X-MIST RECORDS                          P.O.Box  1545
**************                          72195 Nagold

                                        tel. : + 49 7452 2848

Start  : 1985
Owner  : Armin Hofmann
Sub    : Gasoline Boots/Trive music/Dead Eye Prod./SIS Rec.
Distr. : GE - EFA
         CA - Scratch
         UK - Norman
Lab.coed: LC 06835
Style  : punk / emo / hardcore / grunge / noise / stoner / alternative /
         trash punk /

XM      001     SPERMBIRDS/WALTER ELF   DON'T FORGET THE FUN EP         7"        .1986

        A1      Spermbirds              My God Rides A Skateboard
        A2      Spermbirds              Shit Rolls Downhill
        A3      Spermbirds              She's Got VD
        B1      Walter 11               Fünfzehn Bier
        B2      Walter 11               Kaiserslautern

        A1      Captain Hebe & His Rubbercockarmy
        A2      Parson by Day
        A3      Let's Blow
        A4      We Are Deaf & You Are Sick
        B1      Cocks in Stained Satin
        B2      I Don't Like
        B3      Out of Style
        B4      Go to Hell
XM      003     SKEEZICKS               THERE'S A CHARLIE BROWN EP      7"        .1986
XM      004     CHALLENGER CREW/EVERYTHING FALLS APART : SPLIT          LP        .1987

        A1      Challenger Crew         Tod
        A2      Challenger Crew         Wei-t Du Es
        A3      Challenger Crew         Same Old Story
        A4      Challenger Crew         Envy
        A5      Challenger Crew         Violence
        A6      Challenger Crew         Jerk
        A7      Challenger Crew         Excuse Me
        A8      Challenger Crew         Words
        A9      Challenger Crew         Lullaby
        B1      Everything Falls Apart : Life (... The End)
        B2      Everything Falls Apart : Try To Understand
        B3      Everything Falls Apart : A Part Of Us
        B4      Everything Falls Apart : Frontiers
        B5      Everything Falls Apart : Mr. Big Dick
        B6      Everything Falls Apart : Kill Boredom
        B7      Everything Falls Apart : Think/Care
        B8      Everything Falls Apart : Life (The Beginning ...)
XM      005     V / A                   TRUST VINYL COMPILATION EP      7"        .1987

        A1      Challenger Crew         Revolution?
        A2      Unwanted Youth          Brain Attack
        A3      Spermbirds              I'm Trapped
        B1      Jump For Joy            Your Grave
        B2      Skeezicks               Trapped In Labels
        B3      P.M.A.                  Don't Fight Me
        B4      Anti-Toxin              Plastic Consumer
XM      006     L'ATTENTAT              MADE IN G.D.R.                  LP        .1987

        A1      Deutsche Rasse
        A2      Sag mir wo du stehst
        A3      Demonstration
        A4      Ohne Sinn
        A5      Smog Alarm
        A6      Friedensstaat
        A7      Kinderkrieger
        B1      Bürgerkrieg
        B2      Lalala
        B3      Heimatland
        B4      Karriere
        B5      Moskau
        B6      Ostseeküste
XM      007     APES OF WRATH           STRONZO                         flexi     .1988

        1       Stronzo                                         2:47
        2       Boys                                            0:54
        3       Fish                                            2:25
        4       Fucked Up                                       2:10
        5       Great Life                                      2:17
        6       Who's in Charge                                 1:22
XM      008     SKEEZICKS               SELLING OUT                     LP        .1987

                NORD-SEITE (X-Mist Side)
        A1      Get Straight
        A2      Slam Brigade
        A3      Nazi-Youth
        A4      Stay Aware
        A5      Sauerkrauts
        A6      Trapped In Labels
        A7      Join Your Crew
        A8      Nothing Lasts Forever
                S-D-SEITE (Charlie Side)
        B1      Fast/Loud
        B2      Growing Up
        B3      Selling Out
        B4      H.M. Sucks
        B5      Lee Got V.D.
        B6      Consequences
        B7      What Are You
        B8      Seasick
XM      009     CROWD OF ISOLATED : I TRY TO TELL ABOUT A WAY           LP        .1988

        A1      Fragment Of Hope                                3:04
        A2      My Friend                                       5:56
        A3      Freedom                                         1:56
        A4      Don't Stop My Fight                             3:15
        A5      Cold Dark World                                 3:05
        A6      Ignorance                                       2:11
        B1      Isolation                                       4:14
        B2      Reality                                         3:00
        B3      Under Pressure                                  2:49
        B4      Die For Your Country!                           2:49
        B5      Love Of My Life                                 3:42
        B6      The Own Love Song...>>                          9:01
                (Note : LP , black or white vinyl)
XM      010     V / A                   X-MIST COLLECTION               LP        .1988

        A1      Spermbirds              My God Rides A Skateboard
        A2      Spermbirds              Shit Rolls Down The Hill
        A3      Spermbirds              She's Got V.D.
        A4      Spermbirds              4 Bier Right Here
        A5      Spermbirds              1-2 X U
        A6      Die Walter Elf          15 Bier
        A7      Die Walter Elf          Kaiserslautern
        A8      Die Walter Elf          Provinz
        B1      Skeezicks               We Are Skeezicks
        B2      Skeezicks               No Second Chance
        B3      Skeezicks               Blast Away
        B4      Skeezicks               Stupid Questions
        B5      Skeezicks               Friendship
        B6      Skeezicks               Country
        B7      Skeezicks               Charlie Brown [Extended Version]
        B8      Skeezicks               Nothing
XM      011     ATTENTION               Hearts Of Stone                 12"       .1988

        A1      Ja Ja Ja Uhu Sekwoja Dada
        A2      Wer Schreit
        A3      English Situation
        A4      Hand Yourself Over
        A5      From Weakness To Madness
        A6      Magic Moshroom
        B1      No Set Of Rules
        B2      Smalltown Rockstar Blues
        B3      Hearts Of Stone
XM      012     SO MUCH HATE            BLIND ALLEY                     LP        .1988

        A1      Intro
        A2      It's So Easy to Ruit It All
        A3      Poor Little Macho
        A4      Sometimes I Feel Like
        A5      Trapped
        A6      Perplexed
        A7      Sound From the Heart
        B1      You
        B2      In Silence
        B3      Think Before We Act
        B4      Doomsday Prophets
        B5      Reach Out Your Hands
        B6      Blind Alley
XM      013     2BAD                    GET FAT AND DIE                 LP        .1988

        A1      You Say
        A2      No Blood
        A3      Bad Day
        A4      Feelin' Good
        A5      I Didn't Think So
        A6      Halfway
        B1      Walk in the Sun
        B2      Good Lil' Zombie
        B3      Get Fat & Die
        B4      Last Time
        B5      Power
XM      014     CROWD OF ISOLATED       BAD ACTORS                      7"        .1988

        A       Bad Actor
        B       Like A Flower
XM      015     UGLY FOOD               Ugly Food                       MLP       .1989

        A1      Wrong Grammatical Term                          3:09
        A2      Greg Said                                       2:24
        A3      Bitchin'                                        3:57
        A4      Hip Hop Shit                                    0:31
        B1      Fog                                             0:34
        B2      From The Bottom                                 2:19
        B3      In That Moment                                  2:18
        B4      89                                              2:40
        B5      Olympic Syndrome                                4:36
                (Note : 12" , 45 RPM)
XM      016     2 BAD/HAPPY EVER AFTER : SPLIT EP                       7"        .1989

        A       2Bad                    Wasted
        B       Happy Ever After        Lexicon Devil
XM      016.5   SPERMBIRDS              12XU // Truth Of Today          7"        .1989

        A1      12XU
        A2      Truth of Today
XM      017     HAPPY EVER AFTER        Robespierre's Mirror            7"        .1990

        A       Robespierre's Mirror In Giovannis Room
                THE TOKYO STORY
        B1      Ichi Ban (Rip Ripping)
        B2      No X-Mist For Junky
XM      018     STAND TO FALL           STAND TO FALL                   LP        .1989
EFA 15468 06

        A1      Welcome To Paradise
        A2      Interruption
        A3      Angry Young Men
        A4      Better World
        B1      Angels Fall
        B2      ...And No Return
        B3      Loneliness
        B4      Sound Of Nature
XM      019     SEVEN SIOUX             SEVEN SIOUX                     LP        .1990

        A1      Rain a Rage
        A2      Story
        A3      Another
        A4      Breathing
        A5      The Rape & the Touch
        A6      Beeface
        B1      Old Lady No - Teeth
        B2      Silence
        B3      Rivers Edge
        B4      Doubt
        B5      More
        B6      Mr.-S-ioux
XM      020     V / A                   X-PRESS                         LP        .1990

        A1      Walter Elf              Homo Sapiens
        A2      Stand To Fall           Sun!
        A3      2 Bad                   Under The Water
        A4      Seven Sioux             Left
        A5      Crowbar                 Instrumental
        B1      Spermbirds              Hiding
        B2      Happy Ever After        Big Youth Crashes
        B3      So Much Hate            Borstal Breakout
        B4      Crowd Of Isolated       Indian Girl
        B5      Ugly Food               Silvereene
XM      021     2BAD                    Get Fat & Die // Idiot Tree     7"        .1990

        A1      Idiot Tree
        A2      Gears Grinding
        A3      Concentrate
        A4      Connections
        A5      Declaration
        B1      More Radical Than You
        B2      Cry
        B3      Disease Is...
        B4      Long Line
        B5      Sign of Life
XM      022     SPERMBIRDS              COMMON THREAD                   LP.CD     .1990

        1       Melt the Ice
        2       Open Letter
        3       Two Feet
        4       Stronger
        5       Only a Phase
        6       One Chance
        7       Common Thread
        8       Truth of Today
        9       Victim of Yourself
XM      023     WALTER ELF              DEDICATION                      12"       .1990

        A1      Rock'n'Roll Love Letter
        A2      Action
        A3      Crazy Horses
        B1      I'm the Leader of the Gang (I Am)
        B2      Beach Baby
XM      024     UGLY FOOD               Seneca Boulevard                LP        .1990

        A1      Backwards                                       3:25
        A2      From The Bottom                                 2:26
        A3      Return                                          4:10
        A4      Lump Of Jelly                                   3:11
        A5      Intro                                           1:12
        A6      Pride Inside                                    2:45
        B1      Seneca Boulevard                                3:50
        B2      Hardworking Henry                               3:16
        B3      Silvereene                                      3:49
        B4      An Eye For A Tooth                              0:58
        B5      Out Of Salem                                    2:40
XM      025     CROWD OF ISOLATED       Memories & Scars                LP        .1990
EFA 15457 08
XM      025     CROWD OF ISOLATED       Memories & Scars                CD        .1990
EFA 15475 20

        A1      Not Satisfied
        A2      Rock+N+Roll - Sucker
        A3      Be Silent
        A4      A Few Seconds
        A5      Memories & Scars
        A6      We All Need A Place...
        B1      Let Me Do
        B2      The Faith
        B3      I+m Learning
        B4      Unfounded Hate
        B5      1000 Different Eyes
XM      026     SO MUCH HATE            SEEIN' RED                      LP        .1990
EFA 15476 08
XM      026     SO MUCH HATE            SEEIN' RED                      CD        .1990

        A1      Jerk
        A2      Warsong
        A3      Ghosts
        A4      On Of Those Days
        A5      X-Song
        A6      Rip Off
        B1      Part Of It
        B2      Seein' Red
        B3      Icecold Wind
        B4      Weakness
        B5      In Front Of Me
        B6      De Andre Dagene
XM      027     WALTER ELF              HOMO SAPIENS                    LP.CD     .1990
EFA 15477 08

        A1      [untitled]
        A2      Homo Sapiens
        A3      Was ihr wollt
        A4      Dieses Land
        A5      Weit weg von mir
        A6      [untitled]
        B1      [untitled]
        B2      Killernieten
        B3      8 Zylinder - Sticht!
        B4      Kaufe dieses Buch
        B5      Fahr einfach weiter
        B6      Nachts schlag' ich meine Freudin
        B7      [untitled]
XM  027.023     WALTER ELF : HOMO SAPIENS/DEDICATION                    CD        .1990

        1       -                                               0:08
        2       Homo Sapiens                                    5:11
        3       Was ihr wollt                                   4:04
        4       Dieses land                                     4:23
        5       Weit weg                                        4:06
        6       Von mir                                         1:26
        7       -                                               0:09
        8       Killernieten                                    3:36
        9       8 zylinder sticht                               2:47
        10      Kaufe dieses buch                               3:07
        11      Fahr einfach weiter                             3:46
        12      Nachts schlag ich                               4:39
        13       Meine freudin                                  0:15
                Dedication (Mini LP)
        14      Rock 'n' Roll Love Letter                       3:03
        15      Action                                          3:30
        16      Crazy Horses                                    2:54
        17      Leader of the Gang                              3:25
        18      Beach Baby                                      3:46
XM      028     TROTTEL                 THE FINAL SALUTE                2LP       .1991

LP 1    A1      After Dealing Out
        A2      The Story Goes On
        A3      Outside
        B1      There Are Days
        B2      Final Salute
        B3      Barricades

LP 2    C1      Respected
        C2      Your Sincere Innocence
        C3      Borderline Syndrome
        D1      It+s Cold Around Us
        D2      Everything+s Alright
        D3      In the Country of the Ants
        D4      Silence
XM      029     SEVEN SIOUX             AN OTHER                        LP        .1991

        A1      Talk
        A2      Shame
        A3      Little
        A4      Fall
        A5      Weak
        A6      Last Lost
        B1      Love Last
        B2      Summer Song
        B3      Forgrt
        B4      You See
        B5      Back Tomorrow
XM      030     SO MUCH HATE            A day At The Station            7"        .1991
EFA 15480 40

        A       A Day At The Station
        B       Progress
XM      031     B.S.G.                  WARM INSIDE                     LP        .1991
XM      031 CD  B.S.G.                  WARM INSIDE                     CD        .1991
EFACD 15481

LP      A1      Love Destroys
        A2      I Need To Know
        A3      Worm Inside
        A4      Real Love
        A5      My Name Is Wayne
        A6      Riding On A Lonely Horse
        A7      Stark Sein
        B1      Full Of Love
        B2      Roses
        B3      My Universe
        B4      Powerhippie
        B5      Mental Care

CD      1       Love Destroys
        2       I Need To Know
        3       Worm Inside
        4       Stupid Smiling Sweaty Girl
        5       Real Love
        6       My Name Is Wayne
        7       Riding On A Lonely Horse
        8       Stark Sein
        9       Full Of Love
        10      Roses
        11      My Universe
        12      Powerhippie
        13      Mental Care
        14      Alles In Leder
        15      Netphen
XM      032     SPERMBIRDS              EATING GLASS                    LP        .1992
EFA 16483 06
XM      032 CD  SPERMBIRDS              EATING GLASS                    CD        .1992
EFACD 15483 26

A.      1       Eating Glass
        2       Just a Moment
        3       Static Energy
        4       We Are All
        5       You're Fired
        6       Fine
B.      7       Waiting for the Bomb to Drop
        8       You're Only as Good as Your Last...
        9       Stalemate
        10      Back in Time
        11      Fragment
        12      Souled Out
XM      033     THE BECK SESSION GROUP : TWIST & SHOUT                  7"        .1992

        A1      Twist & Shout
        B1      Fight The System
        B2      Suburbia
XM      033     THE BECK SESSION GROUP : SINGLES COLLECTION             CD        .1992
EFACD 15489 09

                Ein Vergnügen EP
        1       Jacqueline
        2       Mind's Too Fast
        3       Love Destroys
        4       Easy Way
                Time To Love EP
        5       Time To Love
        6       Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonite
        7       Masterplan
        8       Get On The Bus
                Twist And Shout EP
        9       Twist And Shout
        10      Fight The System
        11      Suburbia
XM      034     SPERMBIRDS              JOE                             12".CD    .1992

12"     A1      Crucifried
        A2      Real Life (Digging A Hole)
        A3      Got Your Number
        B1      Tell Me About It
        B2      Dead
        B3      We Are One

CD      1       Crucifried
        2       Real Life (Digging a Hole)
        3       Got Your Number
        4       Tell Me About It
        5       Dead
        6       We Are One
        7       My God Rides a Skateboard
        8       Shit Rolls Downhill
        9       She's Got VD
        10      I'm Trapped
        11      12XU
        12      Truth of Today
XM      035     CROWBAR                 SHAPSHAPNAHOOWAPWAP             LP        .1992
XM      035     CROWBAR                 SHAPSHAPNAHOOWAPWAP             CD        .1992

        A1      Little Nothing
        A2      Power
        A3      Genetic Mary
        A4      Uitdie PoescomplexII
        A5      Say Cheese!
        A6      Limousines & Credit Cards
        A7      The Exciting Story of Two Pints
        A8      Impro1
        A9      Mawoehee
        A10     Mr. Pig
        A11     Shut Up Bitch, It's Only a Bit of Fun
        B1      Shapshapnahoowapwapnana
        B2      Crowbar
        B3      Garbage Man
        B4      Knives
        B5      Amf6zalfabet
        B6      Frits
        B7      Just Good Friends
        B8      Life on Wheels!
        B9      Tita
        B10     Sing Me Another Song...On the Phone
CD +    19      Impro 2                                         1:40
        20      Real Man                                        1:17
XM      036     SEVEN SIOUX             Kind                            CD        .1992

        1       Firesioux
        2       Still They Stand
        3       No War
        4       Springtrail
        5       American Horse
        6       Talk
        7       Shame
        8       Little
        9       Fall
        10      Weak
        11      Last Lost
        12      Love Last
        13      Summer Song
        14      Forget
        15      You See
        16      Back Tomorrow
        17      Fall
        18      Wrench
        19      At Home
XM      037     2 BAD                   Things To For Day               7"        .1992
EFA 15495

        A1      Things to Do Today
        B1      Get Fat and Die
        B2      Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie
XM      038     KINA                    PARLAMI ANCORA                  LP        .1992
XM      038     KINA                    PARLAMI ANCORA                  CD        .1992

        A1      Strade Vuote
        A2      Uomini In Lotta
        A3      Tempo Di Cambiare
        A4      L'Altra Faccia
        A5      Lo Specchio
        B1      La Loro Liberta
        B2      Mondo Mai Visto
        B3      Ancora Contro Tutti
        B4      Il Suo Silenzio
        B5      L'Assalto Del Tempo
CD +    11      Biko                                            4:58
        12      Chicago                                         2:22
        13      Fu Il Vento                                     2:47
XM      039     2 BAD                   Answer Machine                  LP        .1993
XM      039     2 BAD                   Answer Machine                  CD        .1993

A.      1       Surrounded
        2       Swear to God
        3       Talking Fear
        4       Blind Hole
        5       Cheat
B.      6       Answermachine
        7       Scenery
        8       Don't Ask
        9       A Guy Named John
        10      Sunk
XM      040     SO MUCH HATE            LIES                            LP        .1993
XM      040     SO MUCH HATE            LIES                            CD        .1993

A.      1       New Breed of Fleas                              3:32
        2       Last Drop of Fear                               2:19
        3       Corrupted Nations News                          3:40
        4       Sinking                                         1:45
        5       Out There Again                                 2:17
        6       Dressed in Black                                2:30
B.      7       Feel the Heat                                   3:33
        8       Blind Stubborn and Proud                        1:30
        9       A Ticking Bomb                                  2:22
        10      The Enemy Within                                3:38
        11      Sweet Dreams                                    4:16
XM      041     HAMMERHEAD : STAY WHERE THE PEPPER GROWS                LP        .1993
XM      041     HAMMERHEAD : STAY WHERE THE PEPPER GROWS                CD        .1993

        A1      Handgranate
        A2      Alle Raus
        A3      The Ones Out
        A4      Disintegration
        A5      Never You
        A6      Hell On Earth
        B1      Retard
        B2      I Don't Like You
        B3      Zünd Dich An
        B4      Ich Brauch Doch Nix
        B5      I Can't Find
        B6      Stay Where The Pepper Grows
        B7      The Human Soul Delly Maschine
                (Note : LP , with 12 p. booklet)

        1       Joke's Brain
        2       Mother's Makeup
        3       Not D.C.
        4       Son Of God
        5       Lazy Aliens
        6       Alien Mind Benders
        7       Better Than You
        8       Stupid Jerk
XM      043     2 BAD                   Long Way Down                   12".CD    .1993

        A1      Tunnel Vision                                   2:40
        A2      Paint                                           4:36
        A3      Shaved                                          3:26
        B1      This Beautiful Life                             4:37
        B2      Gears Grinding                                  3:26
XM      044     HELL NO                 Superstar Chop                  7"        .1994

        A1      The Greatest Vs. The Robots Of Destroy
        B1      Be Nice To Spiders
        B2      Worker's Comp.
XM      045     BOB BONDEX JOHNSTON     s / t                           7"        .1995

        A1      Crash Test Bodies
        A2      King Ape
        B1      Gasoline
XM      046     LUZIFERS MOB/GOLGATHA   SPLIT                           LP        .1995

        A1      Golgatha                Mach Die Augen Zu
        A2      Golgatha                Seek
        A3      Golgatha                Halts Maul
        A4      Golgatha                Ich Und Die Wirklichkeit
        A5      Golgatha                Wake
        A6      Golgatha                Persecution
        A7      Golgatha                Maskenball
        B1      Luzifers Mob            Euskirchener Gerichtssäle
        B2      Luzifers Mob            Azzuro
        B3      Luzifers Mob            Ostern Auf Sizilien
        B4      Luzifers Mob            Brandmarke
        B5      Luzifers Mob : Der Mann Der Schneller Zieht Als Sein
                Eigener Schatten
        B6      Luzifers Mob            5-19 (Und Der Böse Blick)
        B7      Luzifers Mob            Fuck #3
        B8      Luzifers Mob            Jawoll
        B9      Luzifers Mob            Fürst Uranov
        B10     Luzifers Mob            Tandaradei
        B11     Luzifers Mob            Run To The Hills
XM      047     DANDRUFF DELUXE         Satan Is Real                   7"        .1995

        A1      Cowstorm (Badadab Theme)
        A2      On Vacation
        B1      Eat It (And Come Back)
XM      048     2BAD/STEAKKNIFE         Under The Water // My Home Is   7"        .1995
                The Gutter
XM      049     STEAKKNIFE              THE DAY LARRY TALKED EP         7"        .1995

        A1      The Day Larry Talked
        B1      Body Bomb
        B2      Whiskey Bottle Blues
XM      050     V / A                   FOR WHAT OF...                  2X7"      .1995

7"/1    A1      Christie Front Drive    After The Parade
        B1      In/Humanity : The In's And Out's Of A Waste Of Flesh
        B2      Baby Harp Seal          New No Truth (Live)

7"/2    C1      Torches To Rome         Torches To Rome
        C2      Solar Bomb Kit          Wicked I Shift
        D1      In/Humanity             Rocket Park
        D2      Kurt                    Franklin (Kleiner Landbesitzer)
                (Note : double 7" , 33.3 RPM)
XM      051     HELL NO                 Adios Armageddon                LP        .1995
XM      051     HELL NO                 Adios Armageddon                CD        .1995
XM      052     STEAKKNIFE              God Pill                        CD        .1995

        1       My Zombie Girl
        2       Eastwood
        3       The Day Larry Talked
        4       Alien Mind Benders
        5       Song for Maria (The Christian Punk)
        6       Elivicide Now
        7       Return of the Sewer Rat
        8       Confusing the Locals
        9       My Home Is the Gutter
        10      Song for Winona
        11      Glamour Cow
        12      God Pill
        13      Better Than You
        14      2 $ Haircut
        15      (Untitled)
XM      053     KURT                    KURT                            LP        .1996
XM      053     KURT                    KURT                            CD        .1996

        A1      The Wait
        A2      Salt
        A3      Stayed Too Long
        A4      Car Drive
        B1      Minerals
        B2      Stroll Down
        B3      Feature Story
CD +    8       Wall 	
        9       Community
        10      Franklin
        11      Groundless
        12      Stifling
XM      054     MONOCHROME              Prozaic Barrio                  7"        .1996

        A       Prozac Barrio
        B       Hook
XM      055     WORLD INFERNO F.S./DAWNBREED AKA MONOCHROME : Tattoos   7"        .1997
                Fade // Apollo Raumklang
XM      056     PARTY OF HELICOPTERS    ABRACADAVER                     LP        .1997

        A1      Fire Eaters Of Tomorrow
        A2      Crushes Easy (Like The Human Skull)
        A3      Reduced To Rubble
        A4      The Terror Continues
        A5      The Vengeful Biblical Character
        B1      The Armless Legless Wonder
        B2      Preparing The Mass Burial
        B3      Blood Scrubber
        B4      Steve, Dude, My Bud'!
        B5      The Man Mangler
XM      057     KURT                    SCHESAPLANA                     LP        .1998
XM      057     KURT                    SCHESAPLANA                     CD        .1998

        A1      Thoughts In Stereo
        A2      Miles In Time
        A3      High Rise Sunset
        A4      Send Me A Draft
        A5      Schesaplana
        B1      Dead End Street
        B2      Trimmed Icon
        B3      Thousand
        B4      Brooks, Cocktails And Waitresses
XM      058     ATOM & HIS PACKAGE : A Society Of people Named Elihu    LP        .1997

        A1      Atom And His Package    Punk Rock Academy
        A2      Atom And His Package    Happy Birthday Ralph
        A3      Atom And His Package    Goalie
        A4      Atom And His Package    80's Bastard
        A5      Atom And His Package    People In This Computer Lab Should
                Shut The Hell Up
        A6      Atom And His Package    Waiting Room
        A7      Atom And His Package    Jenny S.
        A8      Atom And His Package    Philadelphia
        A9      Atom And His Package    Meatball
        A10     Atom And His Package    Happy Birthday General
        A11     Atom And His Package    Sting Cannot Possibly Be The Same
                Guy Who Was In The Police
        B1      Atom And His Package    Me And My Black Metal Friends
        B2      Atom And His Package    180 Lbs.
        B3      Atom And His Package    Break Down The Walls
        B4      Atom And His Package    You Took Me By Surprise
        B5      Atom And His Package    Reset The Crotchelator
        B6      Atom And His Package    Connor, Welcome
        B7      Atom And His Package    No Head
        B8      Atom And His Package    Pat And Atom Are Friends
        B9      Fracture                No Way DNA
                (Note : CD on Mountain Rec.)
XM      059     SOE'ZA                  PICKING A MAN OFF THE GROUND EP 7"        .1998

        1       Picking a Man of the Ground
        2       Sleepy Teacher
        3       Down Stream
XM      060     MEN'S RECOVERY PROJECT  Resist The New Way              CD        .2003

        1       Frank & Judy                                    1:53
        2       Vote Fraud On The Moon Base                     1:00
        3       New Men                                         1:57
        4       New Tubes                                       0:48
        5       400 Story Building                              1:48
        6       Driven By Smell                                 1:02
        7       Oops                                            1:37
        8       The New Way                                     0:35
        9       Resist The New Way                              1:27
        10      700 Story Building                              1:40
        11      Unknown Object                                  0:48
        12      New Talking Sausage                             2:16
        13      The Awful People In The Empty City              3:51
XM      061     WORLD INFERNO F.S.      Grudges // All The Wirld Is     7"        .1999
                A Stage Dive

        A       I Wouldn't Want To Live In A World Without Grudges
        B       All The World Is A Stage (Dive)
XM      062     GUYANA PUNCH LINE       IRRITAINMENT FOR THE MASSES     7"EP      .2000

        A1      The Red Sea                                     1:34
        A2      Political P.I.G.                                1:43
        B1      Speak Softly                                    2:28
        B2      Turn You a Blind Eye                            2:40
XM      063     LES SAVY FAV :  Reprobate's Resume // No Sleeves        7"        .2001
XM      064     FLAMINGO MASSACRES      Wearing Your Heart On           LP        .2001

        A1      Cue Buttons Down
        A2      Sweating For A Lie
        A3      Insomnia
        A4      Wearing Your Heart On The Front Of Your Shirt
        B1      Shocked
        B2      Quit It
        B3      Things
        B4      Disagree
        B5      Loser At Chess
XM      065     V / A                   FALSE OBJECT SENSOR             LP      07.2001

        A1      Bad Neighbor Policy     Chemical Pollution      0:44
        A2      Heroin                  Second Coming           1:14
        A3      Men's Recovery Project W/ Le Tigre : The Mayor
                Is A Robot                                      0:53
        A4      Body Part               Young Ginn              1:14
        A5      Convocation Of... : Solitary While Amongst      3:07
        A6      Six Finger Satellite : The Pain Has Gone Away   4:04
        A7      Fast Forward : Journey To The Center Of Negril  3:06
        A8      Tara Tavi               Green Tara              1:43
        A9      Hail Mary               Nine Tenths             1:39
        A10     Towel                   Go Away                 3:39
        B1      Born Against            Horkus Porkus Man       1:40
        B2      Thrones                 Simon Legree            1:30
        B3      Rah Bras                Emil                    1:51
        B4      Skull Kontrol           New Rock Critic         1:49
        B5      Auto De Fé : Monkey King Martial Artiste        2:06
        B6      Mutician                Untitled                3:24
        B7      Amps For Christ W/ Thrones : Amps For Thrones   3:21
        B8      Sinking Body W/ Bastard Noise : Through Flesh   2:35
        B9      Moss Icon               Cornflower Blue         4:46
        B10     Controlling Hand        ...Love Under Will      5:48
XM      066     10 VOLT SHOCK           10 Volt Shock                   7"EP      .2002

        A1      The Incident
        B1      The Vexed
        B2      Motivation Spy

        A1      3 Away
        A2      Modern Day Emma Goldman
        B1      Liquid Courage
        B2      Head South
XM      068     KURT                    La Guard                        MLP       .2002

        A1      Tricks On Dancing                               2:24
        A2      On The Display                                  2:37
        A3      The Ambush                                      2:04
        A4      Black Cat                                       2:52
        B1      The Lonely Ride                                 2:29
        B2      Assholes Come + Go                              1:13
        B3      The Code                                        3:24
        B4      Get Tested                                      4:04
                (Note : CD on Nova Rec. NOVA 017)
XM      069     WINTERBRIEF             Famous Shoppers                 LP        .2002

        A1      Shoppers Who Want To Be Famous
        A2      Days Outdoors I
        A3      Days Outdoors II
        A4      Scratch The Itch
        A5      Best Offers
        A6      Tickets For A Peek
        B7      Comedown Retreat
        B8      Give And Take
        B9      Barbed Wire Ceiling
        B10     Art Loft Rebel
        B11     Amusing Ourselves
XM      070     THE SECONDS             Y                               LP        .2003

        1       Say Hey                                         2:05
        2       Not About Love (It's About Love)                1:50
        3       Got Laid                                        1:20
        4       Oh No It Aint' So                               3:02
        5       X                                               2:13
        6       We Rock                                         1:46
        7       Headlights                                      1:16
        8       2 Face Chang                                    3:06
        9       The Right Way                                   1:32
        10      Burning Up                                      1:46
        11      Baby Make that Sound                            3:21
                (Note : CD on 5 Rue Christine Rec. GER 015)
XM      071     EX MODELS/THE SECONDS   Raw Wild Love                   7"        .2003

        A1      Ex Models : U Got What I Need (Shake)           0:36
        A2      Ex Models               Three Weeks             1:53
        B1      The Seconds             Mommy Mommy Mommy       1:32
        B2      The Seconds             Better Suit             1:25
                (Note : CD on My Pal God Rec.)
XM      072     THE OLIVER TWIST        New Tricks & Traps              LP        .2003

        A1      The Commander's Program:
        A2      Manipulate The Image And Twist Fiction And Reality Into
                A Schizophrenic Time Slip
        A3      Mephisto Calls Me Evil
        A4      Doing Things And Going Places
        A5      Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Sunshine Bores The Day
        B1      Twenty Years Of Sleep To Declare The Collapse
        B2      Untitled
        B2      "O Misery, Eternity! / But Two In One Were Ecstasy."
        B3      And U Will Never Walk The Streets The Way U Did
XM      073     CULTURCIDE              PLOT # 22                       7"        .2003

        A1      Industrial Band
        A2      California Punks
                (Note : 7" , 1-sided ; comes with 'zine PLOT')
XM      074     ENAIC : Superfriends // Ken & Barbie                    7"        .2003
XM      075     V A Z                   Dying To Meet You               LP        .2003

        A1      They've Won
        A2      Blue Lip Special
        A3      Elastik-C
        A4      White World Of Death
        A5      Headless Statue
        A6      White Wall
        B1      Give Us The Creeps
        B2      I.v.
        B3      Freon Suite #2
        B4      Drive-by Swordfight
        B5      Metal Egg
        B6      Kill The Strings
        B7      A Crown In My Future
        B8      Fired Eye Quilt
XM      076     EX MODELS               ZOO Psychology                  LP        .2003

        A1      Fuck 2 the Music
        A2      Pink Noise
        A3      Sex Automata
        A4      Hott 4 Discourse
        A5      Zoo Luv
        A6      Oye Como Shah
        B1      What Is a Price
        B2      Brand New Panties
        B3      The Mystery of Brine
        B4      Hey Boner
        B5      Kool Killer
        B6      Rip This Joint
        B7      The Password Is Pelican
        B8      Three Weeks
XM      077     FUCK U IS MY NAME       CATELBOW                        7"        .2004

        A1      Catelbow
        A2      123 Help Me
        B1      Destroy Being Called Outside Of Everything
        B2      Zeitgeist, Nein Danke!
XM      078     THE YELLOW PRESS        The Yellow Press                12"       .2004

        1       In Transit                                      1:44
        2       Anchors Away                                    1:35
        3       The Heat is Killing Me                          2:18
        4       Coyote vs. Rabbit                               2:48
        5       Good Luck With Deposit                          1:57
        6       Communique                                      2:06
        7       Nothing Glitters Like Your Gold                 2:46
        8       Head on Sticks                                  3:11
        9       Rubber and Wood                                 2:21
                (Note : co-release with Christophers Rec. CR 09)
XM      079     ENIAC                   Oh ?                            CD        .2003

        1       We Did Things
        2       Null Status
        3       Sex Kaputt
        4       Kolportage
        5       Die Exekutive Lässt Sich Nicht 2x Bitten
        6       Instrumentalist
        7       Huhuhu!
        8       The Burden Of Being A Solitary Head
        9       Superfriends Are Made Of Gold
        10      Ken & Barbie
                (Note : LP on Nova Rec. NOVA 022)
XM      080     TEN VOLT SHOCK          Ten Volt Shock                  LP        .2000

        A1      Crocks On The Road
        A2      We Are All Mice
        A3      Be Cruel
        A4      1.36
        A5      D.Floors
        A6      I. M.
        A7      Device Might Break
        B1      In A Shed
        B2      Observer
        B3      The Walk
        B4      Idle Lovers
        B5      Interceptor
        B6      Gladiator
                (Note : co-release with Christophers Rec. CR 11)
XM      081     KURT./POPULAR SHAPES    Split EP                        7"        .2002

        A1      Kurt                    Rat
        A2      Kurt                    We Want Royals
        B1      Popular Shapes          B-Ball Music #1
        B2      Popular Shapes          B-Ball Music #3
XM      082     V A Z                   Demonstrations In Micronesia    LP        .2004

        A1      Blocked By Satellites
        A2      Meld W/ U-90
        A3      The Rheumatist
        A4      No Woman / No Cry
        A5      Forgotten Classic
        B6      Statik Electrik
        B7      Amateur Spark Era
        B8      Unfinished Pair Of Brains
        B9      Treble Noir
        B10     Closer Still
                (Note : co-release with Golden Arm Rec. TCWTGA 009)
XM      083     TELEMARK                Viva Suicide                    LP        .2005
XM      083     TELEMARK                Viva Suicide                    CD        .2005

        A1      Viva Suicide                                    2:29
        A2      Out Now!                                        2:32
        A3      Wei-glut                                        3:13
        A4      Wanted                                          2:13
        A5      Au!                                             2:05
        B1      Dance On The Bloodfloor                         1:48
        B2      Eher Nein                                       2:50
        B3      Egal                                            1:43
        B4      Call'n'Fall                                     2:14
XM      084     KURT                    RMX                             12"       .2005

        A1      Rat
        A2      We Want Royals
        B1      Tricks On Dub
        B2      Black Cat
        B3      Riot Royal
        B4      Black Cat - Slavery
                (Note : 12" , 500 copies)
XM      085     BIG BOYS : Lullabies Help The Brain Grow/No Matter      2LP     09.2005
                How Long The Line Is At The Cafeteria There's Always

LP 1    A1      We Got Your Money
        A2      Lesson
        A3      Funck Off
        A4      I'm Sorry
        A5      We're Not It to Lose
        A6      Sound on Sound
        A7      Fight Back
        B1      Brickwall
        B2      Jump the Fence
        B3      Assault
        B4      Manipulation
        B5      Same Old Blues
        B6      Gator Fuckin
        B7      White Nigger
        B8      Baby Let's Play God

LP 2    C1      No
        C2      Narrow View
        C3      I Do Care
        C4      Listen
        C5      What's the Word?
        D1      Common Beat
        D2      No Love
        D3      Which Way to Go
        D4      Killing Time
        D5      Work
XM      086     TREND : Patientenverfugung // Was Dran Liegt            7"      12.2005
                (Note : 7" , 500 copies)
XM      087     EX MODELS FEAT. KID MILLIONS : The Chrome Panthers      LP        .2005

        A1      Chrome Panthers
        A2      That's Funny I Don't Feel Like A Shithead
        A3      Mutiny
        B1      Buy American
        B2      Headlines
        B3      Chrome Hearts
XM      088     WORLD INFERNO FRIENDSHIP SOCIETY : Me Vs.Angry Mob      12"       .2006

        A1      Me V. Angry Mob                                 3:41
        A2      Cats Are Not Lucky Creatures                    4:05
        A3      Leni Riefenstahl At The End Of Time             2:57
        B1      Brother Of The Mayor Of Bridgewater             3:03
        B2      Paul Robeson                                    2:22
        B3      Fiend In Wien                                   2:38
                (Note : CD on Golden Arm Rec. TCWTGA 012)
XM      089     WRANGLER BRUTES         The Tape                        LP        .2006

        A1      Rap Music                                       1:20
        A2      Not See Pig                                     0:54
        A3      Sudden Adult Death Syndrome                     1:29
        A4      Male Fraud                                      1:19
        A5      Spring Is In The Air                            0:54
        A6      Frosted Glass                                   1:02
        A7      You Blew It                                     1:00
        A8      Take A Bath                                     2:18
        A9      Problems In The Sack                            1:06
        A10     Erase The Faces                                 1:55
        A11     Powdered Wig                                    1:15
        A12     Noxo                                            1:19
        A13     Unhand Me                                       1:21
        A14     Hamburger University                            0:51
        A15     Constantly Pregnant                             1:22
        A16     Shaved For Litigation                           0:57
        B1      Rap Music                                       1:20
        B2      Not See Pig                                     0:54
        B3      Sudden Adult Death Syndrome                     1:29
        B4      Male Fraud                                      1:19
        B5      Spring Is In The Air                            0:54
        B6      Frosted Glass                                   1:02
        B7      You Blew It                                     1:00
        B8      Take A Bath                                     2:18
        B9      Problems In The Sack                            1:06
        B10     Erase The Faces                                 1:55
        B11     Powdered Wig                                    1:15
        B12     Noxo                                            1:19
        B13     Unhand Me                                       1:21
        B14     Hamburger University                            0:51
        B15     Constantly Pregnant                             1:22
        B16     Shaved For Litigation                           0:57
XM      090     FUCKUISMYNAME           Stay Gold,Falconass             LP        .2006

        1       Kunstreiten Mit Picasso
        2       Hit Von Torello
        3       Ziellos / Stillos
        4       Never Change A Winning Horse
        5       We Have Had It, Habit
        6       I Hate All The People In The Disco
        7       Betrug Im Kasino
        8       Dead Like You
        9       Monkey In Love
        10      Trans Radio
        11      Freddie's Trumpet
XM      091     TEN VOLT SHOCK          6 Null 3                        LP        .2006
XM      091     TEN VOLT SHOCK          6 Null 3                        CD        .2006

        A1      Parts & Sections
        A2      On The List
        A3      Transparent Textures
        A4      Esc
        A5      Some Days In Paris
        B1      Wreck
        B2      Weapon
        B3      Captured Snakes
        B4      ...And Asshole
        B5      Last Ambition
XM      092     ENIAC : Newsticker // 7 Million Years                   7"      12.2006
XM      093     TEN VOLT SHOCK/LOISIRS : Split                          7"EP    04.2007

        A1      Ten Volt Shock          Millions
        A2      Ten Volt Shock          Planned But Abandoned
        B       Loisirs                 Congratulations
                (Note : 7" EP , 500 black copies)

        A1      World B. Free
        A2      Larry Pulled A Knife
        A3      Garbage In/Garbage Out
        A4      Back In A Plaza Groove
        A5      Let's Talk About A Civil War
        A6      Economy Of Line
        A7      God On Drugs
        A8      On Tour With Charlie Parker
        B1      Tape Don't Lie
        B2      Code Unknown
        B3      My Warden
        B4      For On The Floor
        B5      Parish Sinker
        B6      Nailed To The Cross
XM      095     HOSTAGES OF AYATOLLAH   ANTHOALOGY                      2LP+DVD 04.2009

        A1      Introduction: Voulez-Vous...?
        A2      Hallo Nachbar
        A3      Teheran
        A4      In Meinem Zimmer
        A5      Geh Doch Nach Drüben
        A6      Sie Braucht Euch Nicht
        A7      Personal Lyrics
        B1      Oh Mama
        B2      Amok Bei Aldi (altern. Version)
        B3      Three Eggs
        B4      Ohne Hirn
        B5      Im Park
        B6      Oh Doc
        B7      Schon Genug?
        B8      Jerk Ocker

LP 2    C1      Barbara
        C2      Die Menschens
        C3      Interlude: Wall Of Sitar
        C4      Mullah Mullah
        C5      Community Cares
        C6      Nichts Zu Tun (altern. Version)
        C7      Maximum Joy
        C8      Der Spion
        C9      Queen With Yellow Socks
        D1      In Meinem Zimmer
        D2      Interlude: Beat Back The Wully-Bullies
                Bonus: Demos 1983 U. 1985
        D3      Gaddhafi Calling
        D4      Wie Die Tiere
        D5      Petra W. Aus D.
        D6      Keine Gnade
        D7      Tanzen (aus KKH-Sessions)
        D8      Discovery (aus KKH-Sessions)
XM      096     TELEMARK                INFORMAT                        LP        .2009
XM      096     TELEMARK                INFORMAT                        CD        .2009

        A1      Schöne Grüsse
        A2      Standardsituation
        A3      Hitmaschine
        A4      Stumme Der Verstimmten
        A5      Doch, Doch
        A6      Keine Lust
        B1      Löten
        B2      Besten Dank
        B3      Fraglos
        B4      Kleine Kopfmusik
        B5      Phraslich
XM      097     TEN VOLT SHOCK          78 HOURS                        LP        .2010
XM      097     TEN VOLT SHOCK          78 HOURS                        CD        .2010

        A1      778
        A2      Take A Letter
        A3      People Get Settled
        A4      Fire Verses
        A5      All Scars Remembered
        B1      Moscow
        B2      Forward Lines
        B3      Roman Borderline
        B4      Head On Sea
XM      098     HIKING                  Trenches // Bikini Atol         7"+DL     .2010

        A       Trenches
        B       Bikini Atol
XM      099     BUCK GOOTER             WITCH MOLECULES                 LP      01.2013
XM      099     BUCK GOOTER             WITCH MOLECULES                 CD      12.2012

        A1      Dead Rats
        A2      Fucked Up Marionette
        A3      Witch Molecules
        A4      As Worms
        A5      Judith Scott
        B1      Bell Tones Sound
        B2      Pigs Are Cool
        B3      Butterfly Collector
        B4      Cut Off The Deaths
XM      100     HAPPY EVER AFTER        HAPPY EVER AFTER                12"     02.2014

        A1      Robespierre's Mirror In Giovannis Room          4:16
        A2      The Tokyo Story                                 5:11
        B1      Big Youth Crashes                               2:59
        B2      Lexicon Devil                                   1:51
        B3      Robespierre's Mirror - Instrumental Version     4:17
                (Note : 12"/180 G. , 150 hand-numb.copies)
XM      101     SLEAFORD MODS           Bambi / Scenery                 7"      11.2013
XM      102
XM      103     ROOM 101                VOX HUMANA CON MOTO             7"        .2015

        A1      Drone War
        A2      Extreminate Adult Thinking
        B1      Boiys
XM      104     FAMILIE HESSELBACH      FROH ZU SEIN                    2LP       .2015

        A1      Warnung Vor Dem Hunde!
        A2      Wo Bist Du
        A3      Eia Toll Ja
        A4      Froh Zu Sein
        A5      White Rap
        A6      Mein Fetisch Ist Der Teetisch
        A7      Kein Mann Für Eine Nacht
        A8      Für Lizzy
        A9      Ich Wei- Nicht
        B1      VDS-Fachtagung
        B2      Die Zukunft
        B3      Ein Mann Sieht Rot
        B4      Hesselbach
        B5      Soldat
        B6      Gesichter
        B7      Friends
        B8      Blut Im Stuhl
        B9      Ich Seh In Eure Augen
        B10     Certo Fascino
        B11     Ich Steh Auf Dir

LP 2    C1      Weit Entfernt
        C2      Steinmenschen
        C3      Sail Along Silvery Moon
        C4      Familie Hesselbach Im Studio
        C5      Nicht Nur Trübsal
        C6      Sansellium
        C7      Froh Zu Sein - Medley
        D       [etched side]





XM      110
XM      111     GAD WHIP                POST INTERNET BLUES             LP      06.2019

First full-length vinyl for this UK-based band. Their art/noise rock and postpunk
sound is like a collision of the lyrical rants of the Sleaford Mods with the legacy
of British bands like the Swell Maps and The Fall, with a reference to no wave post
-industrialism. Limited edition of 300 copies.

XM      113     YC-CY                   BETON BRUT                      LP      06.2019
LP      3008    STORNO                  WELLNESS                        LP+CD   06.2016

        02.     AUSNAHME ALLTAG
        03.     WINTER
        04.     TALENTFREI
        05.     ARSCHLOECHER
        06.     REDEN IST SILBER...
        07.     PEINLICH TANZEN
        08.     BEISITZER
        09.     HUCH!
        10.     DAS IST NOCH GUT
        12.     AERGERN
LP      3009    PISSE : MIT SCHINKEN DURCH DIE MENOPAUSE                LP      06.2016

        01.     PUMAFRAU                                        02:55
        02.     SCHEISS DDR                                     00:47
        03.     NERVENHEILANSTALT                               03:17
        04.     STAUBSAUGER                                     00:31
        05.     WORK/LIFE BALANCE                               01:31
        06.     ANTWORT ALS FAX                                 01:41
        07.     SZENEPRINZ                                      01:08
        08.     BIERTITTEN                                      02:02
        09.     MASCHINENPISTOLE                                00:06
        10.     FREIHEIT                                        00:39
        11.     KEINE FREUNDIN                                  01:44
        12.     MARLBOROMANN                                    01:57
        13.     RUMMELSBURGER BUCHT                             01:48
LP      3010    TELEMARK                INPUT/OUT                       LP+CD   07.2016

        01.     JAMMER JAMMA HEY!                               2:40
        02.     SCHOKOLADE                                      2:45
        03.     KAPUTTE KOPFE                                   4:35
        04.     DER WORTORT                                     2:48
        05.     KOPFREINIGER (MENTAL-DISCOUNTER)                3:30
        06.     NICHT NICHTS MACHEN!                            3:31
        07.     MENSCHOMAT                                      3:24
        08.     NICHT WOLLEN WOLLEN                             3:07
        09.     DER PLAN                                        2:25
        10.     AKKURAT                                         2:47
        11.     GERNE MORGEN                                    3:21
        12.     WIRD SCHON                                      3:40