Distr.  : US - Dischord
Style   : experimental dreamy pop /

WR      001     JANEL LEPPIN            MELLOW DIAMOND                  CD      05.2016

        1       Stacks of Wood
        2       No Treaty
        3       Her Tale Was Cut in Two
        4       Cast in Gold
        5       Belly of the Beast
        6       Echo Location
        7       Mellow Diamond
        8       Echo Location II
        9       Namesake
        10      The Past is Lo-Fi
        11      Echo Location III

A collection of solo compositions by Washington, DC-based cellist and multi-instr,
Janel Leppin. Released by Wedderburn Records in 2016.
WR      002     JANEL LEPPIN : SONGS FOR VOICE AND MELLOTRON            CD      05.2016

        1       Locked Boxes
        2       In A Dream
        3       Paris
        4       Union Arts
        5       Wedding Song
WR      003     MELLOW DIAMOND          AMERICAN GOD                    LP        .2017

        1       Ashes to Breathe
        2       Pleasure Highway
        3       Where the Heart Grows
        4       Stick and Stone
        5       Art Holds Her Hand
        6       Papery Haze
        7       Ophiuchus
        8       American God
        9       Thumb the Dumb

The third full-length from Mellow Diamond, aka Janel Leppin, a D.C.-area based multi
instrumentalist who has performed on records by Marissa Nadler, Priests, and
Evangelista. A suite of spare and haunting songs for keyboard and amplified cello
composed amid a moment of societal unrest and political upheaval. Released in 2017
on Wedderburn Records. This pressing is on marbled red vinyl.