WILD HONEY RECORDS                      ITALY

Owner   : Franz Barcella & Lisa
Distr.  : IT -
          CA - Scratch
          NE - Sonic Rendezvous
Style   : punk / garage rock / indie / folk rock / blues / psychedelic /

WH      001     THE MOJOMATICS          DOWN MY SPINE                   7"      02.2008

        A       Down My Spine
        B       The Diamond Jack
WH      002     BEACH PATROL            RIDING DINOSAURS                LP        .2008

        A1      Love Away
        A2      Money Money
        A3      A Friend Like You
        A4      One More Cigarette
        A5      On The Road
        A6      Windy City
        B1      This Side Of 25
        B2      Preston The Human
        B3      Shitty Record Store
        B4      The Lonely One
        B5      Outta Joint
WH      003     THE GOODNIGHT LOVING    THE GOODNIGHT LOVING            LP+MP3    .2008

        A1      Safe At Home
        A2      Mad Is The Man
        A3      We're In A Place
        A4      Colin Attends A Party
        A5      Cause A Scene
        A6      Ol' Geraldine
        A7      Junkfire
        B1      Drag
        B2      Nerve Mountain
        B3      Blank Day Parade
        B4      Over You
        B5      Take You Home
        B6      Lie & Wait

LP      Dusty Medical   DMR 15          2008    US
CD      Off The Hip     OTH 7066        2008    Australia
WH      004     LANGHORNE SLIM          CINDERELLA                      7"        .2009

        A       Cinderella
        B       So Glad That I'm Coming Home
WH      005     HOLMES                  WE'RE GETTING OLDER             7"        .2009

        A       We're Getting Older
        B       Born
WH      006     GOODNIGHT LOVING        ARCOBALENO                      12"       .2010

        A1      4&3
        A2      You'll Own My Heart
        A3      Sweet Clover
        A4      Pinalope
        A5      Orphans
                (Note : 12" , 1-sided , 500 copies)
WH      007     MMOSS                   "I"                             LP        .2011

        A1      As Above
        A2      Grow Down
        A3      Woolgathering
        A4      Part One
        A5      Molly Molasses
        A6      Hedge Creeper
        A7      And I Do Set My Bow In The Clouds
        A8      So Below
        A9      Part Two
        A10     Maryanne Rising
        B1      Make It Well
        B2      Brian's Trip
        B3      Thyme
        B4      Part Three
        B5      Kitty Sorrow
        B6      Epistle To Shon
        B7      Bow Down
        B8      Come What May

LP.CS   Burger          BRGR 061        2011    US
WH      008     THE MIDWEST BEAT        GONE NOT LOST                   LP        .2011

        A1      Sister Mary Katherine                           2:17
        A2      Bethany                                         2:34
        A3      Alone Now                                       2:13
        A4      Obliterated                                     2:12
        A5      Firefly Blues                                   2:47
        A6      When She Comes To Town                          2:42
        A7      Gone Not Lost                                   2:31
        A8      Crawlin Back                                    2:48
        B1      Belladonna                                      2:24
        B2      Spent Love                                      1:24
        B3      All Nite Long                                   2:13
        B4      Too Late To Care                                2:48
        B5      Worried/Scared                                  1:41
        B6      Backt To Mono/Blind Flower Girl                 ?
        B7      Ain't It Strange                                2:51

LP      Dusty Medical   DMR 27          2011    US
CD      Waterslide      WS 080          2013    JA
WH      009     THE PEAWEES             LEAVE IT BEHIND                 LP        .2011

        A1      Food For My Soul
        A2      Gonna Tell
        A3      Memories Are Gone
        A4      Don't Knock At My Door
        A5      Diggin' The Sound
        A6      Good Boy Mama
        B1      Danger
        B2      Need A Reason
        B3      Leave It Behind
        B4      The Place
        B5      Count Me Out

CD      Railway         RW 002          2011    IT
WH      010     MOVIE STAR JUNKIE       SON OF THE DUST                 LP+CD   02.2012

        A1      These Woods Have Ears
        A2      In Autumn Made Of Gold
        A3      Son Of The Dust
        A4      Cold Stone Road
        A5      The Damage Is Done
        B1      There's A Storm
        B2      A Long Goodbye
        B3      This Love Apart
        B4      End Of The Day 	
        B5      How It All Began

LP+CD   Outside Inside  OIR 001         2012    IT

        A1      Behind The Trees                                3:14
        A2      You Are The Reason For My Troubles              3:07
        A3      In The Meanwhile                                2:57
        A4      Rain Is Diggin' My Grave                        2:21
        A5      Don't Talk To Me                                2:26
        A6      You Don't Give A Shit About Me                  2:31
        B1      Yesterday Is Dead And Gone                      3:11
        B2      Feet In The Hole                                2:58
        B3      Long And Lonesome Day                           3:08
        B4      The Ghost Story                                 2:34
        B5      Her Song                                        4:17

LP      Outside Inside  OIR 002         2012    IT
WH      012     ADAM McBRIDE-SMITH      TRAVELLER'S MOON                LP        .2012

        A1      Blue
        A2      If I Can't Have You
        A3      The Devil And The Delta Queen
        A4      Kingdom
        A5      Miracle Child
        A6      Bad Habit
        A7      Traveller's Moon
        A8      Your Only One
        B1      Rockingchair Blues
        B2      Too Cool
        B3      The Uninvited Guest
        B4      Panamanian Road Gang
        B5      Pale Horse
        B6      King Magpie
WH      013     THE TUNAS               THE TUNAS                       LP        .2012

        A1      The Etruscan Path
        A2      Being A Child Again
        A3      Juno And Ginger
        A4      Don't Be Afraid Of Art
        A5      15th Of July
        A6      Revolution Winter
        B1      Daddy Says
        B2      One Year Older
        B3      Rain
        B4      The Autumn Stoned
        B5      I've Been Young
        B6      Ol'Man Cryin'
WH      014     THE MIDWEST BEAT        SINGLES 2005-2011               LP+DLc  09.2012

        A1      J-man's Blues
        A2      My Love Has Gone Away
        A3      Girl Gone West
        A4      Cyrin Over You
        A5      Wasted Time
        A6      Our Lady
        A7      Bring The Water
        A8      Not To Worry
        A9      Molly Molly
        B1      Back To Mono
        B2      Blind Flower Girl
        B3      Sexi Ladi
        B4      Smile Like A Villain
        B5      Get It Started
        B6      Franz The Roadmaster
        B7      Glass Eye
        B8      Beach Fire
WH      015     MOVIE STAR JUNKIES      STILL SINGLES                   2LP       .2013

LP 1    A1      Dolls Come In
        A2      Garsin
        A3      Dialogue
        A4      Lipstick
        A5      Flamingos
        B1      The Whore
        B2      Mother
        B3      Almost A God
        B4      I Love You More As Dead
        B5      Slow Dance

LP 2    C1      Northern Lights
        C2      Sand
        C3      Cold And Gold
        C4      Under The Marble Faun
        C5      Satan Satan
        D1      Requiem Pour Un Con
        D2      Le Trout
        D3      Branches From My Arms
        D4      Baltimore
        D5      Everything Is Holy

LP      Jacob           LDN 05          2013    IT
LP      Beast           BR 142          2013    IT
WH      016     THE PUSSYWARMERS AND REKA : I SAW THEM LEAVING          LP+DLc    .2014

        A1      Under The Sea                                   2:35
        A2      Sunrise                                         3:46
        A3      Looking Over                                    2:42
        A4      Feeling Of Death                                3:12
        A5      There Are Always Two Answers                    4:19
        B1      Fading Out                                      2:46
        B2      This Town                                       3:35
        B3      Young Man Leaving                               3:14
        B4      Something You Call Love                         3:45
        B5      I Saw Them Leaving                              2:40
                (Note : LP , 100 copies)
WH      017     THE MIDWEST BEAT        FREE OF BEING                   LP+DLc  09.2014

        A1      Free Of Being
        A2      Vortex Hole
        A3      High Up In The Alps
        A4      UFOs Appear #4
        A5      Blank Stares
        A6      Connection To The Dream Lodge
        B1      UFOs Appear #3
        B2      Your Suite
        B3      Divine Mother Kali
        B4      UFOs Appear #1
        B5      Lone Wolf
        B6      High Life
        B7      Panther In The Sky
DL +    13.     Panther in the Sky
        14.     Free of Being
WH      018     MOVIE STAR JUNKIES      YOUR PRETTY FANGS               12"     04.2015

        A1      Your Pretty Fangs                               3:04
        A2      Baltimore                                       4:26
        A3      Plain Gold Ring                                 6:29
                (Note : 12"/33.3 RPM , 1-sided)

Press info:     470     copies, silkscreened by CORPOC
                420     copies in yellow
                50      copies in gold, exclusive for stripedmusic.com
WH      019     MARK SULTAN             AGITATED                        7"        .2014

        1       Agitated
        2       I Can't Control Myself

Press info:     400     black
                100     white
WH      020     THE PEAWEES : 20 YEARS AND YOU STILL DON'Y KNOW ME      2LP+CD    .2015

LP 1    A1      Road To Rock 'N' Roll
        A2      Memories Are Gone
        A3      'Cause You Don't Know Me
        A4      Bleeding For You
        A5      Gonna Tell
        A6      Tomorrow I'll Be Done
        B1      Food For My Soul
        B2      When You Walk On My Pride
        B3      Leave It Behind
        B4      Wild About You
        B5      Cut Across Shorty
        B6      Diggin' The Sound
        B7      I'm Not Right

LP 2    C1      Dead End City
        C2      Need A Reason
        C3      Good Boy Mama
        C4      The News
        C5      Midnight Train
        C6      Cloudy Vision
        C7      Land Of 1000 Dances
        D1      Ready To Go
        D2      Don't Knock At My Door
        D3      In My Heart Tonight
        D4      Runaround Sue
        D5      Action
        D6      By My Side
        D7      We Can Shout
        D8      This Is Rock 'N' Roll

CD      CD1     Road To Rock'n'Roll
        CD2     Memories Are Gone
        CD3     'Cause You Don't Know Mw
        CD4     Bleeding For You
        CD5     Gonna Tell
        CD6     Tomorrow I'll Be Done
        CD7     Food For My Soul
        CD8     When You Walk On My Pride
        CD9     Leave It Behind
        CD10    Wild About You
        CD11    Cut Across Shorty
        CD12    Diggin' The Sound
        CD13    I'm Not Right
        CD14    Dead End City
        CD15    Good Boy Mama
        CD16    The News
        CD17    Midnight Train
        CD18    Cloudy Vision
        CD19    Ready To Go
        CD20    Don't Knock At My Door
        CD21    In My Heart Tonight
        CD22    Runaround Sue
        CD23    Action
        CD24    No Reaction
        CD25    By My Side
        CD26    Danger
WH      021     ANDY KAVANAUGH          MARSH MARIGOLD                  7"        .2015

        A       Marsh Marigold
        B       The Golden Fill
                (Note : 7" , 300 copies)
WH      022     THE MIDWEST BEAT        CAROL ANNE                      7"      12.2015

        A1      Carol Anne                                      2:41
        B1      Jackie Witch                                    4:13
                (Note : 7" , 300 copies)
WH      023     PERALTA                 21ST CENTURY FALL               7"        .2015

        A       21st Century Fall
        B       Feathered Fish
WHLP    024     THE MIDNIGHT KINGS      BAND OF THOUSAND DANCES         LP      03.2016

        01.     MILO'S IN LOVE
        02.     OH BABY DON'T YOU WEEP
        03.     ANOTHER KISS
        04.     HEY! MATHILDA
        05.     I'M TAKIN' OFF
        06.     THE CAVEMAN
        08.     MISH MASH MARY
        09.     GIVE MY MONEY BACK
        10.     I IDOLIZE YOU
        11.     SHE'S THE BOSS
        12.     ONE HUNDRED NIGHTS
        13.     THE MIDNIGHT RIDE
        14.     TWIST IT UP
WH      025     THE RUBINOOS            THE LP COLLECTION VOLUME 1      3LP     12.2015

                Disc One "The Rubinoos"
        A1      I Think We're Alone Now
        A2      Leave My Heart Alone
        A3      Hard To Get
        A4      Peek A Boo
        A5      Rock And Roll Is Dead
        A6      Gorilla
        A7      As Long As I'm With You
        B1      Memories
        B2      Nothing A Little Love Won't Cure
        B3      Wouldn't It Be Nice
        B4      Make It Easy
        B5      I Never Thought It Would Happen

                Disc Two "Back To The Drawing Board"
        A1      Fallin' In Love
        A2      I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
        A3      Promise Me
        A4      Hold Me
        A5      Ronnie
        A6      Drivin' Music
        B1      Operator
        B2      Jennifer
        B3      Arcade Queen
        B4      Lightning Love Affair
        B5      1,2,3 Forever
        B6      Rendezvous
        B7      Warm Summer Night

                Disc Three "Basement Tapes"
        A1      Hurts Too Much
        A2      Hey Rita
        A3      Hit The Nerve
        A4      I Don't Wanna Break Up
        A5      Let Me Hear You Say Yeah
        A6      Fireball
        B1      Not Just Another Pretty Face
        B2      Like Candy
        B3      It's A Shame
        B4      I Love The Way You Touch
        B5      When The Rain Comes Down
        B6      Mothers Always Know
        B7      Saturday Morning Cartoons
                (Note : triple LP , 500 copies)
WHLP    026     SHANTIH SHANTIH         WINTER IN SEPTEMBER             LP      06.2016

        01.     WINTER IN SEPTEMBER                             2:11
        02.     VULNERABLE CHILD                                1:59
        03.     TELL ME I'M WRONG                               3:56
        04.     SOMETHING ELSE TO DRINK                         3:40
        05.     SNAILS                                          2:54
        06.     SHADOW OF THE PAST                              2:28
        07.     RUBY                                            3:42
        08.     FORGE                                           2:25
        09.     COME TO ME                                      3:04
        10.     COME AND TREAT ME NOW                           3:57
        11.     CHEERS BYE                                      2:07

LP      Dusty Medical   DMR 49          2016    US

The fuzzed out debut-LP from an all-female American-Italian punk'n'roll band, based
in Atlanta, GA.
WHEP    27      DENIZ TEK               PRISON MOUSE                    7"      04.2017

        01.     PRISON MOUSE
        02.     YOU'RE GONNA MISS ME
WH      28      TREVISAN                QUESTA SERA NON ESCO            LP      10.2016

        A1      Il Mio Disco Nuovo
        A2      Zero
        A3      Giuliana
        A4      Vacanze
        A5      Tredici
        B1      Sono Meno
        B2      Questa Sera Non Esco
        B3      Tom Waits
        B4      Olympia, WA.
        B5      Le Cose Che Contano
WH      029     DENIZ TEK               MEAN OLD TWISTER                LP      01.2017
WH      029     DENIZ TEK               MEAN OLD TWISTER                CD      01.2017

        A1      Burned Black                                    2:21
        A2      Corner Conversation                             3:51
        A3      Somewhere                                       3:25
        A4      Crossroads                                      2:14
        A5      Table For One                                   2:50
        A6      Comanche                                        3:01
        B1      Prison Mouse                                    3:16
        B2      New York Confidential                           3:27
        B3      Cranbrook                                       3:49
        B4      They Can't Take That Away                       2:24
        B5      Free At Last                                    2:37
        B6      Death By Text                                   3:37
                (Note : LP , 400 black/100 blue copies)

LP      Career                  CLP 1424        2016    US
CD      Career                  CDS 1424        2016    US
CD      Citadel                 CITCD 590       2016    Australia

Though this album by the founding member of Radio Birdman is rather diverse, in the
end it's dominated by tough electric guitars, ranging from surfy to fuzzed out!
The LP co-features Bob Brown on bass and Ric Parnell (Spinal Tap, Atomic Rooster)
on drums.
WHLP    30      THE RUBINOOS            THE LP COLLECTION VOL.2         3LP     12.2016

LP 1    01.     FACTS OF LOVE
        02.     TROUBLED HEART
        03.     ALRIGHT WITHOUT YOU
        04.     OVER YOU
        05.     LETS MAKE IT TONIGHT
        06.     DOUBLE TROUBLE
        07.     PARTY TILL WE DIE
        08.     NEVER TOO LATE
        09.     LOVE YOU SAVE
        10.     EMERALD EYES
        11.     BETTER BE GOOD
        12.     REVIVE ME

LP 2    01.     IF I HAD YOU BACK
        02.     STOP BEFORE WE START
        03.     THE GIRL
        04.     CRASH LANDING
        05.     MAGICS BACK
        06.     GREY ON GREY
        07.     CRUISIN MUSIC
        08.     HOME TO YOU
        09.     TOO UP TO FEEL DOWN
        11.     HANDLE WITH CARE
        12.     REVENGE OF THE NERDS

LP 3    01.     AMNESIA
        02.     EARLY WINTER
        03.     DONT KNOW HER
        04.     PERFECT STRANGER
        05.     CAN I
        06.     NO MORE WHERE
        07.     SURF TREK
        08.     PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS
        09.     SO MUCH FOR FAIRYTALES
        10.     GONE TO SEED
        11.     INDEPENDENCE DAY
        12.     THATS ANOTHER STORY
        13.     LIFE IN THE SLOW LANE

        A1      Miss Chain & The Broken Heels : Flow            2:50
        B1      Shantih Shantih         Christmas Day           2:20
                (Note : 7" , 200 copies)
WH      032     MOTEL MIRRORS           GOTTA LOTTA RHYTHM              12"     06.2019

        01.     GOTTA LOTTA RHYTHM                              02:06
        02.     EVERYBODY'S MOVING                              04:27
        03.     MEET ME ON THE CORNER                           02:32
        04.     FUNNEL OF LOVE                                  03:28
        05.     I'LL CHANGE MY STYLE                            03:30
        06.     OOH LAS VEGAS                                   03:40

Memphis, Tennessee-based Americana supergroup featuring John Paul Keith, Amy LaVere,
and Will Sexton. The six-song EP features the band's take on cover tunes by Patsy
Cline, Jimmy Reed, Wanda Jackson, Gram Parsons, and Glen Glenn, as well as one orig.
(a fresh new arrangement of the Keith-penned "Meet Me on the Corner", which first
appeared on Motel Mirrors' 2013 debut). Recorded and mixed entirely on analog tape
at Memphis' Electraphonic Recording, Gotta Lotta Rhythm will be available as a lim.ed.
one-sided 12" vinyl record in Europe, with music on one side and screen-printed
artwork on the other.
WH      033     LOST BALLOONS           LIQUOR STORE                    7"        .2017

        A       Liquor Store
        B       Dirty Sandy
WH      034     RADIOACTIVITY           INFECTED                        7"        .2017

        A       Infected
        B       Sleep
                (Note : 7" , black or white vinyl)
WHLP    035     BEE BEE SEA             SONIC BOOMERANG                 LP      09.2018
WHLP    036     THE VISITORS : THE DENIZ TEK COLLECTION, VOL.1          LP      09.2018

Following the career of rocknroll icon Deniz Tek (Radio Birdman), heres the long
-awaited reissue on vinyl of the legendary Visitors LP.

WHEP    038     BAD SPORTS              OPEN THAT DOOR!                 7"      09.2018
WHEP    039     THE PEAWEES             STRANGER                        7"      09.2018
WHLP    040     BEE BEE SEA             DELUXE                          LP      10.2018
WHEP    041     PAT TODD & THE RANK OUTSIDERS : TOOK A WRONG TURN       7"      06.2019

        01.     TOOK A WRONG TURN                               04:06
        02.     IT'S OVER                                       02:28
WHLP    042     THE PEAWEES             MOVING TARGET                   LP      08.2018

        02.     A REASON WHY
        03.     STRANGER
        04.     CHRISTINE
        05.     JUSTIFY
        06.     LEAVE THIS PLACE
        07.     PHIL SPECTOR
        08.     THE MATTER
        09.     AS LONG AS YOU CAN SLEEP
        10.     TIL MY MOJO WORKS
WHEP    043     THE PEAWEES             WALKING THROUGH MY HELL         7"      09.2018


WHLP    046     LOVE TRAP               ROSIE                           LP      06.2019

        01.     ANOTHER DAY ANOTHER SIN                         04:32
        02.     HUCKLEBERRY FINN                                03:08
        03.     ROSIE                                           03:47
        04.     THERE SHE BLOWS                                 04:17
        05.     ON THE CORNER                                   04:38
        06.     WHEN YOU WERE 21                                04:17
        07.     GOD SPOKE TO PEOPLE BY NAME                     03:00
        08.     AND I FALL APART                                03:02

Love Trap is an exciting project by two well-known musicians of the European
underground music scene. In April of 2018, Stefano Isaia (Movie Star Junkies,LAME)
and Marco Spigariol (Vermillion Sands, Krano) decided to jam in a small room that
was simply furnished with two chairs, a fucked up plinky piano, a twangy guitar and
a few crude percussion instruments. Their initial free improvisation quickly
transformed into an eight day musical stream of consciousness that was manifested
in eight tracks that pay homage to classical musical influences yet also reflect
their contemporary context. Together, the unique songs on Love Trap capture the
timelessness of human emotion, evoking a profound sense of melancholic longing, the
agony of love and loss and the nagging pangs of regret when imagining what could
have been.
WHLP    047     THE MIDNIGHT KINGS      MIDNIGHT FEVER                  LP      06.2019

        01.     ANTRONA GIRL                                    02:24
        02.     KING KONG                                       02:13
        03.     MIDNIGHT FEVER                                  02:52
        04.     INNOCENT MAN                                    01:56
        05.     TOO MANY MOMOS                                  01:55
        06.     NEW BLUES LOVIN NUMBER                          02:20
        07.     IM GONNA BE YOUR MAN                            02:54
        08.     THE KILLER                                      02:18
        09.     THE MIDNIGHT TWIST                              02:14
        10.     WHOS YOUR FAVOURITE MIDNIGHT KING?              02:02
        11.     PRIMITIVE                                       03:01
        12.     EVERYBODY SAY YES!                              02:01

The Midnight Kings play real rock and roll, irresponsibly mixing good old rhythm
& blues with the youthful urgency of early garage punk. Did someone mention the
Sonics? Dubbed "The Band Of A Thousand Dances", the Kings only goal is to make
everyone dance. Until their shoes start to smoke. And for as long as their legs
can hold out.
WHEP    048     BEE BEE SEA             BE BOP PALOOZA                  7"      06.2019

        01.     BE BOP PALOOZA
        02.     PIANGI CON ME

WILD    002     PUSSYWARMERS AND REKA   I SAW THEM LEAVING              CD        .2014