WORK FOR LOVE                           Glasgow
*************                           UK

Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly
Style   : : synth pop / darkwave /

WFL     001     TIMOTHY J. FAIRPLAY     NO NEWS FROM NEW YORK           12"     11.2015

        A.      Carla Is Typing A Message
        AA.     Court Street Shuffle
        B.      Micky's Theme
        BB.     No News From New York
WFL     002     TIMOTHY J. FAIRPLAY     THE WAY IS OPENED AND CLOSED    12"     01.2018

        A1.     Going Solo
        A2.     The Search For Jessica
        B2.     The Shape Of Rage
        B2.     The Way Is Opened And Closed
WFL     003     THEE J JOHANZ           DECLASSIFIED EP                 12"     11.2017

        A1.     Savannah
        B1.     Unreleased #9
        B2.     Choke Me