B1      Balduin                 Mirror, Mirror
        B2      The Galileo 7           False Memory Lane
                (Note : 7" , 535 hand-numb. copies)
YATC    06      V / A                   DISCO PANTERA VOL.1             7"        .2014

        A1      Antenna                 Thomson Twins
        A2      Park Cheese             Bubba
        B1      Fleeman : Philip The Liar ( The Disco Star )
        B2      Antenna : Tonsils Twins ( Instrumental By Antenna )
                (Note : 7" , 535 hand-numb. copies)
YATC    07      BLUE ASH                SHE'S SO NICE                   7"      10.2014

        A1      She's So Nice
        A2      Halloween Girl
        B1      Wish You On My Mind
        B2      Silver Horses
                (Note : 7" , 525 hand-numb. copies)
YATC    08      BART DAVENPORT          THE SAVIORS                     7"        .2014

        A1      The Saviors
        B1      Beg,Steal,Borrow
                (Note : 7" , 524 hand-numb. copies)
YATC    09      THE PARSON RED HEADS    IN A HAZY DREAM                 LP+CD     .2015
                RETROSPECTIVE (2004-2014)

        A1      Hazy Dream
        A2      Out To Sea
        A3      Every Mile
        A4      Punctual As Usual
        A5      Peace In The Valley
        A6      I Was Only
        B1      Raymond
        B2      Christine
        B3      Seven Years Ago
        B4      Hold On
        B5      I'm Always At Hand
        B6      Never Ending Road
YATC    10      BLUE ASH                HEARTS & ARROWS                 2LP+7"    .2015

LP 1    A1      Baby I Just Want You
        A2      Look At You Now
        A3      Plain To See
        A4      Things Have Changed Now
        A5      Around Again
        A6      Smash My Guitar
        B1      You'd Better Find Someone Else
        B2      It's So Easy
        B3      I Remember A Time
        B4      I'm A Bad Doctor
        B5      It Don't Bother Me
        B6      If Were Ever Minus You

LP 2    C1      Abracadabra (Have You Seen Her?)
        C2      When You Rock
        C3      It Won't Be Long Now
        C4      When I Come Home
        C5      She Isn't There
        C6      Tired Of Pushing
        D1      The Boy Won't Listen
        D2      Magic Words
        D3      Elementary Dr Watson
        D4      Day And Night
        D5      Can't Get Her Off My Mind
        D6      Pleasant Dreams

7"              Bonus Ep
        A1      Everywhere I Go
        A2      A Million Miles Away
        B1      Instantly I Knew That I Loved You
        B2      Make Sure You Give It Back
YATC    11      DR. COSMO'S TAPE LAB    COMMUNITY GARDEN POLITICS       7"      10.2015

        A       Community Garden Politics (single edit)
        B       Pig In A Pen
YATC    12      V / A                   BAROQUE WORLD #2                7"        .2015

        A1      The Karovas Milkshake   Easy For You (Radio Edit)
        A2      Bronco Bullfrog         Rocking Horse Mender
        B1      The Madcaps             Emily Vandelay
        B2      The Wellgreen           Ants
                (Note : 7" , 520 numb. copies)
YATC    13      RENO BO : LESSONS FROM A SHOOTING STAR                  LP      10.2015

        A1      Sweetheart Deal                                 3:32
        A2      How Do You Do                                   2:59
        A3      Just Say Go                                     3:02
        A4      Strange Maps                                    3:58
        A5      And I Know She Did                              3:24
        B1      The Brighter Side                               2:59
        B2      Sleeping Sun                                    2:11
        B3      Mumbo Johnny                                    1:28
        B4      Lessons from a Shooting Star                    4:47
        B5      Somewhere There's Something                     3:58
YATC    14      COSMIC ROUGH RIDERS     CHROME CASSETTE                 LP      01.2016

        A1      Yesterday's A Waste Of Time
        A2      A Beautiful Sunrise
        A3      I'm Out Of My Mind
        A4      Misty Dreamer
        A5      Dark Forest
        B1      You're Predictable
        B2      Another Wasted Day
        B3      Some Great Messages
        B4      Follow You Home
        B5      I Should Disappear
YATC    15      THE CAROUSELS           LORD SPEED MY HURRICANE         7"      03.2016

        A       Lord Speed My Hurricane                         3:45
        B       Like A Loaded Gun                               3:33
YATC    16      ANDY REED : AN INTRODUCING TO ANDY REED                 LP        .2016

        A1      Thunder Island                                  3:32
        A2      Dreaming Of The West Coast                      2:56
        A3      Love is Gone                                    3:40
        A4      The Criminal                                    3:43
        A5      World Of Make Believe                           4:07
        B1      Your Reign is Over                              3:11
        B2      The Show Goes On                                3:11
        B3      Crimes of Paris                                 4:12
        B4      Novacaine                                       2:51
        B5      Always On the Run                               3:02
        B6      Waves                                           3:13
YATC    17      ANTON BARBEAU           MAGIC ACT                       LP      02.2016

        A1      High Noon                                       3:33
        A2      Flying Spider                                   3:24
        A3      Milk Churn In The Morning                       3:06
        A4      City By The Sea                                 2:48
        A5      Sit Your Leggy Down                             1:51
        A6      Broken In Two                                   5:04
        B1      Black Lemon Sauce                               3:59
        B2      Euphemism & Innuendo                            3:00
        B3      The Wait Of You                                 3:15
        B4      Swindon                                         2:40
        B5      Blue Lamp Rider                                 3:16
        B6      Hot Skip A Jump                                 3:59

        A1      Listen To Me
        A2      Brown Eyed Girl
        A3      Me, The Peaceful Heart
        A4      The Sound Of The Candyman's Trumpet
        A5      Hello It's Me
        A6      Fox On The Run
        B1      Hello World
        B2      Goodnight Sweet Josephine
        B3      Ha! Ha! Said The Clown
        B4      Hey Mrs. Housewife
        B5      You Won't Be Leaving
        B6      Fade Away Maureen

LP      CBS                     63608           1969    UK
LP      Rev-ola                 CRREV 190       2007    UK
YATC    19      DEADBEAT POETS          EL CAMINO REAL 101              LP        .2016

        A1      It's Summertime                                 3:19
        A2      Jennyburg Hill                                  3:28
        A3      I'll Be Standing By                             2:22
        A4      The Staircase Stomp!                            3:12
        A5      Getting Over You                                2:47
        A6      I Thought I Knew You                            3:23
        B1      Christmastime In Painesville                    3:31
        B2      A Dark-Haired Girl In Piccadilly Circus         4:01
        B3      Elvin Dabney Professional Thief                 3:40
        B4      Falling Without Annette                         3:16
        B5      There Ain't No One But You                      2:33
        B6      The Concrete Cows Of Milton Keynes              4:03
YATC    20      BLUE ASH : 15 NUMBER ONES IN A PERFECT WORLD!           CD        .2016

        1       Abracadabra (Have You Seen Her?)
        2       She's So Nice
        3       Baby I Just Want You
        4       Halloween Girl
        5       When You Rock
        6       It's So Easy
        7       I Remember A Time
        8       Plain To See
        9       You'd Better Find Someone Else
        10      Smash My Guitar
        11      It Won't Be Long
        12      Look At You Now
        13      The Boy Won't Listen
        14      With You On My Mind
        15      Silver Horses
YATCLP  21      V / A                   TWELVE STRINGS HIGH             2LP     10.2016
YATCCD  21      V / A                   TWELVE STRINGS HIGH             CD      10.2016

LP 1    A1      Erik Voeks              She Loved Her Jangle Pop
        A2      The Jangle Band         Love You Too
        A3      Wade Jackson            Coming Back
        A4      Stephen's Shore         Please Say
        A5      The Young Sinclairs     Birthday Card
        A6      The Junipers            And In My Dream
        B1      The Parson Red Heads    It's Hard For Me To Say
        B2      Dropkick                Even When You're Gone
        B3      Kontiki Suite           Here For You Now
        B4      The Hanging Stars       Ruby Red
        B5      Elvyn                   Lotta Lies

LP 2    C1      Arvidson & Butterflies : Tired Of Running
        C2      Luther Russell          The Look In Your Eye
        C3      The Dreaming Spires     If I Didn't Know You
        C4      The Carousels           Call Along The Coast
        C5      The Outryders           Thanks For Nothing
        C6      Deadbeat Poets          I'll Be Standing By
        D1      The Sensitive Drunks    There She Goes
        D2      The Higher State        One Is Not And One Is Real
        D3      The Beginner's Mynd     Shadows
        D4      The Belltowers          She Reappears
        D5      Coke Belda              Hold Me Tight
        D6      The Reverberations      The Way I Want You
YATC    22      DIAMOND HANDS           DIAMOND HANDS                   LP      10.2016

        A1      Not The Same
        A2      Maybe Tomorrow
        A3      See You Again
        A4      Waste My Time
        A5      Just Another Day
        B1      Siren Song
        B2      Nothing Left To Loose
        B3      Come Home
        B4      Old Man
        B5      Alone With You
        B6      Not Quite Sure
YATC    23      DANIEL WYLIE : BEST OF SOLO YEARS (2004-2014)           LP        .2016

        A1      Consoling The Girl
        A2      Love Hurts (Sometimes)
        A3      Broadcast News
        A4      Forgotten Songs
        A5      Car Guitar Star
        A6      Brighton Beach
        B1      That Was The Day
        B2      Unwind
        B3      I'm A Machine
        B4      Everything I Give You
        B5      The Cello Player
YATC    24      KEN SHARP               MY FAVORITE SONGBOOK            LP        .2016

        1       Let's Be Friends
        2       Mr. Sun
        3       The Hardest Part
        4       Better Every Day
        5       Wrecking Ball
        6       Burn & Crash
        7       Solid Ground
        8       Floating On A Cornflake
        9       I Should Have Known
        10      New Attitude
        11      Magic
YATC    25      THE LUNAR LAUGH         MAMA'S BOY                      LP+CD     .2017
YATC    25      THE LUNAR LAUGH         MAMA'S BOY                      CD        .2017

        A1      Mama's Boy                                      3:33
        A2      Sticks And Stones                               3:29
        A3      Work In Progress                                3:38
        A4      The Bedroom Door                                3:45
        A5      A Better Fool                                   4:21
        A6      She Gets Stoned                                 3:52
        B1      Doin' Alright                                   2:57
        B2      Living A Lie                                    4:07
        B3      She Needs More Love                             2:51
        B4      Take A Little Time                              3:50
        B5      Lullaby Moon                                    1:48
        B6      Nighthawks & Mona Lisa                          3:46
YATC    26      WADE JACKSON            WHISKEY ALPHA DELTA ECHO        LP      04.2017

        A1      Dark Mirror                                     3:30
        A2      Valentine's Day                                 4:03
        A3      Catch My Eye                                    3:42
        A4      Coming Back                                     3:21
        A5      Carolina                                        2:31
        A6      Come On Over                                    2:31
        B1      Back Of My Hand                                 3:48
        B2      Shooting Star                                   3:43
        B3      If You Change Your Mind                         3:55
        B4      Jesus I Must Be Crazy                           3:53
        B5      Tus Ojos Verdes                                 3:34

CD      Half A Cow              HAC 160         2016    Australia
YATC    27      GREEN PEPPERS           RETROSPECTIVELY YOURS           LP        .2017

        A1      Angel, Angel
        A2      Honest Injun
        A3      Green
        A4      American Tan
        A5      The Sun And Moon And Stars
        A6      It's Hard To Kill A Bad Thing
        B1      Shabby Horses
        B2      Carry Me Away
        B3      Anything Goes
        B4      The Apple Sun
        B5      So Near So Far
        B6      Time Machine
YATC    28      RONNIE D'ADDARIO        BEST OF 1976-83                 LP      04.2017

        A1      Wait In the Wings
        A2      Nice Meeting You - Again
        A3      Good For You
        A4      Falling For Love
        A5      Love Stepped Out
        A6      Let Me Just Look At You
        B1      It's Spring Too Soon
        B2      Part Time Lovin' Is a Full Time Job
        B2      I'm On To Something
        B4      Thinking Out Loud
        B5      Take In a Show
        B6      The Sun Is Out
YATC    29      RONNIE D'ADDARIO        1976-1983 FIRST SONGS           3CD     04.2017

                        TAKE IN A SHOW (1976)
        CD1 - Track 1   Love Stepped Out
        CD1 - Track 2   Take In A Show
        CD1 - Track 3   You're Not Alone
        CD1 - Track 4   Let's Lets Go
        CD1 - Track 5   Time Meant Money Spent On You
        CD1 - Track 6   Nice Meeting You-Again
        CD1 - Track 7   The Sun Is Out
        CD1 - Track 8   Here We Are Again
        CD1 - Track 9   It's Spring Too Soon
        CD1 - Track 10  T.R.E.N.C.H. Coat (bonus)
        CD1 - Track 11  Lady Rag (bonus)
        CD1 - Track 12  I Was Your Window (demo)

                        FALLING FOR LOVE (1981)
        CD2 - Track 1   Falling For Love
        CD2 - Track 2   Let Me Just Look At You
        CD2 - Track 3   I'm On To Something
        CD2 - Track 4   Steps
        CD2 - Track 5   I Don't Have the Heart
        CD2 - Track 6   You Played Too Rough With My Heart
        CD2 - Track 7   Wait In the Wings
        CD2 - Track 8   You Can Cure A Rainy Day
        CD2 - Track 9   Two Little Children
        CD2 - Track 10  I Woke Up Today
        CD2 - Track 11  Just Passing Throught
        CD2 - Track 12  Make Matters Worse
        CD2 - Track 13  Vocal Tracks Medley (bonus)
        CD2 - Track 14  Smokin' In Bed (bonus)
        CD2 - Track 14  Yesterday's News
        CD2 - Track 16  Overnight Success
                        GOOD FOR YOU (1983)
        CD3 - Track 1   Good For You
        CD3 - Track 2   Thinking Out Loud
        CD3 - Track 3   Inspiration
        CD3 - Track 4   Part Time Lovin' Is A Full Time Job
        CD3 - Track 5   Next Time And Time Again
        CD3 - Track 6   Love Up My Sleeve
        CD3 - Track 7   Love On My Hands
        CD3 - Track 8   Let's Take It Again
        CD3 - Track 9   Suite 16
        CD3 - Track 10  PDA
        CD3 - Track 11  Pop Rock
        CD3 - Track 12  Amanda Lynne
YATC    30      DAVID BROOKINGS         KING WITHOUT A THRONE           LP        .2017

        A1      Time To Go
        A2      King Without A Throne
        A3      Tough Crowd
        A4      Dead Battery
        A5      Hook It Up
        A6      Cora
        B1      Sand In The Hourglass
        B2      The Greatest Songwriter No One Ever Heard
        B3      Flashlight Love
        B4      Looking For The One
        B5      Always Be The Same
        B6      Obsessed
YATCLP  31      THE PARSON RED HEADS    BLURRED HARMONY                 LP+CD   06.2017
YATCCD  31      THE PARSON RED HEADS    BLURRED HARMONY                 CD      06.2017

        A1      Please Come Save Me                             4:39
        A2      Coming Down                                     4:54
        A3      Time After Time                                 5:07
        A4      Answer Twice                                    0:56
        A5      Sunday Song                                     5:16
        B1      What Have I Become                              3:50
        B2      Terrible Lie                                    4:03
        B3      Time Is A Wheel                                 4:36
        B4      Today is the Day                                2:07
        B5      Waiting For The Call                            2:12
        B6      Out Of Range                                    1:56
        B7      In A Dream                                      2:59

LP      Fluff And Gravy         FNG 038         2017    US
YATC    32      THE JACOBITES           OLD SCARLETT                    CD      08.2017

        01.     OVER & OVER
        02.     WHEN ANGELS DIE
        03.     FALLING APART
        04.     DOWN ON MY OWN
        05.     BOUTIQUE
        06.     WHAT I AM LIVING FOR?
        07.     PUPPETTEER'S SON
        08.     LOVE'S CASCADE
        09.     PENICILLIN
        10.     ROLLIN OF THE HEARSE

For the first time on Vinyl format, Old Scarlett (1995) by The Jacobites -Nikki Sudden
& Dave Kusworth- Probably their greatest love & death songs collection. An essential
Contains Poster (30 x 60 cm).!
YATC    33
YATC    34      COSMIC ROUGH RIDERS     SCENERY FOR DREAMERS            LP      09.2017

        01.     ROPE (EVERYBODY LIES)
        02.     I HEAR YOU CALL MY NAME
        03.     COLD ALASKA
        06.     LUCKY FIND
        07.     I DREAM ABOUT YOU
        08.     I WANT TO KILL YOUR LOVER
        09.     FULL MOON ON THE RIVER
        10.     WON'T YOU (JUST SMILE)

The BEST songs collection of his career to date and also the BEST produced. Limited
Edition 500 copies (no repress).
YACLP   35      V / A                   TWELVE STRING HIGH VOL.2        3LP+CD  11.2017

        1       Rob Martinez            When She Comes To Town  3:02
        2       Starry Eyed And Laughing : Forever Young        3:56
        3       Love Minus Zero         Mary Says               3:55
        4       Ronnie D'Addario        Time Will Tell On You   4:01
        5       Radiophonic Tuckshop    Buried Alive            3:14
        6       The Harmed Brothers     Adopt A Highway         3:43
        7       Jack Ellister           Magic Potion            2:22
        8       Anton Barbeau           Magazine Street         3:27
        9       Tommy Lorente           Mirabelle               3:04
        10      The Parties             Velvet Love Affair      2:45
        11      The Connection          Just For Fun            2:04
        12      Gary Ritchie            Hear From You           3:29
        13      Diamond Hands           26                      2:20
        14      Star Trip               Viaje Estrella #1       1:54
        15      Green Seagull           Not Like You And Me     2:41
        16      Peralta                 Tried So Hard           2:17
        17      The World Record : I Met The Girl (I'm Gonna
                Leave You For)                                  3:47
        18      Monserrat               Supervida               3:35
        19      The Naturals            Out Of My Head          3:02
        20      Smile Factory           There She Is            3:02
        21      The Britannicas         Real World Time         3:30
        22      "The JAC"               Disconnected            2:54
        23      The Hangabouts          Cricket Time            3:06
        24      Robyn Gibson            5D (Fifth Dimension)    2:39
YATC    36      GENTLE BRENT            JUST DANDY                      LP      09.2017

        01.     TEA & BUTTER TARTS
        02.     LOLLIPOP GIRL
        03.     I NEVER WANNA MAKE YOU CRY
        04.     ATHE LONELY ONE
        05.     NEW ISLAND GIRL
        06.     BY MY SIDE
        07.     THERE'S A GIRL
        08.     A TWINKLE OF YOUR EYE
        10.     NO FOOLIN
        11.     AT THE BAZAAR
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
YATC    37      RONNIE D'ADDARIO        BEST OF 1986-2017               LP        .2017

        A1      Time Will Tell On You
        A2      A Very Short Dream
        A3      She Tries
        A4      Don't Wait For Yesterday
        A5      My Old Self Again
        A6      Get It Right
        B1      So That's How It Is
        B2      Don't Get Me Started
        B3      The Walking Wounded
        B4      Heroes Are So Easily Replaced
        B5      She Is Something
        B6      Love's Won Me Over
YATC    38      RONNIE D'ADDARIO : DON'T WAIT FOR YESTERDAY 1986-2017   3CD       .2017

CD 1            Time Will Tell On You
        1       Don't Wait For Yesterday
        2       Time Will Tell On You
        3       So That's How It Is
        4       Heroes Are So Easily Replaced
        5       In Point Of Fact
        6       In Time
        7       Got It Right
        8       Give It Time
        9       Chinese Mind
        10      She's Alright
        11      Save That Lie For Me
        12      Wet Money
        13      Heart As A Target
        14      Da Doo Dee
        15      Cute To Boot
        16      Tongue-tied
        17      After Me Own Heart
        18      Caroline No

CD 2            A Very Short Dream
        1       A Very Short Dream
        2       My Old Self Again
        3       Love's Won Me Over
        4       You Can Never Go Home Again
        5       I See The Patterns
        6       Suicidal But Fun
        7       I Hurt All Over - Again
        8       Hard To Miss
        9       Trophy Girl
        10      The Honeybee Song
        11      (Not Responsible For) Lost Love
        12      Don't Get Me Started
        13      Stuck
        14      Not Today
        15      O Peaceful Night

CD 3            The Many Moods Of Papa Twig
        1       Get It Right
        2       The Walking Wounded
        3       The Beginning Of The Day
        4       She Tries
        5       She Is Something
        6       Move
        7       5th Of July
        8       A Drunk Man Speaks A Sober Man's Mind
        9       Killing Me With Kindness
        10      Life After You
        11      Judgement Day Blues
        12      Love Unconditional
        13      Brand New Christmas
        14      I Will Follow Hymn
YATC    39      DANIEL McGEEVER         CROSS THE WATER                 LP      12.2017

        A1      Julia
        A2      Life's A Game
        A3      Wedding Day
        A4      Roses For Rita
        A5      Return
        A6      Suzanne Says
        B1      MMXIII
        B2      For Violet
        B3      Our Love Will Remain
        B4      You're Coming Home
        B5      It's Not All Over Yet
                A WHIRLING WORLD

        A1      The A470 Song                                   3:37
        A2      I Wanted You                                    3:18
        A3      Light Years To Nothing                          3:42
        A5      Siberia                                         6:55
        A6      Meet Me At the Milky Way                        2:45
        B1      Rockfords Return                                4:38
        B2      Eyes                                            3:50
        B3      I'll Be Happy, I'll Be Sleeping                 3:39
        B4      Hawthorn                                        2:22
        B5      Drops in the Ocean                              5:52
        CD +    The Caterpillar Song                            9:48

CD      My Kung Fu              MYKUNGFU 021    2007    UK
YATC    41      JOHN HOWARD             KID IN A BIG WORLD              LP      04.2018

        A1      Goodbye Suzie
        A2      Family Man
        A3      The Flame
        A4      Maybe Someday In Miami
        A5      Gone Away
        B1      Missing Key
        B2      Spellbound
        B3      Guess Who's Coming To Dinner
        B4      Deadly Nightshade
        B5      Kid In A Big World

LP      CBS                     80473           1975    UK
CD      RPM                     RPM 271         2003    UK
YATC    42      JOHN HOWARD : THE HIDDEN BEAUTY 1973-1979               LP      04.2018

        A1      3 Years
        A2      Is This My Love
        A3      Staying At Home Kinda Guy
        A4      Don't Shine Your Light
        A5      Baby Go Now
        A6      Black Leather Lucy
        A7      No More Crying
        B1      Small Town Big Adventures
        B2      Stay
        B3      The Business Side of Beauty
        B4      Comic Strip
        B5      Pearl Parade
        B6      Loving You
YATC    43      JACOBITES               GOD SAVE US POOR SINNERS        LP+7"     .2018

        A1      God Save Us
        A2      I Miss You
        A3      Death Bed
        A4      Heartbreaks
        A5      Second Time Around
        B1      So Unkind
        B2      Blonde Angel
        B3      Cramping My Own Style
        B4      Elizabethan Balladeer
                Bonus Single
        A       Teenage Christmas
        B       I'll Care For You
YATC    44
YATC    45      DIAMOND HANDS           II                              LP      05.2018

        A1      PCH
        A2      Now Or Never
        A3      San Francisco
        A4      Caught Up In A Memory
        A5      Mother
        A6      Underground
        B1      7 Days A Week
        B2      LA Girl
        B3      Nowhere
        B4      Not Sorry
        B5      Eastern Shore
        B6      Perfect Day (Monterey Pop)
                (Note : LP , 250 copies)
YATC    46      VELVET CRUSH            FREE EXPRESSION                 LP (m)  06.2018

        A1      Kill Me Now                                     3:20
        A2      Worst Enemy                                     2:10
        A3      Between The Lines                               4:24
        A4      Goin' To My Head                                3:22
        A5      Heaven Knows                                    3:09
        A6      Roman Candle                                    4:06
        B1      Melody #1                                       2:14
        B2      Things Get Better                               1:41
        B3      Gentle Breeze                                   3:09
        B4      All Together                                    3:23
        B5      Shine On Me                                     1:54
        B6      The Unlucky One                                 3:01
        B7      Ballad of Yesteryear                            4:04

Originally released by Bobsled Records in 1999. Limited Edition 450 copies.
Monophonic format.

YATC    48      JOHN HOWARD             CAN YOU HEAR ME OK?             LP      10.2018

British musician John Howard's album 'Can You Hear Me Ok?' was meant to be issued
in 1976, but CBS changed the plans and the recordings were shelved for many years.
Following a previous CD-release, this wonderful album now finally sees its first
vinyl-edition! (This run is limited to only 350 copies.)









PF      01      THE PARSON RED HEADS    YEARLING+MURMURATIONS           CD      11.2017

The Parson Red Heads are a country-tinged indie rock band from Portland, Oregon. Their
influences range from classic acts such as Big Star, The Byrds and Crosby, Stills,
Nash and Young to Ď90s bands such as Teenage Fanclub, Luna and The Jayhawks. Yearling
was their debut album, originally released in 2011 and Murmurations, itís follow up
was originally released in 2012. This reissue CD features both albums, giving you a
whacking 17 tracks.