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******************                      Portland, OR 97217
[WWR]                                   USA


Start   : 2011 (Portland)
Distr.  : US - Mississippi/
          UK - Boomkat/Piccadilly/
          NE - Sonic Rendezvous/
Style   : folk / americana / pop psychedelic / lo-fi post punk / post punk
          / new wave / anarcho punk / 

WW      01      CAETHUA : THE SUMMER IS OVER BEFORE IT'S BEGUN          LP      05.2012

        A1      The Smell Of June                               3:56
        A2      The Summer Is Over                              3:54
        A3      The Setting Of My Sleep                         4:40
        A4      Behold Earth                                    6:42
        B1      A Maiden In Muck                                3:47
        B2      Surface Waters And Underground Seas             6:08
        B3      The Tide Of Old Age                             4:10
        B4      The Dwellers Of Dust                            3:52
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)
WW      002     TYVEK                   FAST METABOLISM                 LP        .2011

        A1      Needle Drops                                    2:28
        A2      Frustration Rock                                1:46
        A3      Give It Up                                      2:11
        A4      Air Conditioner                                 2:40
        A5      Flashing Lights                                 1:32
        A6      Future Junk                                     1:56
        B1      Mary Ellen Claims                               2:23
        B2      Sidewalk                                        2:40
        B3      Still Sleep                                     3:08
        B4      This One Or That One                            2:28
        B5      Honda                                           2:55

LP      M'lady's                MLADYS 2        2011    US      black or white
WW      003     WITCH GARDENS           R-I-P                           7"+DLc  05.2012

        A       Aunt Shae/Mean Colleen                          4:12
        B1      Standard Poodle                                 1:47
        B2      Bakers Dozen                                    2:49
                (Note : 7" , 500 copies)
WW      004     PSYCHIC FELINE          White Walls // Non Dot          7"+DLc  05.2012
                (Note : 7" , 500 copies)
WW      005     AMPS FOR CHRIST         CIRCUITS                        2LP     05.2012

LP 1    A1      Edward                                          2:43
        A2      Cities Of Refuge                                1:16
        A3      Janitor Of Lunacy                               3:18
        A4      Detrimental Anesthesia                          1:07
        A5      Snap Dragons                                    1:56
        A6      Echolocation                                    2:26
        A7      Moondog                                         1:17
        B1      Sweet William And Lady Margaret                 6:36
        B2      The Grey Funnel Line                            2:38
        B3      Colors                                          1:57
        B4      Eyes That Shine                                 3:10
        B5      Over The Hills Of Marshall                      2:20
        B6      Esau's Blessing                                 0:55

LP 2    C1      The Blacksmith                                  3:09
        C2      The Wife Of Usher's Well                        2:53
        C3      Memorial Immemorial                             2:36
        C4      The Cruel Sister                                4:32
        C5      Wishful Thinking                                1:30
        C6      Chinese Fascination With Westerns               1:45
        D1      Empire                                          3:36
        D2      Yamasuka                                        3:18
        D3      The Knight On The Road                          5:40
        D4      Bonnie Greenwoodside                            3:26
                (Note : co-relesea with Turned Word Rec. , 1000 copies)

2LP     Third World             TRDWD 025       2012    US
CD      Vermiform               VMFM 51 CD      1999    US
WW      006     SAD HORSE : PURPLE ON PURPLE MAKES PURPLE               LP      06.2012

        A1      Take It                                         0:43
        A2      You Are Idiots                                  1:03
        A3      Soft Mommy                                      0:39
        A4      Sure You Do                                     2:21
        A5      Harmony                                         1:18
        A6      Grass Roots                                     1:23
        A7      Loafer                                          2:08
        B1      No Go                                           1:16
        B2      Check's in the Mail                             1:39
        B3      Dentist                                         0:54
        B4      Something That Sucks                            1:18
        B5      Alex's Blues                                    1:34
        B6      Hollywood Princess Power                        1:24
        B7      Ain't That Something                            1:33
WW      007     BRUTE HEART             Wildfire                        7"+DLc  11.2012

        A       Wildfire
        B       Version (Warm Water Re-Do)
WW      008     THE ANDROIDS OF MU      BLOOD ROBOTS                    LP      04.2013

        A1      Atomic X
        A2      Who Cares
        A3      Fast Car
        A4      She Is a Boy
        A5      Pretty Nun
        B1      Confusion
        B2      Bored Housewifes
        B3      Lost in Space
        B4      Subtitles
        B5      Jeen Dreams
                (Note : all girl post punk band from London , 1979)
WW      009     LA LUZ : Call Me In The Day // Easy Baby                7"      04.2013
WW      010 LP  POISON GIRLS            HEX                             12"     09.2014

        A1.     Old Tarts Song
        A2.     Crisis
        A3.     Idealogically Unsound
        A4.     Bremen Song
        B1.     Political Love
        B2.     Jump Mama Jump
        B3.     Under The Doctor
        B4.     Reality Attack
WW      011     THE POISON GIRLS        CHAPPAQUIDDICK BRIDGE           LP+7"   10.2014

LP      A1      Another Hero
        A2      Hole In The Wall (Thisbe's Song)
        A3      Underbitch
        A4      Alienation
        B1      Pretty Polly
        B2      Good Time (I Didn't Know Sartre Played Piano)
        B3      Other
        B4      Daughters And Sons
7"      C       Statement

LP+7"   Crass Records           421984/2PG      1980    UK
LP      Crass Records           421984/2PG      1980    UK
CS      Xntrix                  SCUM 2          1989    UK
WW      012     CHOCOLAT BILLY          MON PERE EST MA MERE            LP        .2015

                Side 1
        1       Le Lievre
        2       Le Fantome De La Suite Des Trois
        3       La Ferme
        4       Appendice Poupoule
        5       Versailles
        6       Saisons Chinoises
                Side 2
        7       Canari Malinois
        8       Fracture De Fatigue
        9       Le Surf
        10      Nucleo-Panique
        11      Chocolacho
        12      Blanc Facile
        13      Irissarry
        14      Le Serpernt De Mer

LP      Les Potagers Natures    PONA 014        2005    FR
WW   013        LITHICS                 BORROWED FLOORS                 LP      04.2016
                (Note : LP , 300 copies on black vinyl)
WW   013 RP#1   LITHICS                 BORROWED FLOORS                 LP      04.2016
                (Note : LP , 300 copies with yellow sleeve)
WW   013 RP#2   LITHICS                 BORROWED FLOORS                 LP      04.2016
                (Note : LP , 300 copies with grey-white sleeve)
WW   013 RP#3   LITHICS                 BORROWED FLOORS                 LP      04.2016
                (Note : LP , 300 copies on matte-white sleeve)

        A1      Burn On Burn                                    2:42
        A2      Labor                                           2:09
        A3      Thing In Your Eye                               1:46
        A4      Human Doctor                                    1:19
        A5      Shees                                           3:28
        B1      Metal Helmet                                    1:23
        B2      Lizard                                          2:07
        B3      African Mask                                    3:02
        B4      The Snake                                       1:34
        B5      Seven People                                    4:34
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
WW      014     JUNGLE NAUSEA           JUNGLE NAUSEA                   LP      09.2016

A.      1.      Alternative
        2.      Uniform
        3.      What You Know
        4.      Eat
        5.      Turn Off
        6.      Slave Boat
B.      7.      Sympathy
        8.      Job Club
        9.      Air Conditioner From Hell
        10.     Psychiatric Unit (live)
        11.     What's The Use? (live)
        12.     Surf Riders (live)
                (Note : LP , 650 copies)

Jungle Nausea formed at the dawn of the '80s when some members of SMEGMA recruited
other Portland new-music enthusiasts (including poster artist Mike King) for a project
that would combine punk, new wave, American roots music, and a sense of humor. This
release combines their 1982 EP in its entirety, and a whole side of unreleased live
and studio tracks. All tracks engineered by the legendary Mike Lastra of SMEGMA."

LP      Community Library       CL 29           2016    US
WW      015     CRYSTAL MYSLAJEK        CIRCADIA                        LP      09.2016

A.      1.      Golden Ratio                                    05:22
        2.      Prism                                           03:44
        3.      Shimmer                                         07:22
B.      4.      Circadia                                        06:38
        5.      Found Waves                                     02:56
        6.      Fractals                                        05:47
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
WW      016     POISON GIRLS            WHERE'S THE PLEASURE            LP      09.2016

A.      1.      Where's The Pleasure
        2.      Lovers Are They Worth It
        3.      I've Done It All Before
        4.      Whisky Voice
        5.      Menage Abattoir
        6.      Take The Toys
        7.      Soft Touch
        8.      Take The Toys (reprise)
B.      9.      Velvet Launderette
        10.     Rio Disco Stink
        11.     Cry No More
        12.     Mandy Is Having A Baby
        13.     Fear Of Freedom
                (Note : LP , 1000 copies)

LP      Xntrix                  XN 2006         1982    UK
WW      017     Y PANTS                 Y PANTS                         12"     11.2017

A.      1.      Favorite Sweater                                02:30
        2.      Magnetic Attraction                             03:13
        3.      Beautiful Food                                  02:25
B.      4.      Off The Hook                                    02:18
        5.      Luego Fuego                                     04:21
        6.      Kung Fu                                         02:01

Y Pants was an all-female trio from NYC, active in the late '70s and early '80s. The
music was a blend of new wave and post-punk. This 12-inch EP contains the songs from
the band's debut 4-track 7-inch and two songs never before issued on vinyl.
WW      018     Y PANTS                 BEAT IT DOWN                    LP      01.2017

A.      1.      Obvious                                         02:53
        2.      Barbara's Song                                  03:36
        3.      Beat It Down                                    03:09
        4.      We Have Everything                              02:38
        5.      Lulu                                            05:30
B.      6.      Love's A Disease                                03:10
        7.      The Shah Song                                   02:18
        8.      The Fly                                         02:32
        9.      The Code Of Life                                02:04
        10.     What Do You Take Me For                         03:05
        11.     That's The Way Boys Are                         03:15

LP      Neutral Rec.            N-TWO           1982    US
WW      019     KLEENEX/LILIPUT         FIRST SONGS                     2LP     12.2016

LP 1    A1      Kleenex                 Ain’t You               3:03
        A2      Kleenex                 Beri-Beri               2:07
        A3      Kleenex                 Madness                 3:03
        A4      Kleenex                 Krimi                   1:39
        A5      Kleenex                 1978                    1:09
        A6      Kleenex                 Nighttoad               3:07
        A7      Kleenex                 Hedi's Head             2:12
        B1      Kleenex                 Ü                       2:33
        B2      Kleenex                 You                     3:19
        B3      Kleenex                 Nice                    2:27
        B4      Kleenex                 DC-10                   3:28
        B5      Liliput                 Die Matrosen            3:49
        B6      Liliput                 Split                   2:00

LP 2    C1      Liliput                 Hitch Hike              2:38
        C2      Liliput                 Eisiger Wind            3:28
        C3      Liliput                 Igel                    1:41
        C4      Liliput                 Türk                    2:50
        C5      Liliput                 Wig-Wam                 3:01
        C6      Liliput                 Thmlerdoll              2:51
        D1      Liliput                 Tisko                   1:52
        D2      Liliput                 Turn The Table          4:35
        D3      Liliput                 Dolly Dollar            3:07
        D4      Liliput                 I Had A Dream           3:10
        D5      Liliput                 When The Cat's Away     2:17

2LP     Kill Rock Stars         KRS 629         2016    US
2LP     Mississippi Records     MRP-102         2016    US
WW      020     AMPS FOR CHRIST         PLAINS OF ALLUVIAL              LP      02.2017

        A1      Banwell Land
        A2      Healing Feeling
        A3      Enid's Jig
        A4      River Land
        A5      The Hills Of Marshall
        A6      Nicks Cafe Trevi
        A7      Bonnie Charlie (Trad)
        A8      Moderna
        A9      Canyon Of Palmer
        A10     Enid's March
        A11     Samhrad Samhrad (Trad)
        A12     Sitron
        A13     Amazing Grace (Trad)
        B1      Oscillin
        B2      Logarhythem
        B3      Pulse Hammond
        B4      Prepared Hammond I
        B5      Comfort Zone
        B6      Harmonic Distortion In D Minor
        B7      Prepared Hammond II
        B8      Olive
        B9      Chromium Molybdinum

On vinyl, this is the first ever reissue of the 1995 debut-cassette from Amps For
Christ. Featuring Henry Barnes, formerly of Man Is The Bastard, the Amps' music
combines folk, hc and noise. Limited to 600 copies.

CS      Shrimper                SHR 82          1995    US
WW      021     ABRONIA : OBSIDIAN VISIONS/SHADOWED LANDS               LP      06.2017

        A1      The Great Divide
        A2      Shala
        B1      Smoke Fingers
        B2      Glass Butte Retribution
        B3      Waning Wand

"Debut LP by Portland Oregon sextet! One can find evidence of a pretty broad array of
musical touchstones on Abronia's Obsidian Visions/Shadowed Lands: Morricone Spaghetti
Western soundtracks, spiritual free jazz, Tuareg guitar bands of the Sahara, drone
metal, 70's Krautrock, Ethiopiques, Glenn Branca, outlaw country, various tribal
music, 60's psychedelia, and maybe even a little 80's goth. Recorded onto 2" tape by
Jason Powers (Grails, Moon Duo etc.) at the venerable Type Foundry Recording Studio,
this album is a document of the first five completed compositions by the six piece.
Replacing your standard drum set with an early 70's 30" marching drum, which proves
to be a proper centerpiece for the guitars, lap steel and saxophone to create
mesmerizing and sometimes cacophonous soundscapes. Everyone gathered around the drum
and played together, with minimal overdubbing. It's a snapshot of a band coming right
out of the gate with a powerful, realized vision, that in actuality was a long time
coming for this group of veteran players."
WW      022     NEON                    NEON/NAZI SCHATZI               7"      07.2017

        A       Neon
        B       Nazi Schatzi

The band featured Astrid Spirig (vocals), Dagmar Heinrich (guitar), Loredana Zandonella
(bass), and Gitta Gsell (drums). Astrid was the third singer of LiLiPUT and sang on
both LiLiPUT full length LPs. Neon practiced for 6 months and wrote 6 songs. They
played their first gig on Nov 1st 1978 at the Club Hey in Zurich. In December of that
year, a live performance on Swiss television took place for a program about 'women in
show business.' The band wasn't happy with the experience and disbanded a few months
later only performing a handful of gigs. Fast forward to 2016, Dagmar finds an old
cassette at her home with the recordings of the two songs 'Neon' and 'Nazi Schatzi.'
These were produced for the ill-fated television appearance and are the only recorded
Neon songs in existence. Covers and inserts printed by Stumptown Printers.
WW      023     MR. WRONG               BABES IN TOYLAND                12"     09.2017

        A1      Babes In Boyland
        A2      Baby Stimmen
        A3      Witchy
        A4      Join The Comfortable
        B1      Troll
        B2      Dead Or Alive
        B3      Schadenfreude
        B4      Distraction
        B5      Asshole

The debut album by a spectacular riot grrrl meets post-punk trio from Portland, OR.
This LP/45 RPM-pressing is limited to 300 copies.
WW      024     CASUAL HEX              ZIG ZAG LADY ILLUSION           12"     03.2018

        1       Model Human                                     1:46
        2       Still Life                                      2:00
        3       Zorcho                                          1:11
        4       Headcase Occupant                               2:02
        5       Mystical Industry                               1:30
        6       Sam Joner                                       1:45
        7       Fool's Paradise                                 1:41
        8       Legerdemain                                     2:00
        9       Auric Palette                                   1:58
        10      Movement                                        1:58
        11      The Disruption                                  2:11
                (Note : 12" , 45 RPM)

Casual Hex is a three-piece formed in Seattle, WA in 2015. Ed. of 300 copies.
WW      025     COME HOLY SPIRIT        ASTERS AND DISASTERS            LP+DLc  03.2018

        A1      Wandering Womb
        A2      Prescribed Burn
        A3      Elephantine
        B1      Human Animal
        B2      Asters (excerpt)
        B3      Essayons

Formed in 2012 in Pittsburgh PA, Come Holy Spirit wields the age-old trifecta of
guitar, bass, and drums in unexpected configurations. Ed. of 300 copies includes
lyric sheet insert.
WW      026     TABLE SUGAR             INTRODUCTORY MATERIAL           LP      06.2018

        1.      Carried Away
        2.      Something Like That
        3.      Marry Me
        4.      Straight Shooter
        5.      No Es Nada
        6.      Train Way Underground
        7.      Gazpacho
        8.      Badlands
        9.      ME
        10.     Vulnerability

'Introductory Material' is the debut recording by Olympia art-punk four-piece Table
Sugar. Recommended for obsessive fans of The Slits, The Raincoats, Grass Widow and
Bush Tetras. Limited to 500 copies.
WW      027 LP  THE RATS                IN A DESPERATE RED              LP      07.2019

        A1      Broken Wire Telephone
        A2      Can't Stand Back
        A3      It's Still You
        A4      Leave Me Alone
        A5      Deterioration
        A6      Never Say No
        A7      Working Class
        A8      Burnside
        B1      Come On Toody
        B2      Tremelo
        B3      My Tragedy Behind
        B4      Stay
        B5      I Want You
        B6      Just A Man
        B7      B-Sides
        B8      Never Coming Home

Reissue LP on Water Wing / Mississippi. First Pressing includes a 40-page booklet
and a xerox replica of a Rats show poster.