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WL      001 LP  STILL CORNERS           DEAD BLUE                       LP      09.2016
WL      001 CD  STILL CORNERS           DEAD BLUE                       CD      09.2016

        1       Lost Boys
        2       Currents
        3       Bad Country
        4       Crooked Fingers
        5       Skimming
        6       Down with Heaven and Hell
        7       Downtown
        8       The Fixer
        9       Dreamhorse
        10      Night Walk
        11      River's Edge

All songs were written and performed by Tessa Murray and Greg Hughes.
The album was mixed by Greg Hughes and mastered by Joe LaPorta at Sterling Sound.
WL      002 LP  STILL CORNERS           SLOW AIR                        LP+DLc  08.2018
WL      002 CD  STILL CORNERS           SLOW AIR                        CD      08.2018

        1.      In the Middle of the Night
        2.      The Message
        3.      Sad Movies
        4.      Welcome to Slow Air
        5.      Black Lagoon
        6.      Dreamlands
        7.      Whisper
        8.      Fade Out
        9.      The Photograph
        10.     Long Goodbyes

Fourth album from Americanophile Brits Still Corners. Slow Air represents the band
exploring the vastness of America, a vastness that finds itself on this album's songs.
The instrumentation is intense and sparse, built from plucked guitars, minimal drums
and synths, and of course Tessa Murray's haunting vocals.