WARRIORS DANCE                          London
**************                          UK

Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly/
Style   : techno / house /

WD 2018 001 RMX N SMOKE/WATT NOIZE      KORO KORO                       12"     11.2018

        A1      No Smoke - Koro Koro (Ian Tregoning Rewire)
        B1      Watt Noize - Its My Life (Max D Edit)

London's Warriors Dance label was a unique operation and a pioneering London label
during the late 80's acid house phenomena. Home to an assortment of DJs, MCs and
soundmen, they went on to make their own original and indelible mark on the rave scene
from the infamous 'Addis Ababa' studio on Harrow Road on the North-West side of the
city. A former reggae and soul studio that was instrumental to the output of
influential artists like Soul II Soul and more, a steady diet of reggae, bass,
hip-hop, house and techno kept their edgy, and diehard UK sound and style right at
the cutting edge of the dance music underground across the globe with the top DJs
and producers of the day celebrating the label. The studio, helmed by label owner
Tony ‘Addis’, acted as an incubator for artists whose names would go down in the
history books - No Smoke, Bang The Party, The Addis Posse, Melancholy Man, Hollywood
Beyond, The Housemaids and more all featured heavily on the label and contributed to
its legendary output. The attitude and approach to the music was utterly and
unapologetically a London thing, with heavy African and Caribbean influences also
drawing on the sounds emanating from Chicago, Detroit and further afield. Years later,
and with the advent of the Internet, Discogs, Youtube and any other digital platform
you'd care to mention, Warriors Dance continues to be discovered and rediscovered
again by curious diggers and music heads with a thirst for heavyweight tracks to play
in their DJ sets. This saw the WD mythology rise again, making their records much
sought after by fans from all over the world.
WAFLP   2       V / A : The Tuffest Of The Tuffest (2019 Edition)       2LP     05.2019

LP 1    A1      No Smoke                Africa
        A2      Addis Posse             Let The Warriors Dance
        B1      Housemaids              Je T' Aime
        B2      James Harris            Jealous Guy

LP 2    C1      James Harris            The Tuffest Of The Tuffest
        C2      No Smoke                Koro Koro Black Is Black (Break Mix)
        C3      Watt Noise              Baby Be Good To Me
        D1      Watt Noise              Its My Life (Dub Mix)
        D2      No Smoke                Adele Cry
WAFLP   3       NO SMOKE                INTERNATIONAL SMOKE SIGNAL      2LP     11.2018

        1.      Koro Koro
        2.      East of Eden
        3.      OAU in Music
        4.      Don't Touch Me
        5.      Anti Galactic Devotion
        6.      International Smoke Signal
        7.      Oh Yes (Freedom)
        8.      Ai Shi Temasu (Japanese Love)
        9.      Show Them
WAFT    22      MELANCHOLY MAN          PRECAUTION                      12"     07.2019

        1       Precaution
        2       Precaution (Unreleased Mix 3)
        3       Caution
        4       Extra Caution