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DG      001     [soundtrack] WIM WENDERS : PINA                         LP      04.2018

        01.     Thom Hanreich           Pina
        02.     Jun Miyake              Lillies of the Valley
        03.     Thom Hanreich           Glasshouse
        04.     Hazmat Modine           Bahamut
        05.     Thom Hanreich and Sebi Padotzke : Rooftop
        06.     Owain Phyfe, Stefano Pando & The New World Renaissance
                Band : La Prima Vez
        07.     English Chamber Orchestra, Benjamin Britten and Jennifer
                Vyvyan : O Let Me Weep, For Ever Weep
        08.     Germano Rocha           Os Meus Olhos
        09.     Thom Hanreich           Tied Down
        10.     Jun Miyake & Lisa Papineua : The Here and After
        11.     René Aubry              Memoires du Futur I
        12.     Thom Hanreich and Sebi Padotzke : My One and Only Love
        13.     Jun Miyake              All Names
        14.     Cujo (Amon Tobin)       Fat Ass Joint
        15.     Thom Hanreich           Shake it 

2018 repress; LP version. The soundtrack to the film Pina for Pina Bausch by Wim
Wenders, containing 15 tracks from the successful 3D movie. Most of the music is
from the productions of Pina Bausch's dance company, featured in the movie.
The compilation presents a range of artists such as Jun Miyake (Japan), Lisa Papineau
(France), Hazmat Modine (USA), Owain Phyfe & The New World Renaissance Band (USA),
Germano Rocha (Canada), René Aubry (France), Amon Tobin aka Cujo (Brazil), The English
Chamber Orchestra (UK), and Thom Hanreich (Germany). Pressed on 180 gram vinyl with
a full-color printed inner sleeve featuring scenes from the film and notes by Wenders.
WM      008     V / A                   WIM'S-DRIVEN BY MUSIC           3LP     08.2019