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WWR     01      DEAN & BRITTA : 13 Most Beautiful... Songs For Andy     2LP     03.2017
                Warhol's Screen Tests

        A1      Ann Buchanan Theme
        A2      Teenage Lightning (And Lonely Highways)
        A3      It Don't Rain In Beverly Hills (Scott Hardkiss Remix)
        A4      Silver Factory Theme
        A5      International Velvet Theme
        B1      Herringbone Tweed
        B2      I Found It Not So
        B3      I'll Keep It With Mine
        B4      Incandescent Innocent

        C1      Richard Rheem Theme
        C2      Eyes In My Smoke
        C3      Not A Young Man Anymore
        C4      Knives From Bavaria (Spoonful Of Fun)
        D       [etched side]

(Note : limited 3-sided 2LP on Wouldn't Waste Records. Edition of 500 numbered copies)