Owner   : Peckham
Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly
Style   : indie / dance music /

YAM     001     CHAOS IN THE CBD        GLOBAL EROSION                  12"     07.2016

        A1.     Global Erosion
        B1.     Background Explorer
YAM     002     V / A                   YOUANDMUSIC VOL.1               12"     06.2017

        A1.     Tom Esselle             Lelet
        A2.     MSSS                    This Is A Modern Drugs Party
        B1.     SofaTalk                Truth Theme
        B2.     Leonidas                Shesha
        B3.     Z Lovecraft             Oceanic
YAM     003     JOE ARMON JONES & MAXWELL OWIN FT. JEROME AND NUBYA     12"     09.2017
                GARCIA : IDIOM EP

        A1.     SE Discotheque
        A2.     Idiom Ft. Oscar Jerome
        A3.     Mindís Eye
        B1.     Tannerís Tango Ft. Nubya Garcia
        B2.     Easy Now
        B3.     Midnite Oil (Sparkzzz)
YAM     004     V / A                   YOU AND MUSIC VOL.2             12"     01.2018

        A1.     Native Cruise           Space, Time & A Manual
        A2.     Will Lister             Sunset Over St. Peter's Spire
        B1.     Rouge Mecanique         Prisma Ltd
        B2.     LT                      Gale Force
        B3.     Dear Earth              Black Boots