Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly
Style   : indie / fuzzed psych. /

XRAY    001     TROGONS : Contina // Protest Song 678                   flexi   05.2011
                (Note : flexi-disc , hand-numbered)
XRAY    002     THE COATHANGERS         Johnny / Hurricane              flexi   11.2011
XRAY    003     FAIR OHS                Salt Flats                      flx.+DLc 1.2012

        DL +    "Gold Hill"
                (Note : lim.ed flexi-postcard)
XRR     4       DEATHLIST               DEATHLIST                       LP      04.2017

        01.     WAIT
        02.     DREAM OF
        03.     IRL
        04.     NOT THE SAME
        05.     HAT
        06.     WITH YOU NOW
        07.     STAY THERE
        08.     JUNE
        09.     THE NIGHT
        10.     DON'T MIND ASKING

Multi-instrumentalist Jenny Logan, aka Deathlist, grew up in central California and
at age 13, she was forbidden to speak. After a long year of silence, she ran away
in the middle of the night, moved to New York City, and started playing in bands.
At first Jenny was too shy to face her audiences, and refused to speak into a
microphone. Only after years of touring and playing in other peoples projects - incl.
My Teenage Stride, Mortals, World Atlas, Ribbons, and Summer Cannibals - was she able
to quietly reassemble the voice that was silenced as a girl. The assemblage is
Deathlist. Her debut was conceived as a diary of chronicling a year spent coming to
terms with the impending death of her estranged father.