Distr.  : UK - Norman/
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WIX     01 LP   MELKBELLY               NOTHING VALLEY                  LP+DLc  09.2017
WIX     01 CD   MELKBELLY               NOTHING VALLEY                  CD      09.2017

        1.      Off The Lot
        2.      Kid Kreative
        3.      R.O.R.O.B.
        4.      Greedy Gull
        5.      Petrified
        6.      Middle Of
        7.      Twin Looking Motherfucker
        8.      RUNXRN
        9.      Return To Pan Candy Mountain
        10.     Cawthra
        11.     Helloween

LP:     Single sleeve jacket • pressed on sunset orange vinyl • lyric sheet/poster
        insert • includes digital download
CD:     4-panel digipak with tray and pocket • lyric sheet/poster insert

Melkbelly, formed by vets of Chicago’s experimental and DIY scene champions, organized
noise and thoughtful freneticism on its debut full-length, Nothing Valley, fusing
dreamy vocal lines and cantankerous guitar racket. Its songs clang and bang in
stripped-down production that highlights the band’s sharp edges; multi-faceted slabs
of sound serve harmonious, immediate songs.