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WBR     001 LP  LUCY KITT               STANG BY                        LP      04.2019
WBR     001     LUCY KITT               STANG BY                        CD      04.2019

        1)      Stand By
        2)      Said And Done
        3)      Gone
        4)      Devilís Luck
        5)      Eagle
        6)      For Real
        7)      Little Country Song
        8)      Days Like These
        9)      Thief
        10)     Better Days

After a teenage stint as a riot grrrl, Lucy Kitt has turned to the music that inspired
her pre-rebelion years: Joni Mitchell, Neil Young and Bob Dylan as the blueprint for
her new album Stand By. The album recalls tales of the times she spent playing live
in East-end pubs with her riot grrrl band, Ostara, her experiences of Canterbury
University where she honed her songwriting craft and the highs and the heartbreaks
along the way.