Distr.  : NE - Sonic Rendezvous/
Style   : indie pop / alternative /

WMP     1501    HALIE & THE MOON        BLUE TRANSMISSIONS VOL.1        CD      10.2016

        01.     SHANGRI LA
        02.     SHINY NEW THING
        03.     SUNSHINE IN DISGUISE
        04.     PAINT THE STARS

Collaboration of internationally-acclaimed singer/songwriter Halie Loren and guitarist
/songwriter Daniel Gallo sparked a powerful musical chemistry: The duo became a quintet
with the addition in 2014 of drummer Beau Eastlund, bassist Bobby Stevens and cellist
/vocalist Katherine Dudney.
WMP     1502    HALIE & THE MOON        A MILLION SUNS VOL.1            CD      10.2016

        01.     THE STORY (NEVER TOLD)
        02.     WINTER
        03.     BREATHE
        04.     INTO THE WORLD
WMP     1701    HALIE & THE MOON : BLUE TRANASMISSIONS, VOL.1 & 2       CD      06.2017

        01.     IN THE ATMOSPHERE
        02.     NOT ALONE
        03.     INTO THE WORLD
        04.     CLOUDY PEOPLE
        05.     SUNDAY
        06.     33 SONGS
        07.     WINTER
        08.     THE STORY (NEVER TOLD)
        09.     BREATHE
        10.     BALLOON

Halie and the moon's first full-length album "Blue Transmissions: vol. 1 & 2" feat.
all original music that traverses themes of dreamscapes, love, mythology, and
celestial imagery. Each story is brought to life by lush vocal layers wrapped in
the warmth of cello and acoustic guitar, lifted by lyrical and powerful rhythms,
building texture-rich layers and stripping them away to create worlds within worlds
of sound. The album's tracklist includes six new pieces alongside 4 remixed and
remastered songs from debut EP "Blue Transmissions: vol. 1". The five musical
elements of halie and the moon are: internationally-renowned vocalist Halie Loren
(lead and background vocals, keys), Daniel Gallo (guitars), Bobby Stevens (bass,
background vocals), Beau Eastlund (drums), and Katherine Dudney (cello, background