Distr.  : UK - Boomkat/
Style   : electronic /

W-T     104     CS+KREME/YU SU          ROAST GHOST/LITTLE FOREST       C45     08.2017

(Note : Very Limited C45 dark clear pro-dubbed cassette with two stickers and a FIY
        (fold it yourself) sleeve. Vacuum sealed in a transparent plastic bag)

One of our favourite discoveries of recent years, Melbourneís CS + Kreme share this
sublime split tape with Vancouverís Yu Su (aka Youíre Me), who both impress with a mix
of sylvan, grown-up ambient-pop and 4th World-inspired chill-out for Wichelroede
- the label behind celebrated mix-tapes and original material from Beatrice Dillon,
BUFO, Cloudface and Jayda G, a.o since 2016.