Distr.  : AU -
          US - Midheaven
Style   : Australian punk /

WBRS    2601    ULSERS                  REMEMBER THEN                   7"      08.2014
WBRX    2602    ULSERS                  FORGET THEM                     LP      08.2014
WBRX    2603    THE SCREAMING ABDABS/CITY RAM WADDY : SPLIT             LP      01.2016

"Unknown, barely-documented first-wave Sydney punk rock, delivered with speed, energy
and a uniquely Australian identity. The Screaming Abdabs (1978) tear through 8 prev.
unreleased songs of rough and ready female-fronted punk akin to a devolved Suicide
Squad or the Bags or at their most sloppy, with tips of the hat to obscure '60s punk,
AC/DC, and a conceptual debt to the rhythm section of The Glitter Band. Richard 'City
Ram' Waddy was the Abdabs' drummer, whose two very raw/very rare 1979 solo records are
compiled and made widely available here for the first time. The 6 songs range from some
of the most primitive and lo-fi ever released in Australia, to sparse, clean minimalism
channeling Suicide and PiL, but always infused with Waddy's idiosyncratic worldview.
Comes with huge newsprint poster insert with lengthy interviews, photos and press
[From: www.forcedexposure.com]