YARD PRESS                              UK

Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly/
          NE - Sonic Rendezvous/
          US - Forced Exposure/
Style   : drone / doom / ambient / psychedelic /

YPLP    1       THE TELESCOPES          STONE TAPE                      LP      05.2019

        01.     BECOME THE SUN
        02.     THE SPEAKING STONES
        03.     THE DESERT IN YOUR HEART
        04.     EVERYTHING MUST BE
        05.     SILENT WATER
        06.     DEAD INSIDE

Stone Tape is a concept album inspired by "Stone Tape Theory", theorized by Thomas
Charles Lethbridge in 1961. The archaeologist, parapsychologist and explorer developed
the idea that inanimate materials can absorb energy from living beings, and that this
mental electrical energy, released during emotional or traumatic events, could somehow
be "stored" in such materials and "reproduced" under certain conditions. The six songs
comprised in the album have been written, produced, arranged and played by Stephen
Lawrie, founder of The Telescopes.
YPLP    2       MATTEO NASINI           SPARKLING MATTER                LP      05.2019

        01.     SPARKLING MATTER                                (19:40)
        02.     SPARKLING                                       (16:36)

Matteo Nasini transforms the brain waves generated during the REM phase into sculptural
solids and automatic audio compositions. Using a technology capable of translating the
brainselectric activity into forms and sounds, Nasini expands the confines of the
oneiric world, giving it body and noise, as well as making the experience a
participative one. Sparkling Matter is an exploration of the possible ephemeral and
material forms that dreams can produce. It all begun from the desire to listen to
the sounds generated by the different sleeping phases, to be able to turn them into
a participatory experience.