Exist   : 1982-1984
Distr.  : UK - Beggars Banquet /
Style   : mod / power pop / r&b /

BLAM    001     FAST EDDIE              MY BABE                         7"        .1982

        A       My Babe
        B1      Help Me
        B2      Sweet Sensations
BLAM    002     THE MERTON PARKAS       FLAT 19                         7"        .1983

        A       Flat 19
        AA      Band Of Gold
SUSS    1       V / A : THE BEAT GENERATION & THE ANGRY YOUNG MEN       LP        .1984

        A1      Long Tall Shorty        That's What I Want
        A2      Small Hours             Underground
        A3      Purple Hearts           I'll Make You Mine
        A4      Les Elite               Frustration
        A5      Long Tall Shorty        I Do
        A6      Merton Parkas           Dangerous Man
        A7      Les Elite               Get A Job
        A8      Directions              Weekend Dancers
        B1      Purple Hearts           Concrete Mixer
        B2      Les Elite               Career Girl
        B3      Long Tall Shorty        All By Myself
        B4      Directions              It May Be Too Late
        B5      Merton Parkas           You Say You Will
        B6      Small Hours             The Kid
        B7      Purple Hearts           Hazy Darkness...