Distr.  : UK - Norman
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LPYEGGS 002     SUPERHUMAN HAPPINESS    BEACON                          LP      09.2018
CDYEGGS 002     SUPERHUMAN HAPPINESS    BEACON                          CD      09.2018

        1       Dusk
        2       Bury Me (by Where My Baby Walks)
        3       Quiet Streets
        4       Ashes To Gold
        5       Modern Motion
        6       Release Identity
        7       Beacon
        8       Victory
        9       Victory (part 2)
        10      Dawn

Ten years into their career and Superhuman Happiness release their third album,
Beacon, a darker and more emotional experience than previous works. They are led
by Stuart Bogie who currently also works with Arcade Fire and has previously
collaborated with Iron & Wine, TV On The Radio and Antibalas. Vocalist Dia Luna and
musician Eric Biondo complete the three piece. There a guest appearances a-plenty
too with Norman favourite Colin Stetson, Richard Reed-Parry of Arcade Fire and Dave
Harrington of Darkside all pitching in to lend a hand.
Superhuman Happiness is a musical collective led by Brooklyn multi-instrumentalist
Stuart Bogie, who is known for his work with Arcade Fire (2013-present), Iron and
Wine (2010-2013), TV on the Radio (2007- 2009) and Antibalas (2001-2012).
LPYEGGS 006     THE USAISAMONSTER       AMIKWAG                         LP      12.2020
CDYEGGS 006     THE USAISAMONSTER       AMIKWAG                         CD      12.2020

        1       Permaculture’s Promise
        2       Rapido Amigo
        3       8 Years Old
        4       Verbs
        5       Side of the Road
        6       We Are Not Alone
        7       Nothing and Everything

Colin Langenus and Thom Hohman reform their experimental rock vehicle The Usaisamonster
for its first album of new material in a decade. ‘Amikwag’, however, is strikingly
unlike their previous work, emphasising economy and sparseness over the kind of prog
influenced adventures of their first incarnation. Crazed, bug-out rock music which
sounds like Deerhood, mid-period Animal Collective and The Mae Shi playing twister.