Distr.  : UK - Bleep/Boomkat/Norman/Piccadilly
          NE - Sonic Rendezvous/Shiny Beast/
Style   : soundtracks /

WW      001     [soundtrack] RICHARD BAND : RE-ANIMATOR                 LP      08.2013
                (Note : LP/180 g. , green vinyl + 18x24" poster)        LP      01.2015

WW      002     [soundtrack] CHRISTOPHER KOMEDA : ROSEMARY'S BABY       LP      01.2014

Side A  1       Main Title
        2       Furnishing the Apartment
        3       Chanting
        4       Dream
        5       Lullaby
        6       The Pain
        7       How To Prepare a Good Steak / The Ear
        8       Holiday Music
        9       After The Call To Hutch
        10      Good Appetite
        11      Lullaby / Crib Sequence

Side B  12      Scrabble
        13      Book About Witchcraft
        14      The Horrible Doctor
        15      The Fragrance
        16      The Horrible Doctor #2
        17      The Short Dream
        18      Iron Bars / Elevator Lift / Dr. Sapirstein and Syringe
        19      Path to the Pit of Evil #1
        20      Path to the Pit of Evil #2 and #3
        21      What Have You Done?
        22      End Title

(Note : Waxwork Records presents Christopher Komeda's score to the 1968 horror classic,
        A limited variant of 500 randomly inserted units will be available on black and
        crystal clear haze vinyl. LP package details include audiophile-grade virgin
        vinyl housed in a heavyweight old-style tip-on gatefold jacket with satin
        finish and spot UV gloss. A 12" x 12" art print of the album cover including an
        essay by Jay Shaw will be inserted into each package)
WW      003     [orig.score] JOHN HARRISON : DAY OF THE DEAD            2LP     10.2013
                (Note : 2LP/180 g. , green-marbled vinyl)
WW      004     [orig.score] JOHN HARRISON : CREEPSHOW                  LP      04.2014

        1.      Prologue
        2.      The Creepshow Welcomes You
        3.      Henry Is Told The Family Secrets
        4.      She Bashed His Head In
        5.      Bedelia Arrives
        6.      Where’s My Cake? I Want My Cake
        7.      Nate Comes Out Of The Grave
        8.      Henry Goes Looking
        9.      Henry Meets Nate; Henry Gets Crushed
        10.     I Got My Cake
        11.     Sylvia On A Platter – A Meteor Arrives
        12.     Jordy Discovers His Meteor
        13.     Jordy Hallucinates And Takes A Bath
        14.     From The Farm To The Beach
        15.     Get In The Hole Harry
        16.     If You Can Hold Your Breath
        17.     Richard Watches Them Drown
        18.     From The Beach To The College
        19.     Mike Discovers The Crate
        20.     Dex And Mike Move The Crate

*       180 gram colored vinyl
*       Heavyweight casebound tip-on gatefold jacket with a satin coating
*       Director essay from George A. Romero
*       Composer essay from John Harrison
*       A built-in booklet featuring production stills, artwork, and liner notes
*       A satin coated 12x12 art print of The Creeper
*       Full album packaging artwork by Ghoulish Gary Pullin
WW      005     [orig.score] CHUCK CIRINO : CHOPPING MALL               LP      08.2014

        1.      Main Title
        2.      Come Out And Play
        3.      Do They Kill Cockroaches?
        4.      Shopping Death
        5.      Showdown
        6.      Burning Terror
        7.      Running Rampant
        8.      Fergie’s Dead
        9.      Zombiebot
        10.     The One In The Middle
        11.     Scary
        12.     Crawling Around
        13.     Love Theme
        14.     End Title
        15.     Have A Nice Day
        16.     Chopping Mall Suite
WW      006     [orig. 2007 score] DOUGLAS PIPES : TRICK 'R TREAT       2LP     10.2014
WWPIC   006     [orig. 2007 score] DOUGLAS PIPES : TRICK 'R TREAT       2LP     11.2017
                (Note : 2017 re-issue on picture vinyl)

Side A:         Spooky Guidelines
                It’s Halloween, Not Hanukkah (Main Title)
                Meet Charlie
                Charlie Bites It
                Father And Son
                Meet Rhonda
                To The Quarry

Side B:         The Halloween Schoolbus Massacre
                The Elevator / Laurie On The Prowl
                Halloween Prank
                Not A Trick / Red And Black
                Laurie’s First Time

Side C:         Old Mr. Kreeg
                Pumpkin Shooter / Meet Sam
                The Bus Driver
                The Neighborhood
                Trick ‘r Treat
                End Credits
Side D:         Emma
                Always Check Your Candy
                Wilkins’ Backyard
                Rock Quarry
                Sheep’s Meadow
                Old Mr. Kreeg’s House

(Note : 2LP/180 gram orange vinyl in a deluxe heavyweight tip-on gatefold jacket with
        satin coating. Includes an inserted 11” x 22” poster with artwork by Francesco
        Francavilla & Bonus Spooky Sound-FX Album)
WW      007     [soundtrack] DANNY ELFMAN : NIGHTBREED                  LP      07.2015

Side A  1.      Main Titles / Dream                             3:43
        2.      Carnival Underground                            3:25
        3.      Into Midian / Meat For The Beast                4:43
        4.      Resurrection Suite / Boone Transforms           4:32
        5.      The Initiation / Scalping Time                  4:45
        6.      Rachel’s Oratory / Party In The Past            1:56
Side B  1.      Poor Babette / Uh—Oh…Decker!                    3:20
        2.      “Then Don’t Say It!”                            1:29
        3.      Boone Gets A Taste                              2:45
        4.      Breed Love                                      1:03
        5.      Mayhem In Midian                                1:43
        6.      Baphomet’s Chamber                              2:01
        7.      Farewell / 2nd Chance                           2:32
        8.      End Credits                                     4:31
        9.      Country Skin                                    4:10

        * 180 Gram “DECKER” colored vinyl (Burlap Mask with Blood Clot Splatter)
        * Super Heavyweight Tip-On Gatefold Jacket
        * Printed Inner Sleeve
        * Full Package Artwork by Rich Kelly
        * Re-Mastered for Vinyl
WW      008     [soundtrack] BRIAN GASCOIGNE : PHASE IV                 LP      05.2015

        1.      Phase I
        2.      Phase II
        3.      Phase III
        4.      Phase IV

(Note : LP , pressed on 180 gram “100% Yellow” wax to represent toxic repellent - this
        album has never before released in any format and comes with a 12 page booklet
        feat. photos and conceptual art and liner notes by Sean Savage of The Academy
        of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences)
WW      009     JONATHAN SNIPES         STARRY EYES LP                  LP      05.2015

        1.      Sarah
        2.      We Didn't See All We Needed
        3.      Talkers
        4.      Make Me Believe In You
        5.      Collapse
        6.      End Credits (Extended Dance Mix)
        7.      He Wants To Meet You
        8.      Fever Dreams
        9.      I Did What You Asked
        10.     Chrysalis/Kissing Tracy
        11.     Starry Eyes
                (Note : LP/180 g. , metallic gold vinyl)
WW      10      V / A                   THE WARRIORS                    2LP     05.2016

        1       Theme From "The Warriors"
        2       Nowhere To Run
        3       In Havana
        4       Echoes In My Mind
        5       The Fight
        6       In The City
        7       Love Is A Fire
        8       Baseball Furies Chase
        9       You're Movin' Too Slow
        10      Last Of An  Ancient Breed
        11      Wonder Wheel
        12      Graveyard
        13      Night Run
        14      The Orphans/Turnbull  A.C.'s Pt. 1 - A.C.'s Pt. 2 Molotov/Coctail
        15      March To Station
        16      Luther Shoots Cyrus / Train Working
        17      Baseball Furies Chase / The Fight
        18      Into The Tunnel
        19      Skater / Men's Room / The  Fight (alt)
        20      Riff's Learn Truth / Platform / Warriors & Rogues
        21      Platform (alt) / Warriors &  Rogues (alt)
WW      11      MARTIN COOPER & DAVID HUGHES : C.H.U.D.                 LP      11.2015

        01.     PROLOGUE
        02.     MAIN TITLE
        04.     ENTERING THE TUNNELS
        05.     REMOVING THE BANDAGE
        06.     THIS AINT NO DISCO!
        07.     WERE HAVING A KID!
        08.     1-900-CHUD
        09.     I C.H.U.D NY
        10.     WEVE GOT A DATE DOWNTOWN
        12.     FLAME THROWER
        13.     LAIR OF THE C.H.U.D.
        14.     TRAP DOOR
        15.     MANS BEST FRIEND
        16.     THEME
        17.     BLOOD SHOWER!
        18.     CITYSCAPE
        19.     MANHOLE OPENS
        20.     C.H.U.D.S ATTACK DINER
        21.     CALM BEFORE THE STORM
        22.     SEWER CHEWERS
        23.     M.U.T.A.T.E.
        24.     TRAPPED
        25.     THIS IS RADIATION
        26.     MAYDA
        27.     D.E.C.A.P.I.T.A.T.E.
        28.     N.R.C. MUST PAY
        29.     TRUCK BURNS / END TITLE
        30.     BOSCHS THEME
        31.     STREET MEAT
WW      012     [soundtrack] POPOL VUH : NOSFERATU THE VAMPYRE          2LP     12.2015
WW      13      [orig.score] HARRY MANFREDINI : FRIDAY THE 13TH         LP      10.2014

        1.      Overlay of Evil / Main Title
        2.      Banjo Travelin’
        3.      Alice Goes To the Lake
        4.      Back Up to Annie Alone
        5.      Mrs. V Watches
        6.      Ralph In The Pantry
        7.      Don’t Smoke In Bed
        8.      Not Tonight, I’ve Got A Headache
        9.      Brenda In Lights
        10.     The Bed Axe
        11.     Alice Runs To Cabin
        12.     Mrs. V Comes Clean
        13.     Alice Run To Light
        14.     The Last Fight / The Chop To The End
        15.     The Boat On The Water / Closing Theme 1 / Jason In The Lake
        16.     Closing Theme
        17.     Sail Away Tiny Sparrow

(Note : remastered 180g "Crystal Lake" coloured vinyl LP on Waxworks in heavyweight
        tip-on-old-style gatefold jacket featuring full artwork by Jay Shaw)
WW      14      [soundtrack] PINO DONAGGIO : TOURIST TRAP 1979          LP      10.2015

(Note : includes: 180-gram blood-red-and-black-swirl vinyl; composer liner notes by
        Pino Donnagio (Carrie, The Howling, Body Double); director liner notes by David
        Schmoeller (Puppet Master, Crawlspace); all new artwork by Marc Schoenbach of
        Sadist Art Designs; a heavyweight old style tip-on gatefold jacket; an 11"x11"
        art print)
WW      15      BERNARD HERRMANN        TAXI DRIVER                     2LP     04.2016

(Note : 180g 'Taxi Cab Yellow' coloured vinyl LP on Waxwork in heavyweight tip-on
        sleeve. Includes 4-page booklet)
WW      16      [soundtrack] JOHN HARRISON : TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE    LP      03.2016
                : THE MOVIE (1990)
WW      17      [soundtrack] RICHARD BAND : FROM BEYOND                 LP      08.2016

        A1.     From Beyond
        A2.     The Resonator & Main Title
        A3.     We Saw Creatures
        A4.     Back To The Pretorious House
        A5.     Crawford's Anxiety
        A6.     Pretorious' Madness
        A7.     She's So Pretty
        A8.     The Lampyre From Beyond, Part 1
        B9.     The Lampyre From Beyond, Part 2
        B10.    Mutations
        B11.    Escape From The Hospital & Beyond The Pretorious House
        B12.    The Final Battle In The Beyond
        B13.    Catherine Survives But?
        B14.    End Title
                (Note : LP/180 g. , pink vinyl, gatefold jacket)
WW      18      DANNY ELFMAN            GOOSEBUMPS                      2LP     12.2015

        1.      Goosebumps
        2.      Ferris Wheel
        3.      To The Rescue
        4.      Camcorder
        5.      Ice Rink
        6.      Capture
        7.      Slappy
        8.      Confessions
        9.      Slappy's Revenge
        10.     Bus Escape
        11.     Lawn Gnomes
        12.     Ghost Hannah
        13.     Mantis Chase
        14.     Hannah's Back
        15.     They're Here
        16.     Farewell
        17.     Credits
        18.     Something's Wrong (Bonus)
        19.     Champ (Bonus)
        20.     Break In (Bonus)
        21.     The Books (Bonus)
        22.     Instagram
        23.     Floating Poodle
        24.     werewolf (Bonus)
        25.     Lovestruck (Bonus)
        26.     Panic (Bonus)
        27.     On The Run (Bonus)
        28.     Fun House (Bonus)
        29.     The Twist (Bonus)
WW      19      [soundtrack] HARRY SUKMAN : SALEM'S LOT                 2LP     10.2016

        A1)     Teaser / The Church
        A2)     Holy Water / Straker / Straker's Place
        A3)     Susan / The House #1 / The House #2
        A4)     The Cemetery / He Writes Good
        A5)     Lovely Susan / Straker Is Troubled / Straker Is Nervous
        A6)     The Day Is Here
        A7)     Tell Me It's Not True
        A8)     Dead Dog / It's Cold In Here / The Thing / Mark's Room
        A9)     Nothing Is Forever ( Source #2 )
        A10)    Source #3
        B11)    It's Still Moving / It's Freezing / The Monster Appears
        B12)    Bumper / Somebody's Up There / Old Faithful / So Long, Kid
                / Hold It, Larry / Goodbye Crockett
        B13)    Ralph Is Floating
        B14)    Faithful / So Long, Danny! / Confident & Evil
        B15)    Opening Soon / Ben Ponders / Let Us Pray
        B16)    Now, Danny's Mother
        B17)    Mike Dives In #1 / Fangs Sink In / End Credits #1

        C18)    Main Title #2
        C19)    Back In Mark's Room / Now It's Mark's Turn
        C20)    Mark Fondles Cross / Mike & Jason / Mike's Getting The Message
        C21)    Appointment With Destiny / Eva Knows
        C22)    L'inverno ( The Four Seasons, No. 4 ) ( Vivaldi, Arr. Sukman )
        C23)    I Want A Crucifix / That's All For Max / And Now Jason
        C24)    Mr. Barlow / He's Gonna Do It / It's Mr. Barlow Again
        C25)    Face The Master / Bumper / Poor Mrs. Glick
        C26)    Good Girl/ Leave Town / A Funny Dream / Uncertain Swan
                / Susan Is Curious
        C27)    Susan Stalks Mark / Stuffed Cats / It's Susan's Turn
        D28)    Have You Seen Susan? / Evil Presence / Bill Beware
        D29)    And Now Straker / Sprained Ankle / He's Here / Mike Dives In #2
        D30)    Stake For Mr.Barlow / Goodbye House / Two Years Later
                / Found Us Again
        D31)    Poor Susan / Conclusion ( With timpani overdub ) / End Credits
        D32)    Holy Water ( Main Title #1 Alternate ) / The Church
                ( with chimes )
        D33)    Conclusion ( without overdub )
        D34)    Conclusion ( with timpani & horn overdub )
        D35)    Main Title ( Feature Version ) / Vampires! ( Feature Version )
        D36)    End Credits ( Feature Version)

* 2xLP 180 Gram Blue Moonlight Vinyl
* Complete and Re-Mastered 84 Cue Soundtrack
* Heavyweight Old-Style Tip On Gatefold Jacket
* Art by Francesco Francavilla
WW      20      JOSEPH LODUCA           EVEL DEAD 2 (1987)              LP      09.2017
WW      21      ERIC SERRA              LEON-THE PROFESSIONAL           2LP     09.2016

LP 1    A1.     Noon
        A2.     Cute Name
        A3.     Ballad For Mathilda
        A4.     What's Happening Out There?
        A5.     A Bird In New York
        A6.     She Is Dead
        B1.     Fatman
        B2.     Leon The Cleaner
        B3.     Can I Have A Word With You?
        B4.     The Game Is Over
        B5.     Feel The Breath
        B6.     Room 4602

LP 2    C1.     Very Special Delivery
        C2.     When Leon Does His Best
        C3.     Back On The Crime Scene
        C4.     Birds Of Storm
        C5.     Tony the IBM
        C6.     How Do You Know It's Love?
        D1.     The Fight (Part 1: The Swat Squad)
        D2.     The Fight (Part 2: Bring Me Everyone)
        D3.     The Fight (Part 3: The Big Weapon)
        D4.     The Fight (Part
        4:      One Is Alive)
        D5.     Two Ways Out

- 180g "Upper East Side Splatter" - beige with black splatter coloured vinyl 2LP.
- Complete score on vinyl for the first time, ever
- Heavyweight old-style tip-on gatefold jacket with soft touch coating
- Sourced from the original masters
- Artwork by Oliver Barrett
WW      22      [soundtrack] PAUL ZAZA : MY BLOODY VALENTINE            2LP     06.2016

        1.      The Horror Of Valentine Buffs Suite
        2.      The Last Valentine
        3.      Pickaxe Impalement Suite
        4.      Bleeding Hearts Still Beating Suite
        5.      I'm A Guitar Man
        6.      Bluegrass Special
        7.      Trapped In The Mines Suite
        8.      The Ballad Of Harry Warden
                (Note : 2LP/180 g. , opaque blood red vinyl)
WWLP    23      [soundtrack] RICHARD EINHORN : SHOCK WAVES              LP      10.2016

        A1.     Shock Waves (Opening Titles)
        A2.     Where It All Began
        A3.     Zombie Chase
        A4.     Death Corps
        A5.     Arrival On The Island
        A6.     An Unearthly Glow
        A7.     Rescue I
        A8.     Nazis From The Deep
        A9.     Discovering The Captain
        A10.    Laying Ben To Rest
        A11.    Towards The Hotel / Dobbs Finds The Zombies
        A12.    Danger In The Water
        A13.    All I Can Remember
        A14.    Neither Weapons Nor Shields
        A15.    Rescue II
        A16.    Dog Watch
        B1.     Hit By A Ghost Ship
        B2.     The Sea Spits Up What It Can't Keep Down
        B3.     Life Underwater
        B4.     Always Lurking
        B5.     The Light
        B6.     The Deep End Of Horror
        B7.     The Grave Of A Ghost Ship
        B8.     Awaken From The Grave
        B9.     Shock Waves (Alternate)
        B10.    Where It All Began (Alternate)
        B11.    Towards The Hotel (Alternate)
        B12.    Hit By A Ghost Ship (Alternate)
        B13.    Death Corps (Alternate)

- Deluxe Vinyl Release Of The 1977 Shock Waves Film Score
- Composer Liner Notes By Richard Einhorn
- Director Liner Notes By Ken Wiederhorn
- Sea Foam Green Colored Vinyl
- Heavyweight Old Style Tip-On Gatefold Jacket
- Printed Insert
- Album Art By Sadist Art Designs and Ghoulish Gary Pullin
WWLP    24      [soundtrack] JOHN CORIGLIANO : ALTERED STATES           LP      07.2016

Side A: 1.      Main Title And First Hallucination (Ritual Sacrifice And
                Religious Memories)
        2.      Love Theme
        3.      Second Hallucination (Hinchi Mushroom Rite And Love Theme)
        4.      First Transformation (Primordial Regression)
        5.      Primeval Landscape (In The Isolation Chamber)
Side B  6.      Second Transformation: The Ape Man Sequence (Escape From
                The Laboratory, Stalking The Dogs And The Fight, The Zoo
                And Final Hunt)
        7.      Religious Memories And Father's Death
        8.      The Laboratory Experiment Medley: Jessup's Transformation,
                Collapse Of The Laboratory, The Whirlpool And Journey To
                Another Dimension, Return To Realit
        9.      The Final Transformation
                (Note : LP/180 g. , purple-violet swirl vinyl)
WWLP    25      [soundtrack] DOUGLAS PIPES : KRAMPUS                    2LP     02.2016

        1.      A Cold Wind
        2.      Dear Santa
        3.      Family Reunion
        4.      Auld Land Syne
        5.      The Wish
        6.      Special Delivery
        7.      Bells, Bones, and Chains
        8.      'Tis The Season
        9.      Into The Storm
        10.     The Snow Beast
        11.     Unholy Night
        12.     Oh Christmas Tree
        13.     Season's Eatings
        14.     Omi's Story
        15.     All Through The House
        16.     Creatures Are Stirring
        17.     Elfen
        18.     Elegy
        19.     The Shadow Of St Nicholas
        20.     Sacrifice
        21.     When The Christmas Spirit Dies
        22.     Cloven
        23.     The Bell
        24.     End Credits

        *       180-Gram 2LP on Red Vinyl
        *       Heavyweight Old-Style Tip-On Gatefold Jacket
        *       Art by Justin Erickson of Phantom City Creative
        *       Liner notes by director Michael Dougherty and composer Douglas Pipes
WWLP    26      [soundtrack] CARL ZITTRER : BLACK CHRISTMAS             LP      02.2016

        1.      Silent Night
        2.      Evil Night
                (Note : LP/180 g. , clear vinyl)
WW      27      ENNIO MORRICONE         THE THING                       LP      03.2017

Waxwork Records is thrilled to present the deluxe soundtrack re-issue to 1982's sci-fi
horror classic, John Carpenter's The Thing. Composed by the legendary Ennio Morricone.
Features include the complete Ennio Morricone soundtrack re-mastered from the original
master tapes, 180 gram white-snow colored vinyl, all new artwork by Justin Erickson of
Phantom City Creative, deluxe heavyweight packaging including satin coated old-style
gatefold jackets with UV spot-gloss, and an an 11" x 22" poster.
WW      28      [soundtrack] V / A : MAD MONSTER PARTY                  LP      10.2016

        01.     THE BARON
        03.     WALTZ FOR A WITCH
        04.     COCKTAILS
        05.     THE BASH
        06.     YOU'RE DIFFERENT
        07.     JUNGLE MADNESS
        08.     OUR TIME TO SHINE
        09.     MAD MONSTER PARTY
        10.     THE MUMMY
                FOR A LOSER
        13.     NEVER WAS A LOVE LIKE MINE
        14.     FINALE
WW      029     [soundtrack] PINO DONAGGIO : THE HOWLING                LP      12.2016

        A1.     Opening Title / Phone Call / Dark Streets
        A2.     Sleaze / Karen's Nightmare
        A3.     Eddie's Room
        A4.     Doctor's Orders
        A5.     The Howling
        A6.     Spectre / Escape From The Morgue
        A7.     Something Nasty In The Woods
        A8.     Hunting For Shadows
        A9.     Wolf Bites Man!
        A10.    Terry And Karen
        A11.    Animal Magnetism
        A12.    Wolf At The Door
        A13.    Run For Your Life
        A14.    The Big Bad Wolf
        A15.    Wolfing Down Terry
        A16.    Eddie Lives Again
        B17.    Transformation
        B18.    Welcome To The Colony
        B19.    Fur From The Maddening Crowd
        B20.    Shape Shifters
        B21.    To Make You Believe
        B22.    End Title
        B23.    Flashback To Eddie
        B24.    "I'm Going To Light Your Whole Body Up!"
        B25.    Karen Screams / Eddie Shot
        B26.    Remembering Eddie
        B27.    The Cabin
        B28.    Karen Transforms
        B29.    Channel 6 Update News Theme
        B30.    Synth #1
        B31.    Synth #2
        B32.    Synth #3
        B33.    Synth #4
        B34.    Synth #5

(Note : expanded and remastered 'Silver Bullet' (blood red vinyl with silver center)
        vinyl LP on Waxwork, house in deluxe old-style, gatefold tip-on sleeve)
WW      30      [soundtrack] THE EXORCIST                               LP      12.2017

        1.      Iraq
        2.      Georgetown / Tubular Bells
        3.      Five Pieces For Orchestra
        4.      Polymorphia
        5.      String Quartet (1960)
        6.      Windharp
        7.      Night Of The Electric Insects
        8.      Kanon For Orchestra And Tape
        9.      Tubular Bells
        10.     Fantastic For Strings

(Note : 180g clear with black smoke coloured vinyl LP on Waxwork. Include exclusive
        liner notes from director William Friedkin, remastered audio, old style
        tip-on gatefold jacket with soft-touch coating, a 12"x12" booklet, and all
        new artwork by Justin Erick)
WW      031     [soundtrack] LES REED & RICK WAKEMAN : CREEPSHOW        2LP     08.2017

This score to the 1987 anthology horror film, co-composed and performed by Les Reed and
Rick Wakeman, features a mix of both classic, orchestral compositions and electronic
synth cues.
Packaging details include 2xLP 180 gram colored vinyl with variants correlating to 
stories within the film, old style tip-on gatefold jackets with a built in booklet
featuring liner notes by composer Les Reed, and an LP package that is jam-packed with
all new artwork by Ghoulish Gary Pullin!

- "Old Chief Woodenhead" (180 gram Metallic Golden Brown & and Deep Teal Swirl)
- Old Style Tip-On Gatefold Jacket with Built In Booklet
- Re-Mastered From The Original Master Tapes
- Artwork By Ghoulish Gary Pullin
- Cut to 45rpm for best sound quality
WW      032     [soundtrack] JED KURZEL : THE BABADOOK                  LP      01.2018

        1       Amelia's Dream / Swing
        2       The Babadook Theme
        3       Book Opening
        4       It's In My Room
        5       Shopping Mall
        6       The Basement / The Magician
        7       Don't Let It In / Ruby's Party
        8       Falling
        9       The Book Returns / Police Station / Falling
        10      M‚li‚s
        11      Locking Up The House
        12      Amelia Taken Over
        13      Gliding
        14      Stairs
        15      Exorcism
        16      The Babadook End Credits

(Note : LP/180g black & white swirl vinyl LP incl. re-creation panel of The Babadook
        storybook, old-style tip on gatefold jacket and a pop-up Mister Babadook, and
        heavyweight printed insert with all new artwork and liner notes)



WW      36      DANNY ELFMAN            DARKMAN                         LP      11.2017

        1.      Main Title
        2.      Woe, The Darkman, Woe
        3.      Rebuilding / Failure
        4.      Love Theme
        5.      Julie Transforms
        6.      Rage / Peppy Science
        7.      Creating Pauley
        8.      Double Durante
        9.      The Plot Unfolds (Dancing Freak)
        10.     Carnival From Hell
        11.     Julie Discovers Darkman
        12.     High Steel
        13.     Finale / End Credits

Deluxe 180g 'Fire' (fluorescent orange with red swirl) vinyl reissue LP on Waxwork.
Gatefold sleeve features all new art by Francesco Francavilla + 12"x12" art print on
uncoated stock.
WW      37      [soundtrack] PINO DONAGGIO : DON'T LOOK BACK            LP      09.2017

        1.      John's Theme (Children Play)
        2.      Christine Is Dead
        3.      Candles For Christine
        4.      John's Theme (Love Theme)
        5.      Strange Happenings
        6.      John's Theme (Laura Leaves Venice)
        7.      John's Vision (Laura's Theme)
        8.      Searching For Laura (Laura's Theme)
        9.      Through The Streets Of Venice
        10.     Laura Comes Back
        11.     Dead End
        12.     Laura's Theme (The Last Farewell)

Soundtrack to the 1973 British-Italian thriller, directed by Nicolas Roeg and feat.
Pino Donaggio's very first effort as a film music composer. Comes on 180 gram "red
raincoat" vinyl (opaque red and translucent red swirl).
Printed Inserts
Deluxe Heavyweight Packaging
All new artwork by Jessica Seamans of Landland
WW      038     RICHARD BELLIS          STEPHEN KING'S IT               3LP     05.2018

        01.     MAIN TITLE PART I
        02.     ENTER THE CLOWN
        03.     GEORGIE DIES
        04.     BEN GETS THE NEWS
        05.     PUNKS
        06.     I HATE IT HERE
        07.     BEDROOM JAZZ SOURCE
        08.     THE SLAP
        09.     DIE IF YOU TRY
        12.     MIKE REMEMBERS
        13.     MIKE JOINS THE GROUP
        14.     PENNYWISE
        15.     CIRCUS SOURCE
        16.     TARGET PRACTICE
        17.     THE SEWER HOLE
        18.     STAN GETS NABBED
        19.     THE FOG
        20.     THE PACT
        21.     STANS SUICIDE
        22.     END CREDITS PART I
        23.     MAIN TITLE PART II
        24.     THE GRAVES
        25.     LIBRARY BALLOONS
        26.     BENS FLASHBACK
        27.     SKELETON ON THE
        28.     GUILLORYS MUZAK
        29.     HYDROX
        30.     AUDRA
        31.     FORTUNE COOKIE
        32.     SILVER FLYER
        33.     LEFTOVER STAN
        34.     HENRY AND BELCH
        35.     EVERY THIRTY YEARS
        36.     AUDRA ARRIVES
        37.     THIS TIME ITS FOR REAL
        38.     THE SMELL OF DEATH
        39.     SOMETHINGS COMING
        40.     THE SPIDERS
        41.     HI HO
        42.     END CREDITS PART II

* Available On Vinyl In Its Entirety For The First Time * 3xLP 180 Gram "Balloon"
* Colored Vinyl (Red, Blue, and Yellow) * Stephen King Approved Artwork By Matt Ryan
* Tobin * Re-Mastered For Vinyl * Includes 12"x12" Printed Insert * Deluxe Packaging
* Tri-Fold Gatefold Jacket with Spot UV-Gloss Coating

WW      040     [soundtrack] HARRY MANFREDINI : HOUSE 1 & 2             2LP     11.2017

LP 1    A1.     Opening Titles
        A2.     The Abduction
        A3.     Hey, Rog!
        A4.     A Fiery SandyWitch
        A5.     Ding-Bat Attack
        A6.     2nd Hand
        A7.     Viet Memories / The Chimney
        B8.     Big Ben Chase
        B9.     Cujo The Racoon
        B10.    Viet Rescue
        B11.    TransparAuntie
        B12.    Roger Gets A Hand
        B13.    Close Shave

LP 2    C1.     Opening Titles
        C2.     An Alternate Universe
        C3.     Avast Ye Aztecs
        C4.     There's A Jungle In There!
        C5.     Skulldiggery
        C6.     Lookin' For The Varmit Who Shot My Paw
        D7.     Arnold The Barbarian
        D8.     Ptera, Ptera, Ptera
        D9.     I Love You, Gramps
        D10.    A Rare Commodity
        D11.    Finale Grande
        D12.    Final Credits

(Note : 180g "Crystal Skull" coloured vinyl 2LP on Waxwork. In deluxe packaging,
        old-style tip on gatefold jacket, re-mastered audio, and all new artwork by
        Gary Pullin)










WWC     001     HOUSE OF WAXWORK : ISSUE NO.1                           7"      08.2017

        1.      House Of Waxwork Theme
        2.      Occult Slumber Party
        3.      Lighthouse Keeper

All New 32-Page Horror-Anthology Comic Book + Occult Slumber Party Variant with Forest
Green and Olive Splatter 7" Soundtrack Vinyl. Cover Art By Justin Erickson of Phantom
City Creative.
WWG     4       JOHN HARRISON           CREEP SHOR (ORIG.1982 SCORE)    LP      10.2017

        01.     PROLOGUE
        04.     SHE BASHED HIS HEAD IN
        05.     BEDELIA ARRIVES
        06.     WHERE'S MY CAKE? I WANT MY CAKE
        08.     HENRY GOES LOOKING
        10.     I GOT MY CAKE
        14.     FROM THE FARM TO THE BEACH
        15.     GET IN THE HOLE HARRY