Distr.  : UK - Norman/
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WTAR    001     RARE FORM               SIX MONTHS IN HIDING            2LP     03.2018

(Note : coloured vinyl 2LP on Wishful Thinking Recordings. Includes one pink record
        and one translucent vinyl record + insert)

Six Months in Hiding is Rare Form's first full-length record. While the album is also
available in mp3 format, the beautiful dual-colored vinyl pressing provides the warmth 
and depth this music requires. The handmade artwork was carefully designed and produced
by members of the band. Your purchase includes the double LP, a laser printed insert
with additional artwork, a lyric sheet, and liner notes. Pressed in 'baby pink' and
'clear,' these strikingly colored records compliment the nuanced, chilling, and
beautiful sounds of each piece of music.