Distr.  : UK -
Style   : experimental / post punk /

WF      01      V / A                   UNDULATING WATERS 1             CS      09.2018

        A1      Polypores               Angel Spawn	
        A2      Panamint Manse          Harmony Borax	
        A3      Fuego                   Milky Way	
        A4      Revbjelde               Building A Cathedral	
        A5      Time Attendant          Tiromancy	
        A6      Life Education          Ten Years	
        B1      Kersbergen & Janisch    Adamantine	
        B2      Pictogram               A Warning To The Curious	
        B3      House Of Daggers        May Tide	
        B4      Michael Plater          The Spirit Medium	
        B5      Floodlights             Cold Floors	
        B6      62 Miles From Space     Mare Undarum
                (Note : cassette , 120 copies)
WF      02      V / A                   UNDULATING WATERS 2             CS      10.2018

        A1      Midwich Youth Club      Summertime Saturday Special
        A2      Azyss                   Lost
        A3      Newlands                Neap Tide
        A4      Spaceship : Saint John, The Latecomer, Crosses Ibbotsroyd Clough
        A5      Vert:x                  Organelle
        A6      The Heartwood Institute : Yan Tan Tether
        B1      Black Tempest           Rama
        B2      Grey Frequency          Dust Like Stars
        B3      Bill Foreman            Flute Tune
        B4      Slow Glass              Low Passing
        B5      Smith/Jones             Whitechapel
        B6      Field Lines Cartographer : The Last Rain
                (Note : cassette , 120 copies)
WF      03      KLAUDYNA                INSOMNIA                        7"      11.2018

        A       Insomnia
        B       Untitled
                (Note : 7"/45 RPM , lathe cut , 30 numb. copies)