World Serpent Distribution was formed in the late 80s and was co-owned by David Gibson,
Alan Trench and Alison Webster. It began operation by distributing the artist-run
industrial & 'apocalyptic folk' labels Durtro (Current 93), New European Recordings
(Death In June), United Dairies (Nurse With Wound) and Tursa (Sol Invictus).

Other similar labels later joined the fold, such as Threshold House/Eskaton (Coil),
Conspiracy International (Chris & Cosey) and Biter Of Thorpe (Danielle Dax/Lemon

World Serpent also functioned as a label, although they released very few records on
their own. The vast majority of the releases they distributed were on other labels
& imprints.

World Serpent went bankrupt in August, 2004. dec.23, 2016