YELLOW ELECTRIC RECORDS                 Portland
***********************                 Oregon


Owner   : Elizabeth Harris (aka Grouper)
Distr.  : US - Mississippi
          UK - Boomkat/Volcanic Tongue/Norman/
          NZ : Flying Nun/
Style   : ambient / dark ambient / drone / metal / shoegaze /

DDDGR   002     GROUPER : DRAGGING A DEAD DEER UP A HILL (2010 PRESS.)  LP      12.2010

GR      003     GROUPER : COVER THE WINDOWS AND THE WALLS               LP        .2012

        A1      Cover the Windows and the Walls
        A2      Opened Space
        A3      Down to the Ocean
        B1      Heart Current
        B2      It Feels Alright [misspelled as It Feels Allright]
        B3      You Never Came
        B4      Follow in Our Dreams
RSGR    004     GROUPER/ROY MONTGOMERY  : SPLIT                         LP      01.2010
GR      004     GROUPER/ROY MONTGOMERY  : SPLIT                         CD      12.2010
GR      006 A   GROUPER                 AIA : DREAM LOSS                LP      04.2011

        A1      (First Heart Tone)
        A2      Dragging the Streets
        A3      I Saw a Ray
        A4      Soul Eraser
        B1      Atone
        B2      No Other
        B3      Wind Return
        B4      A Lie
GR      006 B   GROUPER                 AIA : ALIEN OBSERVER            LP      04.2011

        A1      Moon Is Sharp
        A2      Alien Observer
        A3      Vapor Trails
        B1      She Loves Me That Way (Second Heart Tone)
        B2      Mary, on the Wall (For Betre Jackson)
        B3      Come Softly (For Daniel Dalzell)

        A1      Go Easy Pete Ham
        A2      You Too Tom Evans
        A3      No Matter Why
        A4      Slowly Picking Up
        A5      Go and Get It
        A6      A Chorus of Comsats
        A7      Kuepper's Lullaby
        A8       Meet You at Gallery Floyd
        A9      We Slept Here Briefly
        A10     Why Try to Run?
        A11     Slowly Picking Up Again
        A12     Can't Leave the House Now
        B1      Child on a Swing
        B2      On Entering a Great Hall
        B3      Half-Dead Revolving Speaker
        B4      Eau de Velvet
        B5      Zabriskie Point Revisited
        B6      The Immortal Pleasure of Wanda Lust
        B7      Goes Straight Through My Head
        B8      Still Can't Leave the House
        B9      Der Shrieckenbacker
        B10     Kuepper's Alibi
        B11     Also sprach Badfinger
GR      011     DADAMAH : Violet Stains Red / Absent And Erotic Lives   7"      12.2012
GR      012     HELEN : felt This Way//Dying All The Time               7"      10.2013
                (Note : Meds Rec. MEDS 8)
GR      013     ROY MONTGOMERY          324 E. 13TH STREET #7           2LP     04.2014

                The Shallows            The Suzanne Said
                The Shallows            Trial By Separation
                Roy Montgomery          Submerged & Colourful
                Roy Montgomery          Cousin Song
                Roy Montgomery          Film As A Subversive Art
                Roy Montgomery          Long Night
                Roy Montgomery          It's Cold Outside
                Roy Montgomery          German Sister
                Roy Montgomery          Something Else Again
                Roy Montgomery          Adrift
                Roy Montgomery          Just Melancholy
                Roy Montgomery          Used To
                Roy Montgomery          Times Three
                Roy Montgomery          Some Other Time
                Roy Montgomery          Strange Attractor
                Roy Montgomery          On The Road I
                Roy Montgomery          E.N.D.
                Roy Montgomery          Intertidal
                Roy Montgomery          Fine, Fine, Fine
            20. Roy Montgomery          In Your Wake
GR      014     GROUPER                 RUINS                           LP      01.2017
GR      014     GROUPER                 RUINS                           LP+CD   01.2017

        1.      Made of Metal                                   01:39
        2.      Clearing                                        04:41
        3.      Call Across Rooms                               02:59
        4.      Labyrinth                                       03:47
        5.      Lighthouse                                      05:44
        6.      Holofernes                                      01:32
        7.      Holding                                         07:56
        8.      Made of Air                                     11:24

(Note : LP , 250 copies only. Special bonus CD & print/art edition of RUINS self
        released by Liz Harris, black ink on white paper instead of white ink on
        black paper, with a sticker and a bonus 50 minute CD of field recordings
        made in Aljezur)
IOG     001     INCA ORE/GROUPER        SPLIT                           LP      07.2011
RS      047     GROUPER : COVER THE WINDOWS AND THE WALLS               LP      12.2012