YEW RECORDS                             Brooklyn
***********                             USA

Owner   : Marcia Bassett/Zaimph
Distr.  : US - Forced Exposure
          UK - Volcanic Tongue
Style   : noise / electronics / free improv. / industrial / drone / experimental /
          contemporary /

YEW     001     ZAIMPH                  IMAGINE YOUSELF HERE...         LP      06.2012

        A       Untitled
        B       Untitled
                (Note : LP , 300 copies , with insert)
YEW     002     ZAIMPH                  CONTROL RISKS                   CS      06.2012

        A1      Nocturne                                        3:36
        A2      North Atlantic Oscillation                      4:11
        A3      Amidst                                          7:35
        B1      Lanvin Paris                                    7:06
        B2      The Apex Of An Equilateral Triangle             5:59
        B3      Between Two Whiles                              4:37
                (Note : cassette , 70 copies)
YEW     003     ZAIMPH                  PRIVATE BODY                    CDR     12.2012

        1       Private Body                                    59:59
YEW     004
YEW     005     ZAIMPH                  TWO ASPECTS DIVIDED             LP      02.2015

        A       New Exclusive Digital Stonehenge
        B       Living Fiction
                (Note : LP , 150 hand-numb. copies + insert)
YEW     006     MARGARIDA GARCIA & MANUEL MOTA : CRYPT                  CD      12.2016

        1       Moonless I
        2       Moonless II
        3       Crypt I
        4       Crypt II
        5       The Lantern Out Of Doors
        6       The Candle Indoors
                (Note : CD , 200 copies)
YEW     007     ZAIMPH : BETWEEN THE INFINITE AND THE FINITE            LP      11.2016

        A1      Absence & Presence
        A2      Equinox Reprise
        B       Entropic Horror

Art work by Marcia Bassett
LP limited to 300 copies
Recorded by Stephen Conover
Bunker Studios, 2016
Ed. of 300 copies
YEW     008     ZAIMPH                  TELEPHOTO EYE                   C30+DLc   .2017

        A       Beyond Everything
        B       Failing To Come Down
                REST IMMOBILE

        A1      The Unfortunate Traveller
        B2      Tympanie Of Tears
        B3      Durational Dust Construction
                (Note : LP , 100 copies)
YEW     010     KYLE EYRE CLYD          EGGSHELL                        CD      11.2019

        01.     Kyle Erye Clyd          Collective Lung Sampler
        02.     Kyle Erye Clyd          Greetings in An Abandoned House
        03.     Kyle Erye Clyd          A Dot
        04.     Kyle Erye Clyd          A Line
        05.     Kyle Erye Clyd          Homage to Reversed Grounds I
        06.     Kyle Erye Clyd          Homage to Reversed Grounds II
        07.     Kyle Erye Clyd          Affect/Language
        08.     Kyle Erye Clyd          Homage to Vibrating Boundaries

Marcia Bassett's (Zaimph/Double Leopards/Hototogisu/GHQ) Brooklyn based Yew Recordings
presents a limited CD run of a new album from Kyle Eyre Clyd, the recording nom-de
-plume of Alabama-based multimedia artist Kyle Kessler. Eggshell is a piece of work
that will mean different things to each person who hears it - anguish or relief, pain
or healing, tension or relaxation. Kessler plays bowed metal, ARP 2600, test
oscillators, Paia theremin, DIY synth and pedal effects with Peter Bowling on bass,
cello and violin.
YEW     011
YEW     012

Marcia Bassett and Thomas Dimuzio create a mind-bending synthesis of sound and place
on their debut LP Losing Circles. Get ready for a head trip, the album is a sublime
manifestation of sound interference, texture, and ultra, low-end synth waves that
literally penetrate the listener's body. The pair bonded over their Buchla systems,
first meeting at Thomas's radio show, Frequency Modulation Radio at KFPA, Berkeley,
California where they had their initial improv jam. Their second meeting, documented
here on, Losing Circles, was recorded at the historical revival style Williamsburg
Library. While the classic Buchla sound is identifiable on the recordings, it does
not define the recordings. Shortwave voices appear and disrupt, lose themselves in
the multiplicity of patterns, random frequencies erupt into a whirlwind of frenzied
staccato scratches dissipating into fragmentary dimensions. At one sublime peak a
distant cacophony of sirens awaken the senses to place -- the sound meshes into the
electronics as the music takes the cue into a more foreboding tone. Conscious and
unconscious meet bearing an asymmetric modulation of movement. A collective
imagination held in sound abstraction slowly unfurls in a low-end bloom of steady
gradual alteration, a vast deep cavernous drone of subtle control. The added bonus
is the stunning trance inducing op-art by Pete Greening on the cover that will have
listeners Losing Circles! Edition of 200.