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Start  : 1992 (as a record shop)
Distr. : SP -
         UK - Piccadilly
         US - Forced Exposure
Style  : reissue - kraut / underground / soft / prog rock / blues / r&b /
                   psychedelic / folk / jazz rock / soul / funk / r&b / mod /

WAH WAH was born as a record shop in 1992. Those were hard times for the vinyl
collector, and Wah Wah was created to supply the kind of real stuff you wouldn't find
in other shops.
For over 10 years WAH WAH has been a reference outlet both in Barcelona and abroad,
and its highly specialised sections cover a wide range of styles: from jazz & blues
to soul and funk, from folk & beat to psych & prog, from surf & exotica to garage &
rock & roll, from old disco rarities to the ultimate 12" in the dance market...
WAH WAH specialises in all styles bizarre.
[From: http://www.wah-wahsupersonic.com/html/index.html] july 16.2016

LPS     001     ARZACHEL                ARZACHEL                        LP        .1999

        A1      Garden Of Earthly Delights
        A2      Azatoth
        A3      Queen St. Gang
        A4      Leg
        B1      Clean Innocent Fun
        B2      Metempsychosis

LP      Evolution       Z 1003          1069    UK
LPS     002     INCREDIBLE HOG          VOLUME 1                        LP        .1999

        A1      Lame                                            3:21
        A2      Wreck My Soul                                   5:43
        A3      Execution                                       3:09
        A4      Tadpole                                         3:31
        A5      Another Time                                    3:14
        B1      Warning                                         3:12
        B2      Walk The Road                                   3:22
        B3      There’s A Man                                   3:53
        B4      To The Sea                                      3:35
        B5      Losing Myself                                   3:48

LP      DART            ARTS 65372      1973    UK
LPS     003     IMPALA SYNDROME         IMPALA SYNDROME                 LP        .2000

        A1      Too Much Time                                   3:04
        A2      Love Grows A Flower                             3:46
        A3      Children Of The Forest                          4:30
        A4      For A Small Fee                                 2:36
        A5      New Love Time                                   2:55
        B1      Let Them Try                                    3:00
        B2      Land Of No Time                                 3:14
        B3      I Want To Hug The Sky                           3:23
        B4      Leave, Eve                                      2:45
        B5      Run (Don't Look Behind)                         4:23

LP      Parallax        P 4002          1969    US/CA
LP      Palacio         LP 7565         1968    Venezuela
LPS     004     PAN Y REGALIZ           PAN & REGALIZ                   LP        .2000

        A1      One More Day (Un Día Más)                       3:23
        A2      Waiting In The Monsters Garden (Esperando En
                El Jardin De Los Monstruos)                     3:07
        A3      Dead Of Love (Muerto De Amor)                   3:07
        A4      Thinking Of Mary (Pensando En Maria)            3:24
        A5      Magic Colours (Colores Mágicos)                 3:24
        B1      A Song For The Friends (Una Canción Para Las
                Amigos)                                         2:16
        B2      When You Are So Bringdown (Cuando Estés Tan
                Abatido)                                        3:09
        B3      Today It's Raining (Está Lloviendo)             9:14
        B4      I Can Fly (Puedo Volar)                         3:36

LP      Dimension       6002 GS         1971    SP
LPS     005     EVOLUTION               EVOLUTION                       LP        .2000

        A1      Dr. Vazquez                                     2:47
        A2      I'm Walking High                                4:10
        A3      She's So Fine                                   3:05
        A4      Water                                           3:19
        A5      Fresh Garbage                                   2:45
        A6      In The Court Of The Crimson King                3:08
        A7      Problems                                        3:08
        B1      21st Century Schizoid Man                       4:25
        B2      Get Ready / Evil Ways                           5:05
        B3      Loving Me (Is Not The Only Thing To Do)         3:09
        B4      You Don't Love Me Baby                          3:37
        B5      I Must Live                                     2:45
        B6      Pain And Pleasure                               3:20

LP      Dimension       6001 GS         1970    SP
LPS     006     SPIRIT OF JOHN MORGAN   SPIRIT OF JOHN MORGAN           LP        .2001

        A1      I Want You
        A2      Honky Tonk Train Blues
        A3      She's Gone
        A4      Orpheus And None For Ye
        A5      The Floating Opera Show
        B1      The Yodel
        B2      Shout For Joy
        B3      A Train For All Reasons
        B4      Yorkshire Blues

LP      Carnaby         CNLS 6002       1969    UK
LPS     007     RAW MATERIAL            RAW MATERIAL                    LP        .2001

        A1      Time And Illusion
        A2      I'd Be Delighted
        A3      Fighting Cock
        B1      Pear On An Apple Tree
        B2      Future Recollections
        B3      Traveller Man
        B4      Destruction Of America

LP      Evolution       Z 1006          1970    UK
LPS     008     VAINICA DOBLE           VAINICA DOBLE                   LP+7"     .2001

        A1      Caramelo De Limón
        A2      Díme Félix
        A3      El Duende
        A4      Quién Le Pone El Cascabel Al Gato
        A5      Mariluz
        A6      La Cigarra Y La Hormiga
        A7      La Ballena Azul
        B1      La Cotorra
        B2      Roberto Querido
        B3      Fulgencio Pimentel
        B4      Guru Zakun Kin Kon
        B5      Pájaro De Mal Agüero
        B6      Las Doce Caras De Eva
        B7      Refranes

7"      C1      Oh! Jesús
        D1      Evangelio Según San Lucas

LP      Opalo           OPL-1/LP        1971    SP
LPS     009     TABACO                  DESINTEGRACION                  LP        .2001

        A1      Desintegracion
        A2      Tabaco
        A3      Blue Suede Shoes
        A4      Dia Sin Luz
        A5      She (Everywehere She Is)
        B1      Born To Be Free
        B2      Lady Samantha
        B3      I Feel Glad
        B4      Rollin' My Thing
        B5      Freedom Blues
        B6      Dia Sin Luz (Acoustic Version)

LP      Spiral          LP 004          1971    SP
LPS     010     CEREBRUM                CEREBRUM                        10"       .2002

        A1      Time's Door
        A2      It's So Hard
        B1      Eagle Death
        B2      Read A Book
LPS     011     MUSICA DISPERSA         MUSICA DISPERSA                 LP        .2002

        A1      Diagolo                                         0:21
        A2      Hanillo                                         4:40
        A3      Swani                                           1:54
        A4      Gilda                                           4:57
        A5      Rabel                                           2:00
        A6      Eco                                             2:49
        A7      Cromo
        B1      Cefalea                                         4:32
        B2      Arcano                                          5:28
        B3      Fluido                                          5:35
        B4      Citara                                          0:28

LP      Diabolo/Movieplay  S 30.11      1970    SP
LP      Diabolo            D 1002       1971    SP
LPS     012     LOS BUENOS              GROOVY WOOVY                    LP        .2003

        A1      Canción
        A2      Oh, Pretty Woman
        A3      Looking Back
        A4      De Mi Nina
        B1      Groovy Woovy
        B2      Hola, Hi, Hello
        B3      My Baby
        B4      Summer Talk
LPS     013     CROW                    COLORS BY CROW                  LP        .2003

        A1      Evil Woman                                      3:10
        A2      Colors                                          3:35
        A3      Heading North                                   4:50
        A4      Gonna Leave A Mark                              2:53
        A5      Easy Street                                     5:03
        B1      Slow Down                                       3:35
        B2      White Eyes                                      4:13
        B3      Satisfied                                       5:13
        B4      Something In Your Blood                         2:35
        B5      I Need Love                                     4:22
LPS     014     MAQUINA!                WHY ?                           LP        .2003

        A1      I Believe                                       4:11
        A2      Why (1 Parte)                                   11:52
        B1      Why (2 Parte)                                   12:58
        B2      Let Me Be Born                                  3:03

LP      Diabolo/Movieplay  S-26.033     1970    SP
LP      Diabolo            D-1000       1971    SP
LPS     015     MAQUINA!                FUNCIONA                        2P        .2004

        A1      Lands Of Perfection
        A2      Let's Get Smashed
        A3      Earth's Daughter
        A4      Look Away Our Happiness
        A5      Thank You
        A6      Fragment Del Primer Temps De La Simfonia N°1 D'Enric
                Herrera (Inedit)
        B1      Chains
        B2      Thoughts Of You Pt. 1 (Inedit)
        B3      Thoughts Of You Pt. 2 (Inedit)
        C1      Blues En Fa
        C2      Sun Bring The Summer
        C3      Burning Butts
        D1      Take It Easy
        D2      King Kong Rides Again
        D3      I Can Only Fly But Very Well
        D4      Peter Roar's Jam Session - Groovin With Soley Soley (Inedit)
        D5      Peter Roar's Jam Session - Golden Future (Inedit)
                (Note : double LP , comes with 16 p. booklet)
LPS     016     GUALBERTO               GUALBERTO                       LP        .2004

        A1      Flying In The Sky                               1:14
        A2      A Weird Wedding Song                            4:59
        A3      The Birt Of The 1st Spring Flower               4:15
        A4      Move On Blues                                   3:10
        A5      Ballad Of The Tecnicos                          2:25
        B1      Guitar                                          0:30
        B2      The Old Man Is Snoring                          2:20
        B3      I Feel Tired                                    3:00
        B4      Behind The Stars                                4:05
        B5      Flying In The Sky                               3:46
        B6      Flamenco                                        0:27
LPS     017     V / A : ELÉCTRIC TÓXIC SÓ VOL.1 - BARCELONA             LP        .2004

        A1      Estratagema I           Harry Up                2:40
        A2      Agua De Regaliz : When You Are So Bringdown     2:50
        A3      Vértice                 Take Me Away            2:50
        A4      La Troupe:Al Amanacer Los Ninas Montaron En Sus 3:41
        A5      Génesis                 And Everything          2:11
        A6      La Troupe               El Viaje                2:40
        B1      Estratagema             Let Me See My Star      3:27
        B2      Jordi Sabatés : Another Me, Another You         3:27
        B3      Agua De Regaliz:Waiting In The Munster's Garden 3:24
        B4      Vértice                 You're Not Real         2:44
        B5      Génesis                 No SunShine             1:59
        B6      Jordi Sabatés           Retorn A...             3:53
LPS     018     V / A : ELÉCTRIC TÓXIC SÓ VOL.2 - SEVILLA               LP        .2004

        A1      Smash                   Ensayo NO.1             3:20
        A2      Nuevos Tiempos : Sitting In My Old Way Of Home  2:15
        A3      Green Piano             Blues Adventure         ?
        A4      Smash                   Scouting                4:00
        A5      Nuevos Tiempos:When I Try To Find The Right Time2:47
        A6      H2O                     Pretendo                3:59
        B1      Mané & Gong             Love Me Baby            4:10
        B2      Gualberto & Jessica     I Feel Tired            2:56
        B3      Smash                   Sonetto                 3:48
        B4      Nuevos Tiempos : Cansado Me Encontré            2:45
        B5      Green Piano             Strange Ways            3:56
        B6      H2O                     Ven A Mi                2:20
LPS     019     IA-BATISTE              UN GRAN DIA                     LP+7"   03.2010

        A1      Un Grand Dia                                    2:26
        A2      Max                                             1:31
        A3      Sifón                                           1:51
        A4      Sleeping Rock                                   5:02
        A5      Oliba                                           2:51
        B1      America To You                                  2:02
        B2      Pallares                                        4:39
        B3      Sky Into The Bus                                1:31
        B4      Anna                                            3:47
        B5      Morrissong                                      6:49

7"      C1      Reprise                                         3:57
        D1      Base Per A Un Nou Tema                          7:06

LP      Diabolo         27.010          1972    SP
LPS     020     THE STORM               THE STORM                       LP        .2006

        A1      I've Gotta Tell You Mama (Storm)
        A2      I Am Busy (Storm)
        A3      Un Senor Llamado Fernández De Córdoba
        A4      Woman Mine (Storm)
        B1      It's All Right (Storm)
        B2      I Don't Know (Storm)
        B3      Crazy Machine (Storm)
        B4      Experiencia Sin Órgano (Storm)

LP      Carosello       CLN 25045       1974    IT
LP      Vampire         L 25004         1974    GE
LP      BASF            30.92006        1974    SP
LPS     021     THE BOOK OF AM          The Book Of Am PT 1 & PT.2      2LP     08.2006

LP 1            Part I
        A1      Introduction                                    1:10
        A2      The Song Of Am - Dawn                           4:41
        A3      The Song Of The Void                            3:04
        A4      Come Unto Me                                    1:15
        A5      The Song-Ship Journey's West                    2:33
        A6      Fire                                            4:09
        A7      The Cauldron Of Regeneration                    3:50
        B1      O Keeptress                                     7:02
        B2      Homage To Ra                                    6:47
        B3      As The Wind Blows                               2:55
        B4      Hear The Voice Of Bard                          2:58
        B5      I Am That Living Soul                           4:09

LP 2            Part II
        C1      Who Can Be Muddy                                6:49
        C2      Favours Of The Muse                             1:46
        C3      The Music Of The Spheres                        4:27
        C4      Hermes                                          3:52
        C5      Taliesin                                        5:02
        D1      Enchanted Bard                                  7:20
        D2      The White Lion Of The Mountain                  6:06
        D3      I Stretch Forth                                 4:39
        D4      Love's Strength                                 4:02
        D5      I Am Yesterday                                  4:10
                (Note : plus book)
LPS     022     ATILA                   Beginning Of The End            LP+7"   05.2006

        A1      El Principo Del Fin (Part One)                  23:05
        B1      El Principo Del Fin (Part Two)                  6:50
        B2      Alta Tensión (Bonus Track)                      7:43
        B3      Bach Rock (Bonus Track)                         9:43

7"      C       Devoción                                        5:44
        D       Sensación                                       6:08
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)

LP      New Promotion   BNLP 446        1975    SP
LPS     023     AFTER LIFE              Cauchemar                       LP      05.2006

        A1      Cauchemar
        A2      Really Love You
        A3      Exit
        A4      The Old Man
        A5      Rolling Down (bonus)
        B1      Bible 1
        B2      Try People Try
        B3      (Le Secret De) La Viellle Dame
        B4      Your Mother
        B5      Posology
        B6      Things Of The Life (bonus)
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      Discophon       6020            1975    SP
LPS     024     MAQUINA!                En Directo                      2LP     07.2007

LP 1    A1      Could That Time                                 3:50
        A2      All Right Under The Rain                        4:00
        A3      Chains                                          7:10
        A4      Sunrise Horse                                   6:50
        B1      Wild Side Of Life                               4:27
        B2      Time Is Over                                    5:00
        B3      Improvisando Con Geno                           15:17

LP 2    C1      Blues In F                                      9:30
        C2      Look Away Your Hapiness                         7:11
        C3      I Can Only Fly But Very Well                    4:15
        D1      Sonata (Epour Si Muove)                         11:40
        D2      I Can´t Quit You Baby                           12:14

LP      Diabolo         LT 33.001       1972    SP
LP      Edigsa          33.001          1972    SP
LPS     025     HELL PREACHERS INC.     Supreme Psychadelic Underground LP      05.2006

        1       Time Race                                       2:25
        2       Shalom                                          6:05
        3       Let Me Shoot You                                3:30
        4       Nirwana                                         2:25
        5       Courante                                        2:50
        6       Preacher Man                                    3:00
        7       We Like The White Man                           1:30
        8       Turn Turn                                       3:15
        9       Spy In Space                                    6:15
        10      Time Race 2                                     2:45
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      Europa          E 356           1968    GE
LP      Marble Arch     MALS 1169       1969    UK      stereo
LPS     026     UGLY CUSTARD            Ugly Custard                    LP      05.2006

        A1      Scarboro' Fair
        A2      My Babe
        A3      Hung Upside Down
        A4      Custards Last Stand
        B1      Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
        B2      Cry From The Heart
        B3      Never In A Blues Day
        B4      Feel This

LP      President       KVP 246         1970    FR
LP      Kaleidoscope    KAL 100         1971    UK
LPS     027     AGUAVIVA                Cosmonauta                      LP      05.2006

        A1      Estallido Del Miedo
        A2      Estallido De La Luz
        B1      Estallido De La Maquina
        B2      Estallido Del Silencio

LP      Accion          ACX 30.006      1972    SP
LPS     028     WILLIAM S.FISCHER       Akelarre                        LP      05.2006

        A1      Bat Bi Hiru Lau
        A2      Gurea Da
        A3      Etatiro Etatiro
        A4      Pello Joxepe
        A5      Euskaldunak Gara
        B1      Eguntto Batez
        B2      Ruten Ari Nuzu
        B3      Ene Izar Maitea
        B4      Xarmangarria
        B5      Txori Erresinula
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      Herri Gogoa     HG 40 LS        1972 SP
LPS     029     O R A                   O R A                           2LP     05.2006

LP 1    A1      Seashore
        A2      About You
        A3      Deborah
        A4      Whitch
        A5      Venetia II
        A6      You
        B1      Fly
        B2      Ladyfriend
        B3      Are You Seeing
        B4      Emma's Saga
        B5      The Morning After The Night Before
        B6      The Seagull & The Sailor

LP 2    C1      Ooo
        C2      What Is Happening
        C3      I Love You
        C4      Deborah
        C5      I Am A Stranger To My Life
        C6      Fly
        C7      It Was An Easy Legend
        D1      Seashore
        D2      No More Love
        D3      Pomme
        D4      Morning Love
        D5      This Time I Won't Let You Go
        D6      Thank God

LP      Tangerine       DPLP 002S       1969    UK

        A1      Chewing Gum Delirium
        A2      Cosmos Rhythms
        A3      Planetary Gospel
        B1      F.P.E.T. N.° 1 (Free Pop Experimental Theme)
        B2      Pish ! Pshaw !
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      Electronic      ELECT 1000      1969    BE
LP      Palette         MPB S-3281      1969    NE
LPS     031     NICK GARRIE             The Nightmare Of J.B.Stanislas  LP      05.2006

        A1      The Nightmare Of J.B. Stanislas
        A2      Can I Stay With You
        A3      Bungles Tours
        A4      David’s Prayer
        A5      Ink Pot Eyes
        A6      Queen Of Spades
        A7      Close Your Eyes
        B1      The Wanderer
        B2      Stephanie City
        B3      Little Bird
        B4      Deeper Tones Of Blue
        B5      Queen Of Dreams
        B6      Wheel Of Fortune
        B7      Evening

LP      Disc'Az         STECLP 107      1968    FR
LPS     032     ATILA                   Intencion                       LP      08.2006

        A1      Intencion
        A2      Cucutila
        A3      Dia Perfecto
        B1      El Principio Del Fin
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      BASF            3553915/5822-6  1976    SP
LPS     033     THE GHOST : When You're Dead-One Second                 LP      08.2007

        A1      When You're Dead
        A2      Hearts And Flowers
        A3      In Heaven
        A4      Time Is My Enemy
        A5      Too Late To Cry
        A6      I've Got To Get To Know You
        B1      For One Second
        B2      Night Of The Warlock
        B3      Indian Maid
        B4      My Castle Has Fallen
        B5      The Storm
        B6      Me And My Loved Ones
                (Note : UK psych/prog album ; Gemini Rec. 1970)

LP      Gemini          GME 1004        1970    UK
LPS     034     EMTIDI                  Emtidi                          LP      08.2007

        A1      Lookin' For People                              3:55
        A2      Shadow On Your Face                             3:55
        A3      Long Long Journey                               2:24
        A4      No Turn Back                                    1:55
        A5      Space Age                                       4:10
        B1      Let The Joint Go 'Round                         5:00
        B2      Yvonne's Dream                                  2:40
        B3      Birds On A Graveyard                            3:30
        B4      Flutepiece                                      7:20
                (Note : LP , 1000 copies)

LP      Thorofon        ATH 109         1970    GE
LPS     035     MI GENERACION           Mi Generacion                   2LP+7"  08.2007

LP 1            Mi Generación (1971)
        A1      Deja Que Alguien Te Ayude
        A2      Otro Sueno
        A3      Solo Estas Y Estoy
        A4      Di Porque
        A5      Tema Sobre El Tercer Movimiento De La Sinfonia Del Gran
                Canon (Instrumental)
        B1      26-7-71
        B2      De Mi Para Ti
        B3      Frustrado
        B4      A Donde Va Tu Mente
        B5      Lagrima (Instrumental)

LP 2            Previously Unreleased Second Album (1972)
        C1      El Pescador
        C2      El Amor Dijo
        C3      Siempre Habrá Un Lugar
        C4      Al Partir
        C5      Evasión
        D1      Gentes
        D2      Suite
        D3      Nosce Te Ipsum
                Bonus Single
        E       Toma Tu Parte De Felicidad
        F       Triste Y Solo

LP1     Palobal         LP10.001        1971    SP
LPS     036     BROSELMASCHINE          BROSELMASCHINE                  LP      12.2007

        A1      Gedanken                                        4:50
        A2      Lassie                                          5:00
        A3      Gitarrenstück                                   2:00
        A4      The Old Man's Song                              5:25
        B1      Schmetterling                                   9:30
        B2      Nossa Bova                                      7:50
                (Note : LP , 1000 copies)

LP      Pilz            20 21100.2      1971    GE
LPS     037     EMTIDI                  SAAT                            LP      12.2007

        A1      Walking In The Park                             6:27
        A2      Träume                                          3:15
        A3      Touch The Sun                                   11:42
        B1      Love Time Rain                                  2:43
        B2      Saat                                            4:07
        B3      Die Reise                                       10:04
                (Note : LP , 1000 copies)

LP      Pilz            20 29077.8      1972    GE
LPS     038     HOLDERLIN               HORDERLIN'S TRAUM               LP      12.2007

        A1      Waren Wir                                       4:53
        A2      „Peter”                                         2:52
        A3      Strohhalm                                       2:20
        A4      Requiem Für Einen Wicht                         6:32
        B1      Erwachen                                        4:20
        B2      Wetterbericht                                   6:34
        B3      Traum                                           7:20
                (Note : LP , 1000 copies)

LP      Pilz            10 21 314 5     1972    GE
LPS     039     FLOH DE COLOGNE         FLIESBANDBABYS BEAT SHOW        LP      12.2007

        A1      Fließband
        A2      Fließbandbaby, Manchmal Träum Ich
        A3      Komm Mit Mir Ins Wegschmeißwunderland
        A4      Sei Ruhig, Fließbandbabys
        A5      Ford Capri
        B1      Hey Johnny
        B2      Arbeit Macht Freitag
        B3      Wenn Springer Mal Rülpst
        B4      Armer Junger Krupp
        B5      Die Oberen Zehntausend
        B6      Fließbandbaby, Wir Sind Wieder Wer
        B7      Mäddchen, Mach Die Beine Breit
        B8      Fließbandbaby, Du Sitzt Im Gefängnis
                (Note : LP , 1000 copies)

LP      Ohr             OMM 56000       1970    GE
LPS     040     SERGIUS GOLOWIN         LORD KRISHNA VON GOLOKA         LP      12.2007

        A1      Der Relgen
        A2      Die Weisse Alm
        B       Die Hoch-Zeit
                (Note : LP , 1000 copies)

LP      Die Kosmische Kuriere KK 58002  1973    GE
LPS     041     GURU GURU               UFO                             LP      12.2007

        A1      Stone In                                        5:42
        A2      Girl Call                                       6:15
        A3      Next Time See You At The Dalai Lhama            6:10
        B1      Ufo                                             10:15
        B2      Der LSD-Marsch                                  8:25
                (Note : LP , 1000 copies)

LP      Ohr             OMM 56005       1970    GE
LPS     042     PETER BURSCH UND DIE BROSELMASCHINE                     LP      12.2007

        A1      Sofa Rock
        A2      Gc
        A3      Come Together
        A4      Country Doodle
        B1      Na So 'Was
        B2      House Carpenter
        B3      Wayfaring Stranger
        B4      Ständchen
        B5      Mississippi Blues
                (Note : LP , 1000 copies)

LP      Xenophon        161.012         1976    GE
LPS     043     FRANZ DE BYL            UND                             LP      12.2007

        A1      I Got Trouble                                   8:18
        A2      African Girl                                    7:15
        A3      I Wish I Could Ride                             5:32
        B1      Just A Little Bit Something                     4:30
        B2      Birthday (The World's Gates)                    8:00
        B3      I Don't Mind                                    6:45
        B4      Franz Wanz Ran And Fell                         3:00

LP      Thorofon        ATH 114         1972    GE
LPS     044     THE DAVE DVANI FOUR     FUSED !                         LP      05.2008

        A1      Fused!                                          2:21
        A2      Jive Samba                                      3:35
        A3      Crazy 'E'                                       6:02
        A4      Jumpin' The Blues                               4:12
        A5      Pigs Foots                                      4:52
        A6      Night Train                                     2:39
        B1      Milestones                                      3:52
        B2      Swing Low Sweet Chariot                         2:25
        B3      Funky Mama                                      3:59
        B4      Sack O'Woe                                      2:59
        B5      The Champ                                       4:14
        B6      Big Boss Man                                    6:20
                (Note : LP , 1000 copies)

LP      Parlophone      PMC 1258        1965    UK      mono
LPS     045     BULENT                  BENIMLE OYNAR MISIN             LP      05.2008

        A1      Günaydin                                        2:02
        A2      Kediler                                         3:27
        A3      Olmali Mi Olmamali Mi                           2:06
        A4      Anlamsiz                                        1:30
        A5      Herºey Sevgiyle Baºlar                          3:03
        A6      Suna Abla                                       1:52
        A7      Bahar Türküsü                                   2:23
        B1      Benimle Oynar Misin                             2:17
        B2      Yagmur                                          2:28
        B3      Sen Varsin                                      2:08
        B4      Yüzünü Dökme Küçük Kiz                          2:15
        B5      ªik Latife                                      2:52
        B6      Dört Kiºili Düº                                 3:12
        B7      Günaydin                                        1:52

LP      1 Numara        A.K. 0002       1974    Turkey
LPS     046     STEVE TILSON            AN ACOUSTIC CONFUSION           LP      05.2008

        A1      I Really Wanted You
        A2      Simplicity
        A3      Time Has Shown Me Your Face
        A4      It's Not My Place To Fail
        A5      Train Time
        B1      Sleepy Time On Peel Street
        B2      Prospect Of Love
        B3      Green Toothed Gardener
        B4      Normandy Day
        B5      Rock & Roll Star

LP      The Village Thing  VTS 5        1971    UK
LPS     047     HUNT & TURNER           MAGIC LANDSCAPE                 LP      05.2008

        A1      Hold Me Now
        A2      Silver Lady
        A3      We Say We're Sorry
        A4      Magic Landscape
        A5      Mr. Bojangles
        B1      Living Without You
        B2      Men Of Rings
        B3      Older Now And Younger Then
        B4      Morning For Eve
        B5      Rockfield Rag

LP      The Village Thing  VTS 11       1972    UK
LPS     048     THE SUN ALSO RISES      THE SUN ALSO RISES              LP      05.2008

        A1      Until I Do                                      3:47
        A2      Wizard Shep                                     5:01
        A3      Part Of The Room                                3:45
        A4      Tales Of Jasmine And Suicide                    3:17
        A5      Green Lane                                      8:05
        B1      Flowers                                         5:19
        B2      Song Of Consolation                             1:39
        B3      Suddenly It's Evening                           2:30
        B4      Death                                           6:35
        B5      Fafnir And The Knights                          4:30

LP      The Village Thing  VTS 2        1970    UK
LPS     049     ANNEXUS QUAM            OSMOSE                          LP      08.2008

        A                                                       4:10
        B                                                       3:07
        C                                                       10:30
        Seite 2                                                 18:14

LP      Ohr             OMM 56.007      1970    GE
LPS     050     GURU GURU               HINTEN                          LP      11.2008

        A1      Electric Junk                                   10:58
        A2      The Meaning Of Meaning                          12:09
        B1      Bo Diddley                                      9:56
        B2      Space Ship                                      11:05
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      Ohr             OMM 556.017     1971    GE
LPS     051     MYTHOS                  MYTHOS                          LP      11.2008

        A1      Mythoett                                        3:00
        A2      Oriental Journey / Hero's Death                 17:42
        B1      Encyclopedia Terrae                             17:31
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      Ohr             OMM 556.019     1972    GE
LPS     052     WALPURGIS               QUEEN OF SABA                   LP      11.2008

        A1      Disappointment                                  3:42
        A2      Queen Of Saba                                   5:09
        A3      Daily                                           6:56
        A4      Hey You, Over Theret                            4:10
        B1      What Can I Do (To Find Myself?)                 7:07
        B2      My Last Illusion                                11:20

LP      Ohr             OMM 556.023     1972    GE
LPS     053     LIMBUS 4                MANDALAS                        LP      11.2008

        A1      Dhyana                                          10:00
        A2      Kundalini                                       5:46
        A3      Heiku                                           2:08
        B       Plasma                                          19:20
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      Ohr             OMM 56001       1970    GE
LPS     054     XHOL                    MOTHERFUCKERS GmbH & Co.        LP      08.2008

        A1      Radio                                           2:30
        A2      Leistungsprinzip                                1:30
        A3      Orgelsolo                                       9:26
        A4      Side 1 First Day                                7:05
        B1      Grille                                          6:58
        B2      Love Potion 25                                  13:11
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      Ohr             OMM 556.024     1971    GE
LPS     055     ANNEXUS QUAM            BEZIEHUNGEN                     LP      08.2008

        A1      Trobluhs El Ë Isch                              5:29
        A2      Leyenburg 1                                     14:05
        A3      Leyenburg 2                                     3:35
        A3      Leyenburg 2                                     3:35
        B1      Dreh Dich Nicht Um                              16:20
        B2      Kollodium                                       8:04

LP      Ohr             OMM 556.028     1972    GE
--------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------
LPS     056     THE MAGIC MIXTURE       THIS IS THE MAGIC MIXTURE       LP      12.2008

        A1      (I'm So) Sad
        A2      Urge To Leave
        A3      You
        A4      Slowly The Day
        A5      New Man
        A6      Living On A Hill
        B1      It's Alright By Me
        B2      When I Was Young
        B3      Hey Little Girl
        B4      Tomorrow's Sun
        B5      Motor Bike Song
        B6      Moon Beams
                (Note : UK  psych rarity)

LP      Saga            FID 2125        1968    UK      mono
LP      Saga            STFID 2126      1968    IK      stereo
LPS     057     THE UNDERGROUND SET     THE UNDERGROUND SET             LP      12.2008

        A1      Arcipelago
        A2      Emisfero
        A3      Atollo
        A4      Longitudine Est
        A5      36 Parallelo
        A6      Samba Natalizia
        A7      Tanto Per Cambiare
        B1      Underground In Blue
        B2      Shake 26
        B3      Eqautore
        B4      7 Meridiano
        B5      Emisfero
        B6      Motor Road Underground
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      Radio           RRC 134         1970    IT
LP      Pantonic        PAN 6302        1970    UK
LP      Vogue Schll.    LDVS 17189      1970    GE
LPS     058     THE 4 INSTANTS          DISCOTHEQUE !                   LP      12.2008

        A1      Discoteque
        A2      Water Melon Man
        A3      Mashed Potatoes
        A4      Caravan
        A5      Portobello Road
        B1      Bogattini
        B2      Outrage
        B3      Monkey Time
        B4      All About My Girl
        B5      Night Train

LP      Society         SOC 1016        1966    UK
LPS     059     THE EQUINOX             HARD ROCK                       LP      12.2008

        A1      Rat's Trap
        A2      Black Mike
        A3      Jenny's Dream
        A4      Secrets Of The Mass
        A5      Jack And Jill Song
        B1      Beelzebub Makes The Goat
        B2      Supernova
        B3      Land Of Blue Fire
        B4      Patterned Skag
        B5      Dilemma

LP      Boulevard       4118            1973    UK
LPS     060     AMON DUUL               PARADIESWARTZ DUUL              LP      08.2008

        A1      Love Is Peace                                   17:32
        A2      Eternal Flow                                    4:09
        B1      Show Your Thurst And Sun Your Open Mouth        9:30
        B2      Paramechanische Welt                            7:51
        B3      Paramechanical World                            5:41

LP      Ohr             OMM 56.008      1971    GE
LPS     061     THE INNER SPACE (CAN)   AGILOK & BLUBBO                 LP      04.2009

        A1      Agilok And Blubbo                               3:44
        A2      Es Zieht Herauf                                 4:37
        A3      Dialog Zwischen Birken                          1:49
        A4      Michele Ist Da                                  1:38
        A5      Mama Mama                                       3:54
        A6      Kamerasong                                      2:30
        A7      Zwischen Den Bäumen                             3:56
        B1      Zweige Und Sonne                                0:14
        B2      Revolutionslied                                 1:48
        B3      Der Letzte Brief                                1:26
        B4      Probleme                                        2:14
        B5      Flop Pop                                        3:33
        B6      Apokalypse                                      10:25
                (Note : LP , unreleased)
LPS     062     ANIMA SOUND             STURMISCHER HIMMEL              LP      05.2009

        A1      Show Mää Show                                   9:55
        A2      It Loves Want To Have Done It                   2:50
        A3      Feel Like A Bone                                6:04
        B1      How To Dream - You                              6:39
        B2      The Weather                                     12:09

LP      Ohr             OMM 56011       1971    GE
LPS     063     BERND WITTHUSER         LIEDER VON VAMPIREN , NONNEN    LP      05.2009
                UND TOTEN

        A1      Dracula                                         4:34
        A2      Das Stille Grab                                 2:25
        A3      Wir Möchten Dieses Lied Noch Singen             3:40
        A4      Kann Die Klage Deuten Wer?                      3:50
        A5      Ich Bin Dahin                                   3:18
        A6      Welcher Wechsel Doch Im Leben                   2:57
        B1      Leis' Ertönt Die Abendglocke                    3:10
        B2      Hinüber Wall' Ich                               2:54
        B3      Wenn Ich Ein Fröhlicher Wär'                    2:52
        B4      Die Beschwörung                                 2:52
        B5      Liebeslied                                      4:10
        B6      Die Lilie Vom See                               4:04
        B7      Wer Schwimmt Dort?                              1:56
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      Ohr             OMM 56002       1970    GE
LPS     064     IBLISS                  SUPERNOVA                       LP      05.2009

        A1      Margah                                          6:03
        A2      Drops                                           14:40
        B1      High Life                                       13:20
        B2      Athir                                           9:03

LP      Spiegelei/Aamok 28501-5U        1972    GE

        A1      To Sell                                         2:51
        A2      Fight With A Circular Course                    15:55
        A3      Walking In A Country Lane                       3:34
        B1      It's Allright With Me                           1:51
        B2      Mithrandir The White Horse Rider                9:55
        B3      Pale Blue Eyes                                  3:45
        B4      Story Of Too Many Prisoners                     2:34
        B5      The End                                         1:40
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      Flame           FLP 1           1970    NE
LPS     066     ORANGE WEDGE            WEDGE                           LP      08.2009

        A1      Love Me                                         2:58
        A2      Death Comes Slowly                              11:15
        A3      Comfort Of You                                  5:28
        B1      Keep On Livin'                                  6:01
        B2      One Night Lover                                 4:01
        B3      Meathouse Shuffle                               2:04
        B4      Revenge                                         6:34
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

CD      Long Hair       LHC 00067       2008
LPS     067     ORANGE WEDGE            NO ONE LEFT BUT ME              LP      08.2009

        A1      S.P.                                            4:10
        A2      Hungry Man                                      4:52
        A3      No One Left But Me                              6:02
        A4      Dream                                           3:02
        B1      Whisky And Gin                                  5:51
        B2      People                                          5:30
        B3      The Date                                        10:16
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

CD      Long Hair       LHC 00068       2008    GE
LPS     068     HELDON/SCHIZO           ELECTRONIQUE GUERILLA           LP+7"   09.2009

LP              Electronique Guerilla
        A1      Heldon                  Zind                    2:18
        A2      Heldon                  Back To Heldon          8:31
        A3      Heldon                  Northernland Lady       6:57
        B1      Heldon : Ouais Marchais, Mieux Qu'en 68.
                (Ex: "Le Voyageur")                             4:22
        B2      Heldon                  Circulus Vitiosus       8:43
        B3      Heldon : Ballade Pour Puig Antich (Révolutionnaire
                Assassiné En Espagne)                           2:19

7"              Schizo
        C1      Schizo : Schizo (And The Little Girl)           3:38
        C2      Schizo                  Paraphrenia Praecox     4:00
        D1      Schizo                  Le Voyageur             4:22
        D2      Schizo                  Torcol                  2:48
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      Disjuncta       12/13           1974    FR
LPS     069     HELDON                  ALLEZ TEIA                      LP+7"   09.2009

        A1      In The Wake Of King Fripp
        A2      Aphanisis
        A3      Omar Diop Blondin
        A4      Moebius
        B1a     Continuum Mobile
        B1b     Disjonction Inclusive
        B2      St-Mikael Samstag Abends
        B3      Michel Ettori

7"      A       Perspecives 1
        B       O.D.B.
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)
LPS     070     PETER-MICHAEL HAMEL     HAMEL                           2LP     03.2010

LP 1    A1      Storm Over Asia And Calm                        4:10
        A2      Baliava I                                       5:10
        A3      Baliava II                                      8:22
        B1      Fire Of Holy Eyes                               9:55
        B2      Song Of The Dolphins                            7:30
        B3      Sinking Sangsara                                3:55

LP 2    C       Aura                                            20:05
        D1      Gomorrhaga                                      8:45
        D2      Cathedral On C                                  9:20
                (Note : 2LP , 500 copies , gatefold sleeve)

2LP     Vertigo         6641 055        1972    GE
LPS     071     BETWEEN                 AND THE WATERS OPENED           LP      03.2010

        A1      And The Waters Opened                           11:00
        A2      Uruboros                                        5:35
        A3      Syn                                             6:15
        B1      Devotion                                        3:46
        B2      Happy Stage                                     11:25
        B3      Samum                                           5:37
                (NOte : LP , 500 copies , gatefold sleeve)

LP      Vertigo         6360 612        1973    GE
LPS     072     OM                      OM                              LP+7"   03.2010

LP      A1      Excusa 6/8                                      12:21
        A2      No Ho Sap Ningú                                 6:21
        B1      Zitro's Ache                                    5:33
        B2      Excusa Núm. 1                                   12:51

7"      A       Vindra La Llum                                  4:27
        B       Waiting For Godot                               4:34

LP      Edigfsa         UM 2010         1971    SP
LPS     073     JARKA                   ORTODOXIA                       LP+7"   03.2010

        A1      Jarka                   Ocell Rescatat          3:18
        A2      Jarka                   Popiada                 4:18
        A3      Jarka                   Reposta                 3:20
        A4      Jarka                   Sube La Silla Roja      6:25
        B1      Jarka                   L. I. A. I.             3:09
        B2      Jarka                   Nocha De Pez            2:10
        B3      Jarka                   Retorn A...             3:54
        B4      Jarka                   No Estés Cohibido       4:32
        B5      Jarka                   Ortodoxia               4:17

7"      C       Jordi Sabates & OM      Another You, Another Me 4:45
        D       Jordi Sabates & OM      Retorn A...             3:54
                (Note : LP + 7" , 500 copies)

LP      Edigsa          UM 2011         1971    SP
LPS     074     JARKA                   MORGUE O BERENICE               LP      03.2010

        A1      Superman Fallido                                5:48
        A2      Moyenne Girl                                    4:16
        A3      Occidente                                       5:45
        B1      Morgue O Berenice                               4:45
        B2      Esquizofrenia                                   5:45
        B3      Duet                                            3:50
        B4      Woody's Rag                                     2:04
                (Note : LP + 7" , 500 copies)

LP      Edigsa          UM 2013         1972    SP
LPS     075     LA-BATISTE              CHICHONERA'S CAT                LP      03.2010

        A1      Bon Dia, Lluna                                  3:12
        A2      Ocell                                           1:18
        A3      Chichonera's Cat                                3:03
        A4      El Llarg I Lluent Cami                          2:50
        A5      Canco Per A No Sentir-Se Sol                    2:11
        A6      El Noi I La Canco                               3:12
        B1      Aeronaus                                        3:30
        B2      El Gessami I La Rosa                            2:12
        B3      Imatges De L'Estiu                              2:41
        B4      Villa Montserrat                                1:14
        B5      Esqueix De Canco                                3:15
        B6      Vida De Pel-Licula                              2:29
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      Oliba           OL 08           1975    SP
LPS     076     EMBRYO                  EMBRYO'S RACHE                  LP      03.2010

        A1      Tausendfüssler
        A2 a)   I Can't Wait
        A2 b)   Eva's Wolke
        A3      Revenge
        B1      Espagna Si, Franco No
        B2      Sittin' At The Moon
        B3      Verwandlung
                (Note : LP , 500 copies , gatefold sleeve)

LP      United Artists  UAS 29239 1     1971    GE
LPS     077     EMBRYO                  FATHER SON AND HOLY GHOST       LP      03.2010

        A1      The Special Trip                                5:56
        A2      Nightmares                                      0:58
        A3      King Insano                                     4:48
        A4      Free                                            6:19
        B1      The Sun Song                                    8:48
        B2      Marimbaroos                                     2:56
        B3      Forgotten Sea                                   9:09
                (Note : LP , 500 copies , gategold sleeve)

LP      United Artista  UAS 29344 1     1972    GE
LPS     078     EMBRYO                  OPAL                            LP      04.2010

        A1      Opal
        A2      You Don't Know What's Happening
        A3      Revolution
        A4      Glockenspiel
        B1      Got No Time
        B2      Call
        B3      End Of Soul
        B4      People From Out The Space
                (Note : LP , 500 copies , gatefold sleeve)

LP      Ohr             OMM 56003       1970    GE
LPS     079     EMBRYO FT. CHARLIE MARIANO : WE KEEP ON                 LP      03.2010

        A1      No Place To Go
        A2      Flute And Saz
        B1      Ehna, Ehna, Abu Lele
        B2      Hackbrett-Dance
        B3      Abul Malek
        B4      Don't Come Tomorrow
                (Note : LP , 500 copies , gatefold sleeve)

LP      BASF            20 21865 1      1973    GE
LPS     080     BETWEEN                 EINSTEIG                        LP      03.2010

        A1      Katakomben                                      4:35
        A2      Two Trees                                       2:50
        A3      Volkstanz                                       3:55
        A4      Primary Stage                                   4:10
        A5      Flight Of Ideas                                 6:41
        B1      Triumphzug Kaiser Maximillian I                 3:14
        B2      Barcelona Rain                                  5:16
        B3      Memories                                        4:39
        B4      Space Trip                                      9:27
        B5      Try Bach                                        0:56
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      Wergo           WER 1001        1971    GE
LPS     081     PHILIPPE BESOMBES       LIBRA                           LP      06.2010

        A1      La Plage
        A2      Rugby
        A3      Theme Grave
        A4      Ballade En Vélo
        A5      Les Diapos
        A6      Ceremonie
        A7      Jaune
        A8      PJF 261
        A9      Raggacountry
        A10     Boogimmick
        B1      Hache 06
        B2      Appel De Libra
        B3      Poursuite
        B4      La Ville
        B5      Les Cosmonautes
        B6      Avecandista
        B7      Tis A Song
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      Pole            POLE 0004       1975    FR
LPS     082     GUNTER SCHICKERT        SAMTVOGEL                       LP      08.2010

        A1      Apricot Brandy                                  6:06
        A2      Kriegsmaschinen, Fahrt Zur Hölle                16:58
        B1      Wald                                            21:35
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      [self]          SCH 33.003      1974    GE
LP      Brain           BRAIN 1080      1975    GE
LPS     083     HELDON : THIRD ( IT'S ALWAYS ROCK'N'ROLL)               LP      08.2010

LP 1    A1      I C S Machinique
        A2      Cotes De Cachalot A La Psylocybine
        A3      Mechammment Rock
        A4      Cocaine Blues
        B1      Aurore

LP 2    C1      Virgin Swedish Blues
        C2      Ocean Boogi
        C3      Zind Destruction (Bouillie Blues)
        D1      Doctor Bloodmoney
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      Disjuncta       000006/7        1975    FR
LPS     084     ROGER BUNN              PIECE OF MIND                   LP      08.2010

        A1      Road To The Sun
        A2      Jac Mool
        A3      Fantasy In Fiction
        A4      Crystal Tunnel
        A5      3 White Horses
        A6      Cattatonia
        A7      Suffering Wheel
        B1      Gido The Magician
        B2      Powis Square Child
        B3      Old Maid Prudence
        B4      Humble Chortle
        B5      Jasons Ennui
        B6      110° East + 107° North
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      Major Minor     SMLP 70         1970    UK      stereo
LPS     085     ANIMA SOUND             MUSIK FUR ALLE                  LP      02.2011

        A       N Da Da Uum Da
        B       Traktor Go Go Go
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      Echolette       STLP-NB 0.027   1971    GE
LPS     086     KATCH 22                IT'S SOFT ROCK & ALL SORTS      LP      08.2010

        A1      Walk Away Renee
        A2      There Ain't No Use In Hangin' On
        A3      Seldom
        A4      Groovy Summertime
        A5      Don't Listen
        A6      59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)
        B1      Windy
        B2      Open Up Your Eyes
        B3      Thoughts On A Rainy Day
        B4      Go And Say Goodbye
        B5      You've Got Somethin'
        B6      Wishing
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      Saga Eros       EROS 8047       1968    UK
LPS     087     LARD FREE               GILBERT ARTMAN'S LARD FREE      LP      02.2011

        A1      Warinobaril                                     3:46
                12 Ou 13 Juillet Que Je Sais D'Elle             8:48
        A2      Part One                                        5:13
        A3      Part Two                                        3:35
        A4      Honfleur Écarlate                               4:48
        B1      Acide Framboise                                 6:45
        B2      Livarot Respiration                             7:50
        B3      Culturez-Vous Vous Mime                         4:40
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      Vamp            VP 59 500       1973    FR
LPS     088     LARD FREE               I'M AROUND ABOUT MIDNIGHT       LP      02.2011

        A1      Violez L'Espace De Son Refrigerant              4:34
        A2      In A Desert-Alambic                             5:40
        A3      Does East Bakestan Belong To Itself             6:43
        B1      Tatkooz A Roulette                              7:52
        B2      Pale Violence Under A Reverbere                 4:13
        B3      Even Silence Stops When Trains Come             4:30
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      Vamp            VP 59 502       1975    FR
LPS     089     LARD FREE               III                             LP      02.2011

        A1      Spirale Malax                                   17:12
                Synthetic Seasons
        B1      Part 1                                          3:25
        B2      Part 2                                          8:40
        B3      Part 3                                          5:21
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      Cobra           COB 37007       1978    FR
LPS     090     LARD FREE               UNNAMED                         LP+7"   02.2011

LP      A1      La Chevauchée Des Vaches Qui Rient              4:30
        A2      Cochonailles                                    6:48
        A3      Tobrouck 120 Kms                                9:26
        B1      Noisy Son Sec                                   8:02
        B2      Cochonailles                                    7:12
        B3      Petit Tripou Du Matin                           8:08

7"      C       A Chacun Son Boulez                             6:47
        D       Cuve Perpetuelle                                5:49

CD      Spalax Music    SPALAX CD 14915 1997    FR
LPS     091     DELIRED CAMELEON FAMILY : VISA DE CENSURE N°X           LP      02.2011

        A1      Raganesh                                        6:48
        A2      Weird Ceremony                                  4:24
        A3      La Fin Du Début                                 5:10
        A4      Le Boeuf                                        8:39
        B1      Novavanna                                       13:36
        B2      Ananta                                          9:42
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      Pathe Marconi   2c 066 13087    1975    FR
LPS     092
LPS     093     THE KUHN BROTHERS & THE MAD ROCKERS : S / T             LP      02.2011

        A1      Night Time Girl                                 6:27
        A2      Misty Purple                                    5:15
        A3      Getting The Point                               3:38
        A4      I'm A Jew                                       4:51
        B1      Flight To Jerusalem                             3:24
        B2      Out Of Traffic                                  4:35
        B3      Rocking Chair To The Moon                       3:40
        B4      Going West                                      6:00
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      Metronome       MLP 15340       1969    GE
LPS     094     JOACHIM & ROLF KUHN     BLOODY ROCKETS                  LP      06.2012

        A1      Funny Bird                                      2:40
        A2      Circus Life                                     4:24
        A3      Sounds Of Feelings                              6:04
        A4      To Our Father                                   3:54
        B1      Bloody Rockers                                  3:47
        B2      El Dorado                                       6:02
        B3      Crazy Lusly                                     3:05
        B4      Out Of Traffic                                  4:35
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      BYG             BYG 529009      1969    FR      mono/stereo

        A1      Bad, Bad World
        A2      What You Can Do For Your Country
        A3      Relaction I
        A4      Hey Joe
        A5      Biafra
        A6      Kind Of Music I
        B1      Turn In
        B2      Kind Of Music II
        B3      Mr. President
        B4      Times Have Changed
        B5      Relaction II
        B6      We've Got Too Much
        B7      Behave Us Of The 3rd World War
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      Tip             633139          1969    Scandinavia

        A1      Aussi Loin Que Je Me Souvienne                  2:00
        A2      Quand Je Serai Grand                            2:35
        A3      Les Lutins                                      2:45
        A4      La Chanson Des Amis                             2:15
        A5      L'Amour Avec Un Grand A                         3:35
        A6      Un Jour Dans Ma Vie                             3:55
        A7      Une Vie                                         2:35
        B1      Premier Amour                                   2:40
        B2      Vingt Ans                                       2:20
        B3      Chagrin D'Amour                                 2:20
        B4      Les Temps Ont Changé                            3:00
        B5      Quand J'étais Gosse                             2:50
        B6      C'est L'hiver                                   2:50
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      Flamophone      FLAM 3.301      1969    FR
LP      Gamma           GS 140          1969    CA
LPS     097     LE SYSTEME CRAPOUTCHIK  FLOP                            2LP     06.2011

LP 1    A1      Flop
        A2      L'Enchanteur
        A3      Monsieur Sans Joie
        A4      Ploum Le Clown
        A5      La Vie Est Belle
        A6      All What I Have
        B1      J'Aime Chanter
        B2      Demain
        B3      Je T'Ai Cherchée Partout
        B4      L'Enfant De Choeur
        B5      L'Horrible Reve
        B6      Un Jour Dans Ma Vie

LP 2    C1      Un Peu De Rien
        C2      L'Amourophobe
        C3      Gamelle Trouee
        C4      La Vie Est Belle
        C5      Mourir D'Amour
        C6      Au Clair De L'une Ou Dans L'Ombre De L'Autre
        D1      J'Ai Regardé Passer Le Temps
        D2      L'Horrible Reve
        D3      Un Peu De Musique
        D4      Chanson Sans Paroles
        D5      Monsieur Sans Joie
        D6      Les Sans Amours
        D7      Aussi Loin Que Je Me Souvienne
                (Note : double LP , 500 copies , gatefold sleeve)

2LP     Flamophone      FLAM 33.02      1970    FR

        A1      La Vie D'artiste
        A2      Il Neige
        A3      Le Mutant
        A4      Judy
        A5      Je Fais Mon Devoir, Je Fuis
        A6      Lettre Au Japon
        B1      Je T'aimais
        B2      La Fille De Rien
        B3      Boznawanie
        B4      L'affiche
        B5      Pauv' Muezzin
        B6      Yaka Yaka
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      Polydor         2933 103        1975    FR
LPS     099     ILOUS & DECUYPER        ILOUS & DECUYPER                LP+7"   06.2011

LP      A1      Indifférents                                    1:22
        A2      Vous Mourrez Demain                             4:03
        A3      Cor Bucolique                                   2:56
        A4      Eleonor Rigby                                   4:39
        A5      Non                                             3:42
        A6      Nuit De Glace                                   1:10
        B1      L'Elu                                           2:44
        B2      Cyclothymie                                     4:03
        B3      Mélancolie                                      3:46
        B4      Hawai                                           0:54
        B5      Berceuse                                        2:35
        B6      Beurk!!                                         3:42
        B7      Indifférents                                    1:22

7"      A       Aime Toi Toi-Meme
        B       L'Espoir
                (Note : LP+7" , 500 copies)

LP      Flamophone      FLAM 33.03      1972    FR
LPS     100     OPHIUCUS                OPHIUCUS                        LP      06.2011

        A.1     Prenez-Donnez                                   2:50
        A.2     Patiemment                                      3:00
        A.3     Au Hasard                                       3:05
        A.4     Ne Cherche Plus                                 2:55
        A.5     Éveil De Notre Temps                            3:50
        A.6     C'est Pour Toi                                  3:00
        B.1     Darbouka                                        2:15
        B.2     T'inquiete Pas M'Man                            2:50
        B.3     Djukela                                         3:00
        B.4     Inachevée                                       2:10
        B.5     Mirlipinious                                    2:15
        B.6     Univers                                         3:15
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      Barclay         XBLY/920378     1971    FR      mono/stereo
LPS     101     ELEKTRIKTUS             ELECTRONIC MIND WAVES           LP      12.2011

        A1      Frequencer Departure - Flying At Day-Break      7:30
        A2      First Wave                                      5:40
        A3      Power Hallucination                             4:30
        B1      Second Wave                                     2:26
        B2      Implosion                                       5:40
        B3      Third Wave                                      5:20
        B4      Flying At Sunset                                3:50
        B5      Frequencer Arrival                              3:50
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      PDU             Pld.A 6050      1976    IT
LPS     102     AME SON                 CATALYSE                        LP      12.2011

        A1a     Hein, Quant A Toi
        A1b     Wie Tot Die Wiederweckung Ist
        A1c     Hommage
                Coeur Fou
        A3a     La Globule
        A3b     Le Mal Sonne
        B1a     Eclosion
        B1b     Marie Der Vier Winde
        B2      Reborn This Morning On The Way Of ...
        B3a     A Coup De Hache - Mit Dem Schlag Der Axt
        B3b     Les Sables Mouvants
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      BYG             529 324         1970    FR
LPS     103     AME SON                 PRIMITIVE EXPRESSION            LP+7"   12.2011

        A1      Le Grand Cirque De La Lune                      6:27
        A2      Hein! Quant A Toi                               3:00
        A3      Comme Est Morte L'Evocation                     3:29
        A4      Unity                                           3:57
        A5      Je Veux Just Te Dire                            2:56
        B1      Je Veux Just Te Dire Part I                     4:14
        B2      Part II                                         4:03
        B3      Part III                                        5:35
        B4      Part IV                                         3:41
        B5      Part V                                          3:04
        B6      Part VI                                         5:05

7"      A1      Les Primitiv's          Sweet Georgia
        A2      Les Primitiv's          Dédoublement
        B1      Ame Son                 Le Dédale
                (Note : LP + 7" , 500 copies)
LPS     104     HELDON                  HELDON IV/AGNETA NILSSON        LP      12.2011

        A1      Perspective I (Ou Comment Procéde Le Nihilisme Actif)
        A2      Perspective II
        A3      Perspective III (Baader-Meinhof Blues)
        A4      Intermede & Bassong
        B1      Perspective IV
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      Urus            000.011         1976    FR
LPS     105     ROBERTO CACCIAPAGLIA    SONANZE                         LP      12.2011

        A1      1st Movement
        A2      2nd Movement
        A3      3rd Movement
        A4      4th Movement
        A5      5th Movement
        B1      6th Movement
        B2      7th Movement
        B3      8th Movement
        B4      9th Movement
        B5      10th Movement

LP      PDU             PLD.SQ 6025     1975    IT
LPS     106     CLEARLIGHT SYMPHONY     CLEARLIGHT SYMPHONY             LP      06.2012

        A       Clear Light Symphony Part. 1                    20:12
        B       Clear Light Symphony Part. 2                    20:35

LP      Virgin          V 2029          1975    UK
                OUT PARTY

        A1      I've Got A Zebra - She Can Fly                  5:14
        A2      Play Your Game                                  2:50
        A3      Girl From Nowhere                               3:05
        A4      Flora's Holiday                                 1:45
        A5      Love Supreme Deal                               4:53
        B1      Prama                                           5:29
        B2      Electric Buddha                                 4:23
        B3      Hare Krishna                                    3:24
        B4      Parable                                         4:48

LP      Audio Fidelity  AFSD 6184       1967    US/CA   stereo
                OF YOUR MAYA

LP 1    A1      Princess Flower And The Moon Rays : Lovin Spaceship
        A2      Princess Flower And The Moon Rays : Woman Of Moon
        A3      Princess Flower And The Moon Rays : Vanishing Rama
        A4      Princess Flower And The Moon Rays : Guharam Rock
        B1      Princess Flower And The Moon Rays : Between Spirits
        B2      Princess Flower And The Moon Rays : Ancient Faces

LP 2    C1      Pataphysician Orchestra : Voyage To Nebadon
        C2      Pataphysician Orchestra : Ananda
        D1      Pataphysician Orchestra : Rainbow Forest
        D2      Pataphysician Orchestra : Titicaca
                (Note : double LP , 500 copies)

LP1     Akashic         #22             1968    US
LPS     109     HYDRUS                  MIDNIGHT IN SPACE               LP      06.2012

        A1      Midnight In Space (Mitternacht Im Weltraum)     5:18
        A2      Hibernation (Ueberwinterung)                    10:12
        A3      Earth Calling Space (Erde Ruft Weltraum)        4:07
        B1      Milky Way (Milchstrasse)                        6:21
        B2      The Two Planets (Die Zwei Planeten)             6:35
        B3      Space Link-Up (Begegnung Im Weltraum)           6:55
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      PDU             Pld.A 6096      1978    IT
LPS     110     RONTHEO                 RONTHEO                         LP      02.2013

        A1      Music
        A2      Live!
        A3      Lady From Heaven
        A4      Do It Again
        A5      By The Side Of A Clear Crystal Fountain
        B1      Zyclus
        B2      Although It's Fine
        B3      Clouds Everywhere
        B4      Tomorrow Will Know
                (Note : LP , 500 copies , gatefold)

LP      Breitkopf       BSO 70007       1976    GE
LPS     111     ROBERTO CACCIAPAGLIA    SEI NOTE IN LOGICA              LP      02.2013

        A1      Sei Note In Logica - Parte 1                    16:07
        B1      Sei Note In Logica - Parte 2                    16:44
                (Note : LP , 500  copies)

LP      Philips         6323 081        1979    IT
LPS     112     ZANAGORIA               INSIGHT MODULATION              LP      05.2013

        A1      Cancrizzante In Ritmo                           2:55
        A2      Cancrizzante A Solo                             2:18
        A3      Kilomb                                          2:33
        A4      Su 60 Impulsi I                                 2:45
        A5      Su 60 Impulsi Il                                4:12
        A6      Jazz Modulation                                 3:12
        B1      Mono-Tone                                       2:54
        B2      Condensazioni I                                 3:27
        B3      Condensazioni Il                                3:20
        B4      Frase In Metallo                                2:55
        B5      Diorama E Recitativo                            4:03
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      Gemelli         GG.ST 10.011    1972    IT
LPS     113     DANTALIAN'S CHARIOT     CHARLOT RISING                  LP      05.2013

        A1      Madman Running Through The Fields
        A2      Sun Came Bursting Through My Cloud
        A3      Fourpenny Bus Ride
        A4      Coffee Song
        A5      Soma (Pts. 1 & 2)
        B1      World War Three
        B2      Recapture The Thrill
        B3      Four Firemen
        B4      High Flying Bird
        B5      This Island
                (Note : LP , 200 copies, RECORDED CCA. 1965)

LP      Tenth Planet    TP 015          1995    UK
CD      Wooden Hill     WHCD 005        1996    UK
LPS     114     SPACECRAFT              PARADOXE                        LP      02.2013

        A1      Lumiere De Lune                                 3:51
        A2      Cosmic Wheel                                    10:55
        A3      Chromatique One                                 5:18
        B1      Harabizant                                      9:35
        B2      Ananda                                          2:35
        B3      Surface                                         7:20
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      ?               SC 7802         1978    FR

        A1      Titelmusik "Hoppe Hoppe Reiter"                 3:45
        A2      Vienna 69                                       2:01
        A3      Brooklyn 1146                                   1:10
        A4      Old Captain Cook                                2:16
        A5      Love Is A Natural Thing                         3:38
        A6      Don't Know Baby If You Are Safe                 2:50
        A7      It Is You (bonus)                               2:05
        A8      We Are Alone (bonus)                            2:19
        B1      Leave This Lesbian World                        3:46
        B2      I'm Exhausted                                   3:14
        B3      Hit'em In The Face                              3:05
        B4      Sao Paulo Most Exclusive                        1:34
        B5      Get Your Knicks On The Hill                     2:55
        B6      Offering A Highly Sophisticated Way To Ride     3:07
        B7      Don't You Feel Any Pain                         2:18

7"      C1      Sing Your Song                                  2:26
        C2      Marvin Is Dead                                  3:39
        D1      Krempoli Tune                                   2:06
        D2      Are You Kidding                                 1:03
                (Note : sountrack , 500 copies)

LP      Cornet          15030           1969    GE      mono/stereo
LPS     116     POPOL VUH               AFFTENSTUNDE                    LP      09.2013

                Ich Mache Einen Spiegel
        Aa      Dream Part 4                                    8:40
        Ab      Dream Part 5                                    4:50
        Ac      Dream Part 49                                   7:35
        Ba      Affenstunde                                     18:57
        Bb      Bettina                                         5:05

LP      Liberty         LBS 83 460 L    1970    GE
LPS     117     POPOL VUH               IN DEN GARTEN PHARAOS           LP      09.2013

        A       In Den Gärten Pharaos                           17:37
        B       Vuh                                             19:48
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      Pilz            20 21277.9      1971    GE
LPS     118     POPOL VUH               HOSIANNA MANTRA                 LP+7"   08.2013

        A1      Popol Vuh               Ah!                     4:43
        A2      Popol Vuh               Kyrie                   5:20
        A3      Popol Vuh               Hosianna - Mantra       10:15
                Das 5. Buch Mose
        B1a     Popol Vuh               Abschied                3:10
        B1b     Popol Vuh               Segnung                 6:00
        B1c     Popol Vuh               Andacht                 0:40
        B1d     Popol Vuh               Nicht Hoch Im Himmel    6:17
        B1e     Popol Vuh               Andacht                 0:35

7"      C       Djong Yun               Maria (Ave Maria)       4:30
        D       Djong Yun : Be In Love (Du Sollst Lieben)       4:59
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      Pilz            20 29143.1      1972    GE
LPS     119     POPOL VUH               SELIGPREISUNG                   LP      09.2013

A1      Selig Sind, Die Da Hungern. Selig Sind, Die Da Dürsten Nach
        Gerechtigkeit. Ja, Sie Sollen Satt Werden                               5:59
A2      Tanz Der Chassidim                                                      3:12
A3      Selig Sind, Die Da Hier Weinen. Ja, Sie Sollen Später Lachen            5:07
B1      Selig Sind, Die Da Willig Arm Sind. Ja, Hier Ist Das Himmelreich        3:10
B2      Selig Sind, Die Da Leid Klagen. Ja, Sie Sollen Getröstet Werden         3:39
B3      Selig Sind, Die Sanftmütigen. Ja, Sie Werden Einst Die Erde Erben       2:30
B4      Selig Sind, Die Da Reinen Herzens Sind. Ja, Sie Sollen Gott Schauen     2:33
B5      Ja, Sie Sollen Gottes Kinder Heißen. Agnus Dei, Agnus Dei               2:39
        (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      Kosmische Musik KM 58.009       1974    GE
LPS     120     POPOL VUH               EINSJAGER & SIEBENJAGER         LP      09.2013

        A1      Kleiner Krieger                                 1:05
        A2      King Minos                                      4:26
        A3      Morgengruß                                      2:57
        A4      Würfelspiel                                     3:09
        A5      Gutes Land                                      5:13
        A6      Wo Bist Du?                                     5:42
        B1      Einsjäger & Siebenjäger                         19:24
        B2      King Minos II                                   1:55
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      Kosmische Musik  KM 58.017      1975    GE
LPS     121     MAD CURRY               MAQD CURRY                      LP+7"   01.2014

LP      A1      Men                                             4:08
        A2      Big Ben                                         4:53
        A3      Beauty                                          3:31
        A4      Music, The Reason Of Our Happiness              4:05
        B1      Jack Is Away                                    5:17
        B2      5 Longhaired Children In A Cave                 3:52
        B3      The Workder                                     5:48
        B4      Sound Of Tomorrow                               2:16

7"      A       Song For Cathleen
        B       Antwerp

(Note : founded in Belgium in 1970 with a remarkable line-up for a rock band: sax,
        organ, bass, drums and vocals - no guitar! ; 500 copies)

LP      Pirate's        LPI 91001       1971    BE
                & EVENING

LP 1            Afternoon
        A1      I.O.A.                                          3:02
        A2      Tuarach Winter Song                             4:47
        A3      The Song Of Songs                               5:06
        A4      Sleep Sleepless Sleep                           3:58
        A5      Awareness Of Voidness                           4:39
        B1      What Is The Mind                                6:31
        B2      Under The Apple Tree                            5:17
        B3      Where The Unstruck Music Sounds                 5:23
        B4      Bowl Woman Song                                 6:47

LP 2            Evening
        C1      Nightfall                                       4:22
        C2      The Swing Of The Ocean Of Joy                   5:36
        C3      Alcuin Meets Aryana                             5:14
        C4      O Pale Innana                                   5:05
        D1      The Vision Of Yduna                             3:08
        D2      The Song Of Amergin                             4:44
        D3      I Am An Old Drummer                             4:55
        D4      Epilogue                                        5:42
        D5      Am                                              2:00

(Note : 70's acid folk underground)
LPS     123     MORMOS                  GREAT WALL OF CHINA             L+7"    01.2014

        A1      Womanbud Deborah                                0:58
        A2      Great Wall Of China                             4:47
        A3      Forever Seventh Loved Time                      1:00
        A4      Now Is Made In America                          4:25
        A5      The Crimson Uniform                             1:21
        A6      Poughkeepsie                                    1:52
        A7      Smelling Like A Rose                            2:30
        A8      Victoria Falls                                  0:43
        B1      Jack Of Hearts                                  1:21
        B2      O Mistress Mine                                 2:08
        B3      Cap And Bell                                    3:10
        B4      Walk In; Walk Out                               3:32
        B5      These Echoes / My Grandma Rocks                 4:08
        B6      St Ives                                         3:00
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

7"      A       ?
        B       ?
(Note : recorded in 1971 and issued originally only in France by CBS, the first LP by
        post Spoils Of War band Mormos is a masterpiece of fabulous experimental
        psychedelic acid folk sounds and bizarre melodies; 500 copies)

LP      CBS             S 64430         1971    FR      stereo
LPS     124     CENTURY EXPANDED        CONCERTO FOR WAH WAH            LP      01.2014

        A       Melodic Variations In D Minor                   10:31
        B       Rhythmic Variations In E Minor / Prelude        16:48
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

(Note : originally released on the ultra-rare Perspection label, this generous 30-min.
        jam feast of mind blowing psychedelia features two long tracks. Wah-wah, fuzz
        and tremolo dueling guitars, searing organs, spacey vibes and trippy percussion
        set the atmosphere, in that out-there psychedelic sound reminiscent of San
        Francisco's Summer Of Love and at the same time as hypnothic and adventurous as
        krautrock innovators Neu!
        First ever vinyl reissue, presented on textured sleeve and remastered sound in
        a limited edition of only 500 copies worldwide)

LP      Perception      PLP 7           1970    US

        A1      Mindblower
        A2      Zenquake
        A3      Clockburst
        A4      Bells For Eternal Zoom
        A5      Inner Ear Freakout
        B1      The Shadows Of Vibrate
        B2      Prism On Prism
        B3      Lunar Sea
        B4      Asbury Tripper
        B5      Coming Down
                (Note : LP , 500 copies; killer exploito psych LP from 1968)

LP      Design          SDLP 282        1968    US/CA   stereo
LPS     126     SEESELBERG              SYNTHETIC 1                     LP      01.2014

A1      Overtüre - "Jeder Ist Heutzutage Glücklich" - If Someone Survives,
        We Will Have A Return - Match (Konditionsmusik - 1972)                  3:41
A2      Eintrachtkreis-Paranoia (Die 200jahrfeier Findet Nicht Statt
        - Kondominatsmusik - 1972)                                              1:02
A3      Verhütungsfreudenwalzer (Kontinenzmusik Für Eine Akademie 1973)         1:27
A4      Speedy Achmed (Verhaltensanweisung 1973)                                3:46
A5      Studentenzucker - "Tue Gern, Was Du Tun Mußt!" (Konfektionsmusik 1973)  0:36
A6      "Die Menschen Sind Glücklich, Sie Kriegen, Was Sie Begehren, Und
        Begehren Nichts, Was Sie Nicht Kriegen Können - Laubsägebastler
        Briefmarkensammler Und Brieftaubenzüchter Bilden Das Rückgrat Der
        Menschheit" (Kondolenzmusik 1973)                                       10:42
B1      Phönix - 1972 	10:14
B2      "Was Dir Heute Freude Macht, Das Verschieb Nicht Über Nacht!"
        (Kondensmusik Aus Einem Konzert Im Gallery-House London - 1973)         4:16
B3      Auszug Aus Einem Konzert In Der Düsseldorfer Kunsthalle 1971            7:45
        (Note : LP , 500 copies)

These were brothers Wolf & Eckhart Seesselberg. They pioneered the modular synth 
experiments in 1970's Germany just as their peers Beaver & Krause, Tontos Expanding
Head Band or The Silver Apples did in the USA. Their performances often took place in
art galleries or Modern Art museums, where besides their sounds they also offered
seminars to instruct the public into the art of synthesizer sounds

LP      Seesselberg     S1              1973    GE
LPS     127     TICKET                  AWAKE                           LP      04.2014

        A1      Awake
        A2      Highway Of Love
        A3      Dream Chant
        B1      Broken Wings
        B2      Country High
        B3      Reign Away
        B4      Angel On My Mind
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      Atlantic        SD 1008         1972    Australia
LPS     128     O.P.M.C.                AMALGAMATION                    LP      04.2014

        A1      Ouverture
        A2      I'll Just Sit Here And Dream                    7:25
        A3      Balad Of The Sun                                3:58
        A4      The Head                                        4:45
        B1      Sick And Tired                                  2:34
        B2      Train Thing                                     1:22
        B3      Easter Song                                     2:30
        B4      Cambridge Impressions                           3:22
        B5      Song For Mariolijn                              3:08
        B6      Fire Child                                      3:40
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      Pink Elephant   PE 877.001G     1970    NE      stereo
LP      Bellaphon       BLPS 19014      1970    GE      stereo

        A1      A
        A2      B
        A3      C
        A4      D
        B1      E
        B2      F
        B3      G
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)
LPS     130     O.P.M.C. : PRODUCT OF PISCES AND CAPRICORN              LP      04.2014

        A1      Wordless Man                                    4:15
        A2      Big Stage Actress                               3:50
        A3      Her Father Didn't Like Me Anyway                4:30
        A4      Atempted Explanation                            2:30
        A5      Try And Buy A Try                               2:45
        A6      Love Song For Diane                             3:05
        B1      The Days That Franulka Danced                   2:15
        B2      Second Try                                      2:45
        B3      Molotov Mary                                    3:00
        B4      You Will Find A Way                             3:50
        B5      Amsterdam                                       3:16
        B6      Door (Over And Out)                             3:00
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      Pink Elephant   PE 877.006      1971    NE
LPS     131     FON KLEMENT             I FEEL LONELY IN MY TOWN        LP      05.2014

        A1      My Town                                         2:46
        A2      The Brownies                                    4:30
        A3      She Said Hi                                     2:48
        A4      Stormy Afternoon                                2:29
        A5      Almost Daybreak                                 2:56
        A6      Listen To This Song                             2:19
        B1      Don't Believe A Word                            2:14
        B2      I Won't Be Sorry                                3:00
        B3      It's Raining Outside                            2:30
        B4      Please Remember Me                              2:52
        B5      Father And Son                                  1:30
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      BASF            16.25204.3      1973    NE
LPS     132     FON KLEMENT             KLEMENT                         LP      05.2014

        A1      Early Morning                                   3:48
        A2      Song For A Blue Lady                            4:00
        A3      New Love                                        4:24
        A4      Why                                             3:11
        A5      Nothing Lasts Forever                           3:19
        B1      Wonder Why                                      4:23
        B2      There Are Times                                 2:54
        B3      It's You                                        1:53
        B4      Don't Try To Deny                               3:07
        B5      Do You Need A Good Friend?                      2:42
        B6      Margaret                                        2:20
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      BASF            17.25552.2      1974    NE
LPS     133     MORMOS : THE MAGIC SPELL OF MOTHER'S WRATH              LP+7"   06.2014

        A1      Homeside                                        5:32
        A2      Walk In The Light Of The (Lord)                 3:03
        A2      Octobersong                                     0:37
        A3      Plastered In Paris                              1:21
        A4      Doves Are White                                 1:50
        A5      Cows In My Colorbook                            3:53
        B1      Hush (For Lynn's Picture)                       0:34
        B2      No 5 In The Book                                4:34
        B3      Rit Yellow                                      9:38
        B4      Lady Of Night                                   3:18
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      CBS             CBS 64979       1972    FR
LPS     134     PETER MICHAEL HAMEL     THE VOICE OF SILENCE            LP      07.2014

        A1      Panta Tantra                                    20:47
        B1      The Voice Of Silence                            16:10
        B2      Ego-Loss (Let The Red Buddha Amithaba Sweep
                You Along)                                      6:45

(Note : here is a much needed reissue of the sought after second LP by Peter Michael
        Hamel, originally released on the collectable Vertigo label in 1973; ed of 500)

LP      Vertigo         6360 613        1973    FR
LPS     135     CODE III                PLANET OF MAN                   LP      07.2014

                Formations / The Genesis                        17:48
        A1a     Codes
        A1b     Evolutions
                Dawn Of An Era                                  6:42
        A2a     Drohung
        A2b     Der Mensch Kommt
                Countdown                                       11:25
        B1a     Hope
        B1b     Disillusion
        B1c     Escalation Of Violence
                Phoenix Rising                                  14:01)
        B2a     Germination
        B2b     Nova Vita

LP      Delta-Acustic   25-125 1        1974    GE
LPS     136     HANS EDLER              ELEKTRON KUKESO                 LP      07.2014

        A1      Jag Söker Efter Kärlek                          2:31
        A2      Langt Bort                                      5:10
        A3      Vi Hör Ett Skrik                                2:50
        A4      Leka Med Ord                                    3:03
        B1      Romantiken                                      2:32
        B2      Fattig Man Söker Efter Mat                      1:48
        B3      Säg Vad Är Det?                                 2:39
        B4      Oändlig                                         3:04

(Note : Hans Edler became one of the pioneers of psychedelic electronic sounds
        experimentation in Europe (Sweden]. His "Elektron Kukéso" LP is a landmark in
        the genre. Released in 1971, it featured his explorations in electronic avant-
        garde music from the period 1969-1971. It was recorded at the Electronic Music
        Studio foundation, one of the world's most advanced studios in the era, and one
        of the few prepared for the creation of electronic music)

LP      Marilla         MALP 102        1971    Sweden
LPS     137     BLAT BRUT               BLAT BRUT                       LP      07.2014

        A1      Vinetas                                         9:37
        A2      Versalles Imperial                              15:21
        A3      Jam III                                         0:58
        A4      Presentacio                                     0:22
        B1      Jam II                                          2:12
        B2      Marxa Funebre                                   8:02
        B3      Jam I                                           1:20
        B4      Para Titania I Oberin                           12:47

(Note : previously unreleased 1976 recordings by psychedelic progsters Blat Brut,
        400 copies)
LPS     138     SPOILS OF WAR           THE SPOIL OF WAR                2LP+7"    .2015

LP 1    A1      Walk In, Walk Out
        A2      First Love, Last Love
        A3      E-Thing
        B1      You're The Girl
        B2      Now Is Made In America
        B3      Rit Yellow Of The Sun
        B4      The Crimson Uniform / Jena's Score 
        B5      The Record Rejects / After The Party / Lonesome Is
                A Truer Word / The End

LP 2    C1      Big Sugar Plantations
        C2      Dear Belgium Boy
        C3      Poughkeepsie Blues
        C4      Bomb Song
        C5      Everybody Here
        C6      Missed Opportunity
        C7      Astor
        C8      Completely
        D1      Ring, Magic Telephone, Ring
        D2      Susan Never Smiles / Remembering
        D3      Morning Be Merciful
        D4      Victoria Falls
        D5      For Helene
        D6      Frosted Windows
        D7      Violets

7"      SA1     Susan Never Smiles
        SA2     Remembering
        SA3     Ring, Magic Telephone, Ring
        SA4     Victoria Falls
        SB1     Crimson Uniform
        SB2     Jena´s Score
LPS     139     MARK JENKINS            ANALOG ARCHIVES                 LP      10.2014
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

        A1      Where No Shadows Fall
        A2      Ohrwurm
        A3      Heart Of Darkness
        A4      Sun Down
        B1      Time's Winged Chariot
        B2      Electric Eden
        B3      Dancing About Architecture

(Note : UK’s electronic music scene, Mark Jenkins has played with White Noise, Arthur
        Brown and members of Can, Gong, Van Der Graaf Generator and Tangerine Dream;
        Analog Archives is a collection of recordings from the early to mid eighties.
        Armed with his Moog Sonic Six, Sequential Prophet 600, EDP Wasp & Spider and
        other legendary electronic weapons)

CD      AMP             AMPCD A001      1995    UK

LP 1            Imaginations of Light
        A1      Imaginations Of Light                           13:15
        A2      Thoughts                                        10:13
        B1      Resting Thinking About Time                     9:47
        B2      Notturno                                        8:12

LP 2            Hallo Rabbit
        C1      Natural Feeling                                 1:02
        C2      Fairies                                         6:03
        C3      Dorle                                           4:48
        C4      Hallo Rabbit                                    6:56
        D1      Scottish Rock                                   3:48
        D2      Little Nemo In Slumberland                      4:53
        D3      Strike Another Match                            4:09
        D4      Reprise (Bonus Track)                           2:58
        D5      Ecce Navicula (Bonus Track)                     4:03

This fine DOUBLE-LP release combines two full-length albums from the German acid/kraut
-folk duo FLUTE & VOICE, which was formed by Mannheim-based multi-instrumentalists Hans
Reffert ('Flute') and Hans Brandeis ('Voice'). The debut-LP 'Imaginations Of Light',
originally released in 1970 by the legendary Pilz label, features wonderful trippy and
progressive folk music with ethnic and even jazzy elements. This LP should appeal to
fans of fellow Germans s.a. Witthueser & Westrup and Bröselmaschine, or UK acts a la
Incredible String Band and Dr. Strangely Strange. Guests on the LP included Clemens
Schuster (cello), Dorle Ferber and Julia Gallwitz (violins), and Guru Guru's Mani
Neumeier on percussion. (Please note, Reffert joined Guru Guru during the '80s). Also
included in this release is the duo's second album (first time on vinyl!) from '73,
which at the time was shelved by BASF Records. The double-LP is presented in a gatefold
sleeve and comes with a lavish booklet. Fans will be delighted!
LPS     141     UNDERGROUND             PSYCHEDELIC VISIONS             LP      08.2016

        A1      Psychotic Reaction                              2:54
        A2      Shout                                           2:55
        A3      Psychedelic Dream                               2:13
        A4      Psychotic Vibrations                            2:15
        A5      Tobacco Road                                    2:05
        B1      Turn On Your Love Light                         2:31
        B2      (We Ain't Got) Nothin' Yet                      2:20
        B3      Psychedelic Visions                             2:15
        B4      Mind Jammer                                     3:00
        B5      The Warper                                      2:44

Reissued on vinyl, here's a classic '67 US exploitation garage-psych album that will
blow your mind! Get ready for some acid-drenched, fuzzed-out renditions of a.o. The
Blues Magoos' '(We Ain't Got) Nothin' Yet', The Isley Brothers' 'Shout', John D.
Loudermilk's 'Tobacco Road' and Bobby Bland's 'Turn Of Your Love Light', plus five
original tracks in the same style. 'Psychedelic Visions' is an essential title for
anyone who enjoys the far-out exploito LP's by a.o. T. Swift & Electric Bag, The Deep
and Firebirds, or Germans a la Hell Preachers Inc. and Bokaj Retsiem! Limited to 500
copies in reproduced sleeves.

LP      Wing            WC 16337        1967    US/CA
LPS     142     ARIEL KALMA             LE TEMPS DES MOISSONS           LP        .2014

        A1      Le Temps Des Moissons
        A2      Voyage Reternelle
        B1      Bakafrika
        B2      Fast Road To Nowhere
        B3      Reternelle

First solo recording LP from Ariel Kalma, recorded in 1975. After a long journey to
India where he learnt the basics of modal music and singing, Ariel was inspired by the
fusion of ancient and modern ways of playing music in the 70s with saxophone, ethnic
instruments, effects, electric instruments and electronic filters. Kalma is also known
for have played  in albums by other French experimental artists like Delired Chameleon
Family, Nyl, Heldon...
Nowadays very rare and hard to find private pressing, some copies came with a hand
drawn cover and some in printed form. The Wah Wah reissue reproduces the original
printed sleeve, comes mastered sound from the original tapes, 2 bonus tracks and an
insert featuring liner notes and photos, in a limited edition of only 500 copies.

LP      Astral Muse     9999            1975    FR      numbered
LPS     143     ZOOT MONEY'S BIG ROLL BAND : BIG TIME OPERATORS         LP        .2014
                THE SINGLES 1964-1966

        A1      The Uncle Willy
        A2      Zoot's Suit
        A3      Good
        A4      Bring It On Home To Me
        A5      Please Stay
        A6      You Know You'll Cry
        A7      Something Is Worrying Me
        A8      Stubborn Kind Of Fellow
        B1      It Should've Been Me
        B2      Jump Back
        B3      Let's Run For Cover
        B4      Self-Discipline
        B5      Big Time Operator
        B6      Zoot's Sermon
        B7      Star Of The Show
        B8      The Mound Moves

Zoot Money and his Big Roll Band —featuring among others future Police guitarist Andy
Summers— were one of the biggest stage bands of the first mod era. This LP compiles all
the 45 sides released as Zoot Money’s Big Roll Band between 1964 and 1966, including
some smash dancers like their takes on Uncle Willy, Jump Back or the fabulous title
track Big Time Operator among others. Also included is an alternate take of their LP
track It Should’ve Been Me, previously unreleased in vinyl format.
Here’s 16 sweaty mod-jazz / R&B smashes to keep an allnighter live in a 500 copies only
limited edition housed in a nice three back-flapped vintage style sleeve, remastered
sound and an insert with photos and liner notes.
LPS     144     GREGOR CURTEN & ANSELM ROGMANS : PLANES                 LP      08.2014

        A       Planes I                                        18:06
        B       Planes II                                       18:10
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      ?               CN 501          1974    GE
LP      145     COS                     POSTAEOLIAN TRAIN ROBBERY       LP        .2014

        A1      Postaeolian Train Robbery                       4:13
        A2      Cocalnut                                        7:20
        A3      Amafam                                          8:24
        B1      Karbok
        B2      Populi                                          3:30
        B3      Halucal                                         3:50
        B4      Coloc                                           9:47

LP      IBC             4C054.97146     1974    BE
LP      Plus            PRS 8000        1974    BE
LP      146     ANDREA CENTAZZO         ICTUS                           LP        .2015

        A1      First And Last Freedom                          3:43
        A2      In The Swamp                                    10:23
        A3      Anthropomorphic Prelude                         4:12
        A4      Social Capillary Hypnosis Part I                1:10
        B1      Ode To Nazim Hikmet                             5:15
        B2      Via Casette Nr 0                                4:30
        B3      Press-Paper Mirror                              2:00
        B4      Who Remembers The Lestans Cement-Works?         4:05
        B5      Social Capillary Hypnosis Part II               2:05

LP      PDU             Pld.A 5090      1974    IT
LPS     147     ICTUS                   ICTUS                           LP      06.2015
                (Note : LP , 500 copies , gatefold)

Ictus was a band formed by Centazzo, Armando Battiston and Franco Feruglio, although
back in the day the sleeve of the PDU release credited the work only to Centazzo, and
as if Ictus was simply the title of the album. This was a big mistake that we have been
asked to correct in our reissue.
A brave drummer and percussionist, on this album Centazzo also played flute, synths and
sang. He was joined on some tracks by Franco Feruglio on bass and double bass and
Armando Battiston on keyboards. It has been compared to Soft Machine’s Third or
Wolfgang Dauner’s Et Cetera. It was originally released in 1974.
LPS     147 ??  FLUTE & VOICE           DRACHENLIEDER                   LP      06.2016

        A1      Zwölf Monde                                     3:29
        A2      Wie Lange?                                      5:27
        A3      Saskia                                          3:18
        A4      Ruth's Blues                                    7:06
        A5      Drachenlied                                     4:02
        B1      Das Bier Und Wir                                1:58
        B2      Bajazzo                                         2:49
        B3      Vor Uns - Der Weg - Hinter Uns                  13:33
        B4      Dear Presidents                                 2:06
        B5      Tinchen Teen                                    1:33
        B6      Solitude                                        2:19

CD      Jack Wiebers    JWRCD 96 1007 1         1996    GE
LPS     148     FRANCO LEPRINO          INTERGRATI...DISINTEGRATI       LP        .2015

        A       Integrati… Disintegrati                         19:15
        B       Integrati… Disintegrati                         21:30

LP      Eleven          ELC 25133       1977    IT
LPS     149     ZWEISTEIN : TRIP, FLIP-OUT, MEDITATION                  3LP+7"  09.2017

EDITION OF 500. DELUXE TRIPLE-LP with remastered sound and including a BONUS 7-INCH.
Like the original copies, this reissue comes in a metallic silver and gold embossed
cardboard gatefold gimmick sleeve, which even has a little mirror in it. The insert
features liners and rare pix. Originally released on Philips in 1970 (but soon after
withdrawn!), Zweistein's trippy kraut/psych/experimental masterpiece, which sounds
more experimental than Faust, Kraftwerk or Cluster, gets its first vinyl reissue ever.
Though presented as a band, Zweistein basically was the project of Suzanne Doucet,
a successful German pop singer and TV personality then, and now a famous voice in
New Age music. She recorded her avant-garde master piece with her sister Diane and
sound engineer Peter Kramper, who's also been involved in recordings of The Rattles,
Blizzards, Hawkwind, Amon Düül and Utopia. This is an amazing reissue!
LPS     150     SEASON                  SEASON                          LP        .2015

        A1      Season                                          4:30
        A2      Jobaiz                                          1:32
        A3      Sometimes At The Phone                          1:57
        A4      Soft Grey Morning (Deborah)                     3:00
        A5      Idea Song                                       1:50
        A6      Island Of Love                                  3:05
        A7      Children                                        1:48
        A8      Hello Life *                                    5:20
        B1      Day                                             4:05
        B2      I Need The Words                                3:05
        B3      Big Band, The Time Of A Sigh                    4:00
        B4      Freaky Song                                     1:25
        B5      Medley                                          7:20
        B6      Thank You Very Much Now                         0:40
        B7      Inside The Sacred Book*                         1:45
        B8      I Don't See Difference*                         3:15

LP      Monde Melody    MM 3350         1971    FR
LPS     151     ZIPPO ZETTERLINK        IN THE POOR SUN                 LP+CD     .2015

        A       Zippo Zetterlink In The Poor Sun                20:30
        B1      Kaputt                                          8:12
        B2      I Deal                                          3:11
        B3      Cool Fish                                       5:51
        B4      Rosa-Lie                                        3:11

LP      [self]          ZAS 1+2         1979    GE
LPS     152     URBAN SAX               URBAN SAX 1                     LP+DVD  04.2016

LP      A1      Urban Sax (Part 1)                              18:45
        B1      Urban Sax (Part 2)                              18:30

                BONUS DVD
        DVD-1   More Slowly Please                              5:35
        DVD-2   So Noisy                                        5:13
        DVD-3   Termites Attack Inside My Brain                 4:03
        DVD-4   Shijingshan Ballad                              5:21
        DVD-5   Petite Valse Des Caterpillars                   9:01
        DVD-6   Manivielle                                      2:27
        DVD-7   La Traversée                                    4:53
        DVD-8   Terimakaci                                      5:22
        DVD-9   Ou Comment Castrer Une Paire De Ciseaux         5:41
        DVD-10  Le Marche Des Narguilés                         3:35
        DVD-11  Baalbeck Under The Stars                        10:30
        DVD-12  Bonus Urban Sax Virtual                         18:35

Urban Sax was founded in 1973 by French experimental musician Gilbert Artman, a.o. the
mastermind behind Lard Free. Driven by his interest in the relation between space and
sound, he experimented with large groups of saxofonists, varying from 16 to 34 players,
at times also including bass players, percussionists, vocalists and even dancers. An
early experiment took place in the French village of Menton, where Artman placed the
musicians on rooftops, in various streets, on squares, and in gardens. Though the total
experiences of these experiments/events can't be captured on whatever sound carrier,
several recordings were made through the years. The debut-LP 'Urban Sax 1' was
originally released in 1977 on Cézanne/Cobra and features recordings made by 16 sax
players. Fans of adventurous musicians s.a. La Monte Young, Phil Niblock, Glenn Branca,
Steve Reich or Terry Riley should really check this out! This reissue comes with
remastered sound and a booklet offering rare pix and liner notes by Artman himself.

LP      Cobra           COB 37004       1977    FR
LPS     153     URBAN SAX               URBAN SAX 2                     LP+DVD  04.2016

LP      A       Urban Sax (Part 3)                              18:11
        B       Urban Sax (Part 4)                              17:00

                BONUS DVD
        DVD-1   More Slowly Please                              5:36
        DVD-2   So Noisy                                        5:13
        DVD-3   Termites Attack Inside My Brain                 4:03
        DVD-4   Shijingshan Ballad                              5:21
        DVD-5   Petite Valse Des Caterpillars                   9:01
        DVD-6   Manivielle                                      2:27
        DVD-7   La Traversée                                    4:53
        DVD-8   Terimakaci                                      4:53
        DVD-9   Ou Comment Castrer Une Paire De Ciseaux         5:41
        DVD-10  Le Marche Des Narguilés                         3:35
        DVD-11  Baalbeck Under The Stars                        10:30
        DVD-12  Bonus Urban Sax Virtual                         18:35

Urban Sax was founded in 1973 by French experimental musician Gilbert Artman, a.o. the
mastermind behind Lard Free. Driven by his interest in the relation between space and
sound, he experimented with large groups of saxofonists, varying from 16 to 34 players,
at times also including bass players, percussionists, vocalists and even dancers. An
early experiment took place in the French village of Menton, where Artman placed the
musicians on rooftops, in various streets, on squares, and in gardens. Though the total
experiences of these experiments/events can't be captured on whatever sound carrier,
several recordings were made through the years. The debut-LP 'Urban Sax 1' was
originally released in 1977 on Cézanne/Cobra and features recordings made by 16 sax
players. Fans of adventurous musicians s.a. La Monte Young, Phil Niblock, Glenn Branca,
Steve Reich or Terry Riley should really check this out! This reissue comes with
remastered sound and a booklet offering rare pix and liner notes by Artman himself.

LP      Cobra           COB 37017       1978    FR
LPS     154     URBAN SAX               FRACTION SUR LE TEMPS           LP+DVD  04.2016

LP      A1      Part 1                                          2:00
        A2      Part 2                                          4:36
        A3      Part 3                                          5:40
        A4      Part 4                                          7:47
        B1      Part 5                                          10:10
        B2      Part 6                                          7:37

                BONUS DVD-Video
        DVD-1   More Slowly Please                              5:35
        DVD-2   So Noise                                        5:13
        DVD-3   Termites Attack Inside My Brain                 4:03
        DVD-4   Shijingshan Ballad                              5:21
        DVD-5   Petite Valse Des Caterpillars                   9:01
        DVD-6   Manivielle                                      2:27
        DVD-7   La Traversée                                    4:53
        DVD-8   Terimakaci                                      5:22
        DVD-9   Ou Comment Castrer Une Paire De Ciseaux         5:41
        DVD-10  Le Marche Des Narguilés                         3:35
        DVD-11  Baalbeck Under The Stars                        10:30
        DVD-12  Bonus Urban Sax Virtual                         18:35

Urban Sax was founded in 1973 by French experimental musician Gilbert Artman, a.o. the
mastermind behind Lard Free. Driven by his interest in the relation between space and
sound, he experimented with large groups of saxofonists, varying from 16 to 34 players,
at times also including bass players, percussionists, vocalists and even dancers. An
early experiment took place in the French village of Menton, where Artman placed the
musicians on rooftops, in various streets, on squares, and in gardens. Though the total
experiences of these experiments/events can't be captured on whatever sound carrier,
several recordings were made through the years. Originally released by the Celluloid
label in 1986, and also including some electric guitar and electronic elements,
'Fraction Sur Le Temps' may very well be the trippiest of Urban Sax' releases. This
reissue comes with remastered sound and a booklet offering rare pix and liner notes by
Artman himself.

LP      Celluloid       CEL 6788        1985    FR
LPS     155     URBAN SAX               SPIRAL                          LP+DVD  04.2016

LP      A1      Part 5 - Prologue Improbable                    3:30
        A2      Part 6 - Cuve Au Miroir                         6:48
        A3      Part 7 - Perchman Aux Oreilles Mouvantes        10:40
        B1      Part 8 - Glauquerie                             3:27
        B2      Part 9 - Slow-Turn Around Mevlana               9:27
        B3      Part 10 - On The Time                           5:39
        B4      Part 11 - Travelling To Pr Velvoski             4:40
        B5      Part 12 - Possible Prologue                     2:57

                BONUS DVD
        DVD-1   More Slowly Please
        DVD-2   So Noisy
        DVD-3   Termites Attack Inside My Brain
        DVD-4   Shijingshan Ballad
        DVD-5   Petite Valse Des Caterpillars
        DVD-6   Manivielle
        DVD-7   La Traversée
        DVD-8   Terimakaci
        DVD-9   Ou Comment Castrer Une Paire De Ciseaux
        DVD-10  Le Marche Des Narguilés
        DVD-11  Baalbeck Under The Stars
        DVD-12  Bonus Urban Sax Virtual

Urban Sax was founded in 1973 by French experimental musician Gilbert Artman, a.o. the
mastermind behind Lard Free. Driven by his interest in the relation between space and
sound, he experimented with large groups of saxofonists, varying from 16 to 34 players,
at times also including bass players, percussionists, vocalists and even dancers. An
early experiment took place in the French village of Menton, where Artman placed the
musicians on rooftops, in various streets, on squares, and in gardens. Though the total
experiences of these experiments/events can't be captured on whatever sound carrier,
several recordings were made through the years. Originally issued on CD only (by EPM
Musique), Urban Sax' 1991 album 'Spiral' now sees its first ever vinyl release.

CD      EPM Musique     FDC 1125        1991    FR
LPS     156     HARDY KUKUK             ATEMNOT                         LP      06.2015

        A1      Takt Der Zeit                                   9:31
        A2      Erdträumer                                      11:22
        B1      Frühling '81                                    11:19
        B2      So Mal                                          2:00
        B3      .. .... So                                      3:41
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

One of the biggest rarities from the cosmische kraut underground scene has to be Hardy
Kukuk’s lost 1981 top Berlin School electronic masterpiece Atemnot. Kukuk’s synth
explorations take the adventures of masters of the genre like Tangerine Dream or Klaus
Schulze one step further into the early eighties. Kukuk is joined on these recordings
by Andreas Schneider on guitar and congas and Klaus Bloch (of A La Ping Pong fame) on
guitar and tape effects.
After Atemnot Kukuk recorded a second LP, Timeless, before joining forces with Matthias
Culmey in the early 2000’s to form the electronic duo Beatboys 2000.
The Wah Wah reissue comes with remastered sound and housed in a faithful reproduction
of original private pressing sleeve. It also includes an insert with cool photos and
liner notes.

LP      [self]          22758           1981    GE
LPS     157     POPOL VUH               DAS HOHELIED SALOMOS            LP      08.2015

        A1      Steh Auf, Zieh Mich Dir Nach                    4:40
        A2      Du Schonste Der Weiber                          4:32
        A3      In Den Nachten Auf Den Gassen I                 1:36
        A4      Du Sohn Davids I                                3:01
        A5      In Den Nachten Auf Den Gassen II                3:47
        A6      Wanderschaft - Wanderings                       5:56
        B1      Der Winter Ist Vorbei                           3:45
        B2      Ja, Deine Liebe Ist Susser Als Wein             3:37
        B3      Du Sohn Davids II                               4:45
        B4      Du Tranke Mich Mit Deinen Kussen                5:28
        B5      Gib Hin - Session Version -                     2:30
        B6      In Den Nachten Auf Den Gassen III               2:10

LP      United Artists  UAS 29 781 I    1975    GE
LPS     158     POPOL VUH               AGUIRRE                         LP      09.2015

        A1      Aguirre I                                       7:15
        A2      Morgengruss II                                  2:55
        A3      Aguirre II                                      6:15
        A4      Agnus Dei                                       3:03
        B1      Vergegenwaertigung                              16:47
        B2      Aguirre III                                     7:16

LP      PDU             PLD.SQ 6040     1975    IT
LPS     159     POPOL VUH : LETZTE TAGE, LETZTE NACHTE                  LP      09.2015

        A1      Der Große Krieger                               3:15
        A2      Oh Wie Nah Ist Der Weg Hinab                    4:36
        A3      Oh Wie Weit Ist Der Weg Hinauf                  4:30
        A4      In Deine Hände                                  3:00
        B1      Kyrie                                           4:38
        B2      Haram Dei Raram Dei Haram Dei Ra                1:30
        B3      Dort Ist Der Weg                                4:30
        B4      Letzte Tage - Letzte Nächte                     4:20
        B6      Haram Dei Raram Dei Haram Dei Ra -Alt. Take-    6:32

LP      United Artits   UAS 29 916 IT   1976    GE
LPS     160 FR  POPOL VUH               COEUR DE VERDE                  LP      09.2015

        A1      Engel Der Gegenwart
        A2      Blätter Aus Dem Buch Der Kühnheit
        A3      Das Lied Von Den Hohen Bergen
        B1      Hüter Der Schwelle
        B2      Der Ruf
        B3      Singet, Denn Der Gesang Vertreibt Die Wölfe
        B4      Gemeinschaft
                (Note : LP , clear vinyl, French cover)

LP      Brain           0060.079        1977    GE
LPS     160 DE  POPOL VUH               COEUR DE VERDE                  LP      09.2015

        A1      Engel Der Gegenwart
        A2      Blätter Aus Dem Buch Der Kühnheit
        A3      Das Lied Von Den Hohen Bergen
        B1      Hüter Der Schwelle
        B2      Der Ruf
        B3      Singet, Denn Der Gesang Vertreibt Die Wölfe
        B4      Gemeinschaft
                (Note : LP , cleat vinyl , German cover)
LPS     161     [soundtrack] POPOL VUH : NOSFERATU-THE VAMPYRE          2LP     03.2015

LP 1            Brüder Des Schattens - Söhne Des Lichts
        A1      Brüder Des Schattens - Söhne Des Lichts         17:10
        B1      Höre, Der Du Wagst                              5:30
        B2      Das Schloss Des Irrtums                         5:20
        B3      Die Umkehr                                      6:10

LP 2            On The Way To A Little Way
        C1      Mantra                                          6:14
        C2      Morning Sun Rays                                3:20
        C3      Venus Principle                                 4:39
        C4      Mantra II                                       5:22
        C5      Auf Dem Weg - On The Way                        3:20
        D1      On The Way                                      4:49
        D2      Through Pains To Heaven                         3:42
        D3      To A Little Way                                 3:37
        D4      Zwiesprache Der Rohrflote Mit Der Sangerin      3:42
        D5      Die Natch Der Himmel                            4:08
        D6      Der Ruf Der Rohrflote                           3:21
LPS     162      Vía Láctea             Vía Láctea                      LP      09.2015

        A1      La Estructura Del Universo                      6:59
        A2      El Jardin De La Presencia Divina                8:26
        A3      Via Lumiere                                     3:52
        B1      El Hombre En La Eternidad                       4:38
        B2      Meditacion Post Atomica                         6:30
        B3      La Alondra Y La Virgen                          8:19
                Bonus Track
        B4      Ainsohp                                         3:02

LP      Momia Discos    MOMIA 001       1980    Mexico
LPS     163
LPS     164
LPS     165     NIAGARA                 AFIRE                           LP      08.2016

        A1      What For
        A2      City Walk
        A3      Terpsichore
        A4      Rhythm Go
        A5      Carnival
        A6      Malanga Two
        B1      Rolling
        B2      Dance In Seven
        B3      Bangu
        B4      The Third One
        B5      Afire

Reissued on vinyl, this is the 1973 full-length from the band led by kraut and jazz
drummer Klaus Weiss, formerly of Sunbirds. The material on this astonishing album
returns to the minimal, percussion based sounds and rhythms of Niagara's first album,
though this time there's a stronger sense of harmony. The musicians heard on 'Afire'
include Embryo's bass player Dave King and percussionists George Brown, Sabu Rex and
Norman Tolbert. Released in an edition of 500 copies, this new vinyl version comes with
remastered sound, original (fluorescent) artwork and an info insert.

LP      Finger/Polydor 2960 102         1973    GE
LPS     166     RALF NOWY               LUCIFER'S DREAM                 LP      08.2016

        A1      Breadhead                                       4:55
        A2      Lucifer's Dream                                 4:57
        A3      Something's Happened On The Chicken Farm        4:04
        A4      Hear Me Calling                                 4:57
        B1      Soul Tango                                      3:49
        B2      Ashes To Ashes                                  3:36
        B3      Shiwa's Dance                                   8:44
        B4      Tschad                                          3:53

The wonderful 1973 album by Ralf Nowy, a German musician rooted in jazz and the
country's rich '60s exploitation scene, makes its welcome return to vinyl. 'Lucifer's
Dream', originally issued on Global in 1973, offers an interesting mixture of instr.
sounds built with elements of psych-pop, jazz, progressive rock, ethnic music and funk.
In addition to Ralf Nowy (flutes, alto saxophone, oboe), Paul Vincent (guitars) and
Keith Forsey (drums), there also are contributions from Al Gromer (Amon Düül, Popol
Vuh), Liz van Nienhoff on sitar, and many others. This remastered reissue is presented
in a gatefold sleeve with reproduced artwork and an informative insert. Edition of 500

LP      Intercord       26015 8U        1973    GE
LPS     167     MUSIKATOMATIKA          MUSIKAUTOMATIKA                 LP      04.2017

        A       Untitled
        B1      Untitled
        B2      Untitled

Limited reissue LP on Wah Wah Supersonic Sounds. Includes booklet with photos and text
written by Luis Levin plus an interview with the band by Luis Alvarado. Ed of 500.

        A1      Prologue                                        1:02
        A2      Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon...Ford       7:55
        A3      Lenina                                          4:27
        A4      Soma                                            5:22
        A5      Malpais Corn Dance                              3:27
        B1      The End                                         19:22
        B2      Epilogue                                        0:05

Reissued on vinyl for the first time, it's the 1972 LP (originally on Vertigo) from
a Germany-based project inspired by sci-fi novelist Aldous Huxley. Brave New World
comprised an internat. cast of musicians including a.o. Reinhart Firchow (recorders,
flutes, ocarina, stylophone, percussion, vocals), John O'Brien-Docker (guitars, organ,
percussion, vocals, wind chimes) and Herb Geller (flutes, cor anglais, saxophones,
organ). The music is an eclectic blend of medieval tunes, folk, electronic music, jazz
and krautrock. Manufactured in an edition of 500, the LP is presented in a glossy
gatefold cover with reprodeuced artwork and includes an insert with background

LP      Vertigo         6360 606        1972    GE
LPS     169     MIKE COTTON SOUND       MIKE COTTON SOUND               LP {m}  08.2016

        A1      Water Melon Man
        A2      Chinese Checkers
        A3      Love Potion No.9
        A4      So What
        A5      How Long Can This Go On
        A6      Moanin'
        A7      Round And Round
        A8      Beau Dudley
        A9      I've Got My Eye On You
        B1      Night Train
        B2      Pills
        B3      This Little Pig
        B4      Pretty Thing
        B5      Walk On The Wild Side
        B6      I Don't Wanna Know
        B7      Harlem Shuffle
        B8      Like That

The classic 1964 r&b/mod-album by British jazz player Mike Cotton gets its first
official vinyl reissue! This steaming set includes cover versions of well known songs
s.a. 'Water Melon Man', 'Love Potion No.9', 'Night Train' and many others. Once you
hear this album you won't be surprised that the Mike Cotton Sound was asked to
contribute to sessions of a.o. The Kinks, Solomon Burke, Stevie Wonder and The Four
Tops. This edition comes with five bonus tracks, a great original style laminated
sleeve with reproduced artwork and three backflaps, and an insert with photos and liner
notes. Nice!

LP      Columbia        33 SX 1647      1964    UK      mono    12 tracks
LPS     170     CHARLES WILP            FOTOGRAFIERT BUNNY              LP+7"   08.2016

        A1      Charles Wilp : Beautiful Bald Woman             3:04
        A2      Charles Wilp            Mad Ave Perfume Ad      2:30
        A3      Charles Wilp            Nancy For Soft-Ice      1:50
        A4      Charles Wilp            Powder Puff             2:36
        A5      Charles Wilp            Busy Bee                4:03
        A6      Charles Wilp            Pink Carpet             2:32
        A7      Charles Wilp : ... Sexy-Mini-Super-Flower-Pop-Op
                -Alles Ist Drin (Part 1)                        5:42
        B1      Charles Wilp            Bunny                   2:14
        B2      Charles Wilp            Close-Up                1:50
        B3      Charles Wilp            Silky Stockings         1:38
        B4      Charles Wilp            Red Indian Sirene       2:20
        B5      Charles Wilp            Size 178-79-55-91       2:27
        B6      Charles Wilp            Purple Playmate         1:55
        B7      Charles Wilp            Christmas Cover         2:09
        B8      Charles Wilp : ... Sexy-Mini-Super-Flower-Pop
                -Op-Alles Ist Drin (Part 2)                     6:09
                Bonus Single
        A       Felicitas Taylor        Miss Supertype
        B       Felicitas Taylor        I Type Supertype

Charles Wilp was a well known photographer in the world of German '60s pop, fashion and
advertising. He was the first to do a photo shoot with Nico and he also was responsible
for great pix of '60s punk legends The Monks. The material presented here served as a
score of sorts to accompany Wilp's photo sessions. Never commercially released (the
original 1965 copies were given away to members of the in-crowd), the music is a
fantastic blend of jazzy easy listening, exotica and electronic music, created by
Siegfried Ulbrich, a.k.a. Marvin Martin. This vinyl reissue is presented in a gatefold
sleeve with reproduced artwork and liner notes. Also included are rare bonus cuts and
a free 7-inch, featuring tracks from a 1982 EP. Edition of 500 copies!

LP      Sight & Sound   SSLP 3+4        1965    GE
LPS     171     BABA YAGA               FEATURING INGO WERNER           LP      08.2016

        A1      The Man Who Wants To Buy The World              2:47
        A2      Waves                                           3:37
        A3      In The Morning                                  3:00
        A4      High Fly                                        4:45
        A5      Rebekka                                         3:56
        B1      Turdus Merula                                   4:32
        B2      Powerful Hand                                   3:15
        B3      Hommage A...                                    3:07
        B4      Intoxication                                    3:21
        B5      La Tombeau                                      4:30

Here's the first ever vinyl reissue of the 1974 album by Baba Yaga, the project led by
German mulit-instrumentalist Ingo Werner, formerly of My Solid Garden. Backed on drums
and guitar by highly regarded musicians, Werner recorded a splendid album of prog.rock
(with touches of psych and avant garde) that's highly recommended to fans of British
bands s.a. Caravan, Cressida, Arzachel, Aardvark and Greenslade. Edition of 500 copies!

LP      Cycle           LP 7012         1974    GE
LPS     172     BABA YAGA               COLLAGE                         LP      08.2016

        A       Moksha                                          18:32
        B       Wadi                                            20:18

Reissued on vinyl for the first time, here's the second LP by Baba Yaga, originally
dating from 1974. For 'Collage' German multi-instrumentalist Ingo Warner teamed up with
the Iranian santur, sitar and tabla player Nemat Darman, resulting in two side-long
kraut excursions, full of eastern atmospheres, electronic experiments and other
delicious, mind bending trippery. The LP is highly recommended to fans of a.o. Popol
Vuh, Third Ear Band, Brainticket and early Tangerine Dream. Edition of 500 copies!

LP      Cycle           LP 7014         1974    GE
LPS     173     EYES OF BLUE            CROSSROADS OF TIME              LP      08.2016

        A1      Crossroads Of Time                              5:00
        A2      Never Care                                      3:19
        A3      I'll Be Your Friend                             3:49
        A4      7 + 7 Is                                        2:33
        A5      Prodigal Son                                    5:27
        B1      Largo                                           3:15
        B2      Love Is The Law                                 5:16
        B3      Yesterday                                       4:23
        B4      I Wonder Why                                    3:15
        B5      World Of Emotion                                2:50
        B6      Inspiration For A New Day                       3:09

A great vinyl reissue of the highly regarded debut-LP by Welsh heavy psych/prog unit
Eyes Of Blue, originally issued in 1968 by Mercury. Most of the album consists of self
written tunes, dominated by intense guitar work, expressive vocals and swirling Hammond
parts. But the LP also includes notable covers of the Love-classic '7 And 7 Is' and The
Beatles' 'Yesterday'. This edition comes with remastered sound, reproduced artwork and
an insert with info and photos.

LP      Mercur  SR 61184                1968    US
LPS     174     EYES OF BLUE            IN FIELDS OF ARDATH             LP      08.2016

        A1      Merry Go Round
        A2      The Light We See
        A3      Souvenirs (Tribute To Django)
        A4      Ardath
        A5      Spanish Blues
        A6      Apache '69
        B1      Door (The Child That Is Born On The Sabbath Day)
        B2      Little Bird
        B3      After The War
        B4      Extra Hour
        B5      Chances
        B6      Q III

A great vinyl reissue of the highly regarded sophomore LP by Welsh heavy psych/prog
unit Eyes Of Blue, originally issued in 1969 by Mercury. 'In Fields Of Ardath' 
continued on the band's path of heavy Hammond based psychedelic progressive rock, at
times even with unusual experimentation. The album also contains material that the guys
recorded for the movie 'Toy Grabbers', for which they were invited by Quincy Jones.
This edition comes with remastered sound, two bonus tracks from a non-album 45,
reproduced artwork and an insert with info and photos.

LP      Mercury   20164 SMCL            1969    UK
LPS     175     GAM                     1976                            LP      04.2017

        A1      GAM Jam                                         21:05
        B1      Apricot Brandy                                  12:35
        B2      Für Elise Und Alice                             11:55

First ever vinyl LP edition of the 1976 GAM tapes - with remastered sound. Edition of
500 copies with insert.
Originally recorded in, you guessed it, but not released until 1986, on cassette, on
then subsequently on CDrs a few times through Auricle. Wah Wah have snapped it up,
remastered it and put Günter Schickert’s pure krautrock project GAM onto vinyl for the
first time. This was a single session, single tack freakout straight to tape, choatic
and atmospheric.
LPS     176     THE SWEET MARIE         SWEET MARIE I                   LP      11.2016

        A1      Remember Mary                                   2:20
        A2      Standin' By The River                           2:36
        A3      Sweet Pea                                       2:24
        A4      Don't You Understand                            2:13
        A5      If You Love Me                                  3:47
        A6      Thru Rusty Windows                              1:30
        A7      Walk Marie                                      2:00
        B1      Goin' Down The Road                             4:38
        B2      Dr. Feelgood                                    3:34
        B3      Willy Bims (Solo)                               3:42
        B4      Bugalusa Baby                                   5:12
        B5      It's Your Love                                  2:54

Back on vinyl, this is the first of two great albums released by this obscure Hawaii
-based band. The album offers the same style of exotic-blues, light psych and hard
-edged acid rock as their second album 'Stuck In Paradise'. This reissue (500 copies
pressed) comes with remastered sound, reproduced artwork and an insert.

LP      Yard Bird       YBDS 770        1970    US
LPS     177     THE SWEET MARIE         STUCK IN PARADISE               LP      11.2016

        A1      Stuck In Paradise
        A2      It Ain't Easy
        A3      My Little Angel
        A4      Hortense The Hippie
        A5      Dodo ( Find Me A Way)
        B1      Stella's Candy Store
        B2      I Got That Feelin'
        B3      Another Feelin'
        B4      I Want Your Woman
        B5      Drum Solo
        B6      Changes

Reissue of the extremely rare and wild 1971 sophomore album by this Honolulu-based
band. The music features outrageously screaming guitars and an overall sound that at
times reminds of Santana and Steely Dan. The band had a lot of artistic freedom and
fun while making this album. This reissue is manufactured in a limited edition of only
500 copies with remastered sound, original gatefold artwork and a full-colour insert.

LP      Yard Bird       YDBS 771        1972    US
LPS     178     PYTHAGORON TM           PYTHAGORON                      LP      05.2017

Limited to 500 copies, here's a vinyl-reissue of a highly rated 1977 electronic oddity
from NYC's experimental underground. This bizarre LP apparently was the brainchild of
NYC's early media art collective USCO (The Company Of Us), which already pioneered
inmersive sound/light environments fusing mysticism and state-of-the-art technology
back in the '60s. This truly intriguing period piece comes with original artwork
printed on silver cardboard.
LPS     179     THE BOOK OF INTXIXU     THE BOOK OF INTXIXU             2LP     08.2016

LP 1            My Immortality By Juan Arkotxa
        A1      Triple Personality And The One Mind
        A2      Dream Vision
        A3      The Pass Through The Set Of Squares
        A4      The Hot Bath
        A5      The Cromlech
        A6      Finding Immortality
        B1      Through Desert Wastes
        B2      The Master Of Dancers And Singers
        B3      The Old Man
        B4      Transmuting Immortality
        B5      Crossing The Great Waters
        B6      Ocean Moon
        B7      Epilogue

LP 2            My Moon Goddess Magic By Leslie MacKenzie
        C1      Start Here
        C2      Awakening The Organic
        C3      Imagination
        D1      Take Off
        D2      On The Other Side
        D3      Come Join The Mountain
        D4      Grandmother Moon
        D5      God Says But The Moon Says

Recorded in the late '70s and early '80s by Juan Arkotxa, Leslie MacKenzie and Carmeta
Mansilla, and previously only (partly) issued on cassette, 'The Book Of Intxixu'
basically is the follow-up to the magnificent 'Book Of Am'. Once again, 'Book Of
Intxixu' is a combination of illustrations and ethereal trip/acid-folk. For this
project the trio recorded about three hours of music, from which the highlights (some
heavier and more electric than probably expected!) are now brought together on this
DOUBLE-LP. Among the guests we find Daevid Allen and Gilli Smyth, while Cosmic Trip
Machine's Will Z, oG, Majnun and Sammy helped Juan and Leslie to rescue the material
and shape it into this gorgeous set. The accompanying illustrations are included in
a 24-page booklet. This release is manufactured in an edition of 500 units.
LPS     180     HOWARD WALES : RENDEZVOUS WITH THE SUN                  LP+7"   11.2016

        A1      Rendezvous With The Sun (Part I)                3:34
        A2      Rendezvous With The Sun (Part II)               3:59
        A3      Karnaval                                        4:08
        A4      My Blues                                        6:24
        A5      Late Cruiser                                    3:13
        B1      Tides                                           2:50
        B2      Solar Eclipse                                   5:01
        B3      Distant Children                                2:38
        B4      Side Street                                     3:52
        B5      Golden Flyer                                    5:25

LP      Costal          CST ST 1000     1976    US
LPS     181     BODAST                  SPECTRAL NETHER STREET          LP      11.2016

        A1      Do You Remember                                 3:35
        A2      Beyond Winter                                   2:47
        A3      Once In A Lifetime                              3:31
        A4      Black Leather Gloves                            3:30
        A5      I Want You                                      3:24
        B1      Tired Towers                                    3:12
        B2      Mr. Jones                                       3:02
        B3      1.000 Years                                     2:44
        B4      Nether Street                                   3:01
        B5      Nothing To Cry For                              4:10

Bodast was formed by the legendary Steve Howe (guitar), Dave Curtiss (bass, vocals) and
Bobby Clark (drums). The name took the first two letters of their names. Curtiss and
Clark were veterans of the early UK scene, having been members of Screaming Lord
Sutch's Savages and Vince Taylor's Playboys, and they had also worked in France backing
Françoise Hardy. They were soon joined by Clive Skinner (vocals) and Bruce Thomas
(bass), and also acted for a while as Canto. Back in the day Bodast recorded an album,
produced by Keith West, which remained shelved til' 1981, when Cherry Red issued 8 of
the recorded songs as 'The Bodast Tapes'. Now the original 1968 mixes, which are rawer
than the Cherry Red versions, appear on vinyl for the first time. This edition is lim.
to 500 LP's, packaged in old fashioned backflap sleeves.
LPS     182     CALLINAN-FLYNN          FREEDOM'S LAMENT                LP      11.2016

        A1      Freedom's Lament
        A2      Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore
        A3a     Moon Coin Reel
        A3b     Johnson's Favourite
        A4      The Old Man And The Flower
        A5      The Banks Of Newfoundland
        A6      Beyond The Pale
        A7      Puckaree 	
        B1      Ballad Of Belfast
        B2      Marion's Song
        B3a     Paddy's Delight
        B3b     Tinker's Polka
        B4      London N.W.2
        B5      Fortune For The Finder
        B6      We Are The People (The Road To Derry Town)
        B7      A Woman Is A Woman

A vinyl-reissue of this 1972 album by two British singer-songwriters, recorded with
Kieran O'Connor (Second Hand, Moving Finger) on drums and Romey Young on Jew's Harp.
The original edition on the collectable Mushroom label is much sought after and quite
expensive. This edition, including two bonus tracks, is limited to 500 copies.

LP      Mushroom        150 MR 18       1972    UK
LPS     183     9.30 FLY                9.30 FLY                        LP      03.2017

Pressed in an edition of 500 copies, this is a remastered vinyl reissue of a highly
rated album from the British early '70s scene. The music is a wonderful blend of psych,
prog and folk. The LP is presented in a textured gatefold sleeve that looks exactly
like the original thing.
LPS     184     BLONDE ON BLONDE        REFLECTIONS ON A FIRE           LP      04.2017

A vinyl reissue of the third album (1971) by this highly rated Welsh band that
craftfully blended psychedelia with prog. On this LP the band's sound at times takes
slightly experimental and surreal turns. This remastered edition comes with reproduced
gatefold artwork and is limited to 500 copies.

        A1      The Lions And The Cucumber
        A2      Psycho Contact - Part One
        A3      There Is No Satisfaction
        A4      Psycho Contact - Part Two
        A5      The Message
        A6      Psycho Contact - Part Three
        B1      Ghosts Or Good And Bad Onions
        B2      Psycho Contact - Part Four
        B3      Countdown To Nowhere
        B4      Psycho Contact - Part Five
        B5      Droge Cx 9
                (Note : LP , 1000 copies + 8 p. booklet)

A great vinyl reissue of this 1969 exploito psych album courtesy of Siegfried Schwab
(Embryo, Et Cetera) and Manfred Hübler, originally released in Germany by Mercury
Records. Musically we're talking fuzzy guitars, trippy sitar-laden atmospheres, loungy
moments, exotic sections and sexy moves. Many of these tracks were used for Jess
Franco's motion pictures 'Las Vampiras' a.k.a. 'Vampiros Lesbos', 'The Devil Came
From Akasava' and 'She Killed In Ecstasy'! This wonderful reissue (edition of 1.000
copies) comes with remastered sound, reproduced artwork, and a lavish 8-page full
-colour booklet with background liners and photos.

LP      Mercury   MPY 134615            1969    GE
LPS     186     SEXEDELIC               SEXEDELIC                       LP      10.2016

        A1      Delicated To Love
        A2      Peoples Playground Version A
        A3      We Don't Care
        A4      Peoples Playground Version B
        A5      The Ballad Of A Fair Singer
        A6      Peoples Playground Version C
        A7      Necronomania
        B1      Kamasutra
        B2      Peoples Playground Version D
        B3      Shindai Lovers
        B4      Konkubination
        B5      Peoples Playground Version E
        B6      The 6 Wisdoms Of Aspasia
                (Note : LP , 1000 copies + 8 p. booklet)

LP      Metronome  MLP 15 408           1971    GE
LPS     187
LPS     188     DUFFY                   SCRUFFY DUFFY                   LP      07.2017

Limited to 500 copies, featuring remastered sound and reproduced artwork, here's a
reissue of DUFFY's sophomore album 'Scruffy Duffy', originally dating from 1970.
Duffy's style was a rather personal blend of psychedelia, prog and hard rock, revealing
influences from Deep Purple, Uriah Heep and the more pastoral side of Jethro Tull.

LP      Chapter One     CHSR 814        1970    UK
LPS     189     POPOL VUH : DIE NACHT DER SEELE-TANTRIC SONGS           LP      04.2017

Limited reissue LP on Wah Wah Supersonic Sounds. Edition of 500 copies. Includes bonus
tracks + insert with liner notes by Dolf Mulder.
Florian Fricke’s avant-garde electronic experimental group Popol Vuh joined moog
synthesizers with ethnic percussion and instrumentation, as well as scoring many of
Werner Herzog’s films. Originally released in 1979 and not seen on vinyl since 1984.
LPS     190     FLORIAN FRICKE : Die Erde Und Ich Sind Eins - I Am One  LP      04.2017
                With The Earth

Limited reissue LP on Wah Wah Supersonic Sounds. Edition of 500 copies. Incl. insert
with liner notes by Dolf Mulder + the 50 page book that Fricke wrote for the release
but was never published (until now!).
Florian Fricke of Popol Vuh set out to record his first solo record, though the very
nature of it required a huge number of performers. Massive layers of vocal chants wash
into a spiritual chorus. Not repressed since 1983, Wah Wah have included a book written
by Fricke to join the release that was never published.
LPS     191     POPOL VUH               SEI STILL, WISSE ICH BIN        LP      04.2017

Limited reissue LP on Wah Wah Supersonic Sounds. Edition of 500 copies. Includes bonus
tracks + insert with liner notes by Dolf Mulder.
LPS     192     PYTHAGORON TM           PYTHAGORON TM                   LP      04.2017

Limited reissue LP + insert with replica original silver artwork. Ed. of 500 copies.
Originally issued way back in 1977 with the following text on the back of the sleeve
“Pythagoron is not just music-but sound controlled with electronic precision to alter
your awareness, to get you high. Developed through years of research into the resonant
interaction of sound and brainwave patterns, Pythagoron sound is unique in concept and
LPS     193     DIDIER BOCQUET          VOYAGE CEREBRAL                 LP      05.2017

The extremely spacey 1979 full-length by this notheworhty French electronic artist,
originally self-released and influencd by a.o. The Berlin School and other exponents
of Germany's Kosmische scene, gets its deserved reissue on vinyl. 'Voyage Cerebral'
was Didier Bocquet's second solo-album. Limited edition.

Jean-Jacques Perrey has long been recognized as a pioneer of electronic music. Along
with his musical partner at the time, Gershon Kingsley, the duo recorded a landmark
album: "The In Sound From Way Out", which was released by Vanguard Records in 1966.
Perrey went on to record over 24 more albums of electronic music during his lifetime.
LPS     195     ATILA                   REVIURE=REVIVR                  LP      10.2018

The rare third LP by Spanish hard prog/symph outfit Atila, originally released in
1978, sees a wonderful reissue on vinyl! Imagine King Crimson jamming with Pink
Floyd, after having absorbed a fair dose of '70s cosmic kraut delight, and also
adding bits of jazz experimentation! This edition is limited to 500 copies, incl.
an 8-page booklet full of liner notes and rare photos.
LPS     196     ALAIN MEUNIER : VOYAGE AUX FONDS DE LA MER              LP      04.2018

(Note : LP , first ever vinyl reissue. Limited edition to 500 copies only. Remastered

Presented on vinyl with remastered sound, this is a reissue of an obscure 1979
experimental album by French artist Alain Meunier (not to be confused with the
classical musician of the same name). Limited to 500 copies.
LPS     197     107-34-8933             NUMBERS                         LP      04.2018

“Eins, Zwei, Drei, Vier, Fünf…” - whoops, sorry, wrong pioneering electronic release
named Numbers. In fact, this is 107-34-8933, perhaps better known as the late Nicolas
Raicevik or Head, a musician and painter who had percussion credits on a Rolling Stones
LP and also a slew of strange, trailblazing Moog experiments, such as this record here.
Three tracks, respectively named after cannabis, mescaline and LSD, possibly created
under their influence; one way or another these are magnificent, mashed and remarkably
restrained soundscapes - and now half a century old. Ed. of 500 copies.
LPS     198     NIK RAICEVIC            BEYOND THE END, ETERNITY        LP      03.2018

Psycho electronic weirdness from LA-based pioneer Nik Raicevic (a.k.a. Head, a.k.a.
107-34-8933, a.k.a. Nik Pascal), reissued on vinyl in a run of only 500 copies. This
seriously tripped-out album was originally released in 1971 by the Narco imprint.
Fans of f.i. Silver Apples, the Berlin School, or any kind of visceral, neurotic
soundscapes will be interested. 
LPS     199     NIK PASCAL              SIXTH EAR                       LP      03.2018

Psycho electronic weirdness from LA-based pioneer Nik Pascal (a.k.a. Head, a.k.a.
107-34-8933, a.k.a. Nik Raicevic), reissued on vinyl in a run of only 500 copies.
This seriously tripped-out album was originally released in 1973 by the Narco imprint.
Fans of f.i. Silver Apples, the Berlin School, or any kind of visceral, neurotic
soundscapes will be interested.
LPS     200     NIK PASCAL              MAGNETIC WEB                    LP      03.2018

Psycho electronic weirdness from LA-based pioneer Nik Pascal (a.k.a. Head, a.k.a.
107-34-8933, a.k.a. Nik Raicevic), reissued on vinyl in a run of only 500 copies.
This seriously tripped-out album was originally released in 1973 by the Narco imprint.
Fans of f.i. Silver Apples, the Berlin School, or any kind of visceral, neurotic
soundscapes will be interested.
LPS     201     NIK PASCAL              ZERO GRAVITY                    LP      03.2018

Psycho electronic weirdness from LA-based pioneer Nik Pascal (a.k.a. Head, a.k.a.
107-34-8933, a.k.a. Nik Raicevic), reissued on vinyl in a run of only 500 copies.
This seriously tripped-out album was originally released in 1973 by the Narco imprint.
Fans of f.i. Silver Apples, the Berlin School, or any kind of visceral, neurotic
soundscapes will be interested.
LPS     202     AGITATION FREE          LAST                            LP      01.2018

'Last', the third LP by krautrock legends Agitation Free, was originally released in
1976 on Barclay in France as a posthumous LP that included recordings from '73 and
'74. Fans of Can, Guru Guru, Faust or Tangerine Dream will enjoy the sound of Agitation
Free, which features acid guitar work, plenty of experimental sounds, far-out kosmische
vibes and tasty tape loops. This reissue, limited to 500 copies, comes with reproduced
atrtwork and an insert with liner notes and photos.
LPS     203     SILOAH                  SILOAH                          LP      01.2018

Reissued on vinyl, including two bonus tracks and reproduced artwork (improved
printing!), is 1970's self-titled album by Munich-based band Siloah. If you're
looking for drug influenced psych-Kraut of the highest level, this LP will turn you
on big time! This edition (only 500 copies!) is issued in cooperation with the family
of member Thom Argauer. The sound is taken from the original master tapes and the
insert offers background liners and images.
LPS     204     SILOAH                  SUKRAM GURK                     LP      01.2018

Reissued on vinyl, including a bonus track and reproduced artwork (improved printing!),
is the second album (originally from 1972) by Munich-based kraut/psych band Siloah.
The strange title of the album was the name of member Markus Gurk spellt backwards.
This edition of only 500 copies is issued in cooperation with the family of the
group's leader Thom Argauer. The sound is taken from the original master tapes and
the insert offers background liners and images.
EPS     205     BRENNER'S FOLK          DAURAT OEST + 3                 7"      03.2018

A superb yet obscure 1966 EP by a Catalan-based band returns to vinyl. Featuring the
two Brenner bros (who in fact were German, but also spent time in Venezuela) and
ex-members of Els Xerracs, this 4-track EP offers wonderful moody, garagey lo-fi folk
-rock in the vein of The Dovers, Rising Storm and Nightcrawlers. Fabulous! NOT released
for Record Store Day, but for REAL music and vinyl lovers!
LPS     206     ZANOV                   GREEN RAY                       LP+7"   01.2018

Originally released by Polydor in 1976, this album by French electronic pioneer Pierre
Salkazanov (a.k.a. Zanov) sees a welcome reissue on vinyl, accompanied by a free bonus
7-inch containing previously unavailable tracks. Fans of f.i. Tangerine Dream will love
this stuff! This remastered edition is limited to 500 copies with reproduced artwork
and an 8-page insert.
LPS     207     ZANOV                   MOEBIUS 256                     LP+7"   01.2018

Originally released by Polydor in 1977, the second album by French electronic pioneer
Pierre Salkazanov (a.k.a. Zanov) sees a welcome reissue on vinyl, accompanied by a free
bonus 7-inch containing previously unavailable tracks. Fans of f.i. Tangerine Dream
will love this stuff! This remastered edition is limited to 500 copies with reproduced
artwork and an 8-page insert.
LPS     208     LONG ORME               LONG ORME                       LP      04.2018

Finally reissued on vinyl for the first time, this is a true acid-folk gem from the
deepest vaults of the French underground. Originally released in 1975 by Sonart
Disques, the mega rare self-titled album by obscure duo Long Orme is a delightful
work of poetry and acoustic guitar that will appeal to fans of like minded artists
s.a. Season, Jeff, Beautiful Losers, Yves, Serge & Victor, Manu Lannhuel, Denis, or
Jean Yves Tourbin. Including liner notes and an interview, this edition is limited
to 500 copies.
LPS     209     OMNIBUS                 OMNIBUS                         2LP+7"  01.2019

Originally released in 1970, now reissued, this LP by a band from New Jersey had an
amazing psychedelic sound that took all the right elements from west-coast bands
s.a. The Doors or Jefferson Airplane, Bosstown sound acts a la Ultimate Spinach or
Chicago hipsters like H.P. Lovecraft to produce its own brand of psych rock, feat.
strong, dramatic vocals, tons of fuzz guitar and swirling organs. This awesome reissue
comes with a full SECOND LP featuring previously unissued material, AND an extra
bonus 7-inch with the garage killer 'The Farm', which would have been an explosive
45 for the band had it not been withdrawn from release. And to top things off, you
also get a poster and a 4-page booklet.
LPS     210     WYNDER K. FROG          SUNSHINE SUPER FROG             LP      06.2018

Reissued on vinyl, with remastered sound, bonus tracks and an insert with liner notes
and photos, this is the 1967 album from British act Wynder K. Frog (previously known
as Chapter). Expect groovy Hammond dominated dance club a go-go sounds, perfect for
any Swingin' London venue of the 1960s. Fans of Brian Auger, Graham Bond, The Artwoods,
Zoot Money, Jimmy McGriff, Booker T. & The MG's and the like will be delighted. The LP
is presented in a back-flap cover with reproduced artwork.
LPS     211     WYNDER K. FROG          OUT OF THE FRYING PAN           LP      06.2018

Reissued on vinyl, with remastered sound, bonus tracks and an insert with liner notes
and photos, this is the 1968 album from British act Wynder K. Frog (previously known
as Chapter). Expect groovy Hammond dominated dance club a go-go sounds, perfect for
any Swingin' London venue of the 1960s. Fans of Brian Auger, Graham Bond, The Artwoods,
Zoot Money, Jimmy McGriff, Booker T. & The MG's and the like will be delighted. The LP
is presented in a back-flap cover with reproduced artwork.
LPS     212     WYNDER K. FROG          INTOTHE FIRE                    LP      06.2018

Reissued on vinyl, with remastered sound, bonus tracks and an insert with liner notes
and photos, this is the 1970 album from British act Wynder K. Frog (previously known
as Chapter), which at the time was only issued in the USA. The material on 'Into The
Fire' once again is organ dominated Swingin' London music, but it also includes funky
moods and moves. The LP is presented in a back-flap cover with reproduced artwork.
LPS     213     THE BOOK OF AM          PART V-NIGHT                    LP      11.2018
LPS     214     YAN TREGGER             TO THE LAND OF NO RETURN        LP      01.2019

Originally dating back to the '70s, now back on vinyl, 'To The Land Of No Return'
is an outrageous and nightmarish collection of sound vignettes that pushed the
capabilities of the legendary ARP 2600 synthesizer to the limit. Thrilling, uneasy,
surreal, spellbinding or just plain spaced out, this is an essential slice of musical
lunacy coming from the most experimental fringes of the French library world!
This edition, with remastered sound and reproduced artwork, is limited to 500 copies.


LPS     217     BERNARD XOLOTL          MUSIC BY XOLOTL                 LP      01.2019

Here's the first ever vinyl edition of the amazing electronic album 'Music By
Xolotl', originally issued only on cassette by Unity Records in 1978. The responsible
artist, Bernard Xolotl, was born in France in 1951. As a teen, he was introduced to
electronic music through the works of musique concrete composers like Pierre Henry
and Pierre Schaeffer, although he found the early recordings of Pink Floyd to be more
inspirational. This is an edition of 500 copies, including a bonus 7-inch and an
insert featuring photos and liner notes.
LPS     218     DIANE DENOIR            DIANE DENOIR                    LP      11.2019

Back on vinyl is the wonderful 1972 full-length by Uruguayan vocalist Diane Denoir,
blending candombe beat in the vein of El Kinto and Totem with bits of bossa nova and
more. This reissue, pressed in a limitd run of 500 copies, comes with remastered
sound, renewed gimmick artwork and a printed inner sleeve.
LPS     219     THE ATHENIANS : STEPPIN' OUT WITH THE ATHENIANS         LP      01.2019

Available on vinyl, this compilation collects all the singles of Edinburgh-based
'60s beat-mod-r&b heroes The Athenians and adds previously unreleased recordings
from surviving acetates. Genre fans will be delighted!
LPS     219 ?   TWINKLE                 GOLDEN LIGHTS                   LP      11.2019

English teen singer Lynn Ripley a.k.a. Twinkle became something of a cult heroine due
to her well known mid-'60s single 'Terry', a twisted slice of teen drama pop that will
make any Shangri-Las fan drool. Though banned by the BBC(!), 'Terry' was followed by
five more utterly enjoyable singles and an EP (during 1964-'66), and all those
recordings are now available on a delightful compilation-LP! This edition is limited
to 500 copies.
LPS     220     ALICE ISLAND BAND       SPLENDID ISOLATION              LP      11.2019

Originally released in a limited run of 1.000 numbered copies in December 1974, the
LP by The Alice Island Band is one of the rarest UK private press underground folk
LP's. Including songs that were written as early as 1968, this lovely reissue
(edition of 500 copies with reproduced artwork) is highly recommended to fans of
Peter Howell and John Ferdinando's projects (Tomorrow Come Someday, Alice Through
The Looking Glass, Agincourt, Ithaca...), the raw sound of Comus, and everything in




LPS     225


Shortly before forming Slapp Happy (with Peter Blegvad and Dagmar Krause), British
experimental musician, composer, performer and producer Anthony Moore was part of
Berlin's boiling experimental scene. In that period he cut two interesting LP's for
Polydor, sounding like the missing link between British art-rock and German krautrock!
Here's a fine reissue of the first of those albums, originally released by Polydor
in 1971. This edition is limited to 500 copies with reproduced artwork.
LPS     228     ANTHONY MOORE           SECRETS OF THE BLUE BAG         LP      11.2019

Shortly before forming Slapp Happy (with Peter Blegvad and Dagmar Krause), British
experimental musician, composer, performer and producer Anthony Moore was part of
Berlin's boiling experimental scene. In that period he cut two interesting LP's for
Polydor, sounding like the missing link between British art-rock and German krautrock!
Here's a fine reissue of the second of those albums, originally released by Polydor
in 1972. This edition is limited to 500 copies with reproduced artwork.
WBS     001     CHAKACHAS               Best Of                         LP        .2002

        A1      Jungle Fever
        A2      Stories
        A3      Push Together
        A4      Oye Me
        A5      Bantu
        A6      Oye Mi Guaguanco
        A7      The Party
        B1      Harlem Nocturno
        B2      El Canyon Rojo
        B3      Latin Can Can
        B4      Ay Mulata
        B5      Un Rayo De Sol
        B6      Chica Chica Bau Bau
        B7      Copacabana
WBS     002     PONY POINTDEXTER        En Barcelona                    LP        .2000

        A1      Sopa Prisa                                      8:19
        A2      Talgo                                           5:15
        A3      Freeze                                          1:58
        A4      Pretty Lady                                     6:19
        B1      It Don't Feel Like It Used To Feel              3:27
        B2      Movin' On                                       10:10
        B3      Lucky Duck                                      6:48
WBS     003     V / A                   BLACK IS SOUL VOL.1             LP        .2000

        A1      Mohawks, The            The Champ
        A2      Beverly Simmons         What A Guy
        A3      Crowns, The             Jerking The Dog
        A4      Bobby Patterson & The Mustangs : Broadway Ain't Funky No More
        A5      Crowns, The             Call Me
        A6      Roy Docker              Every Day Will Be Like A Holiday
        B1      Mohawks, The            Baby Hold On
        B2      Norman T. Washington    You've Been Cheating
        B3      Max Romeo               Wet Dream
        B4      Milwaukee Coasters, The : Oh Babe
        B5      Rico Rodriguez          Soul Man
        B6      Classics, The           Honey Bee
WBS     004     V / A                   BLACK IS SOUL VOL.2             LP        .2000

        A1      Mohawks, The            Mony Mony
        A2      Crowns, The             Since You've Been Gone
        A3      Bettye Lavette          Feel Good All Over
        A4      Roy Docker              I'm An Outcast
        A5      Norman T. Washington    Same Thing All Over
        A6      Max Romeo               She's But A Little Girl
        A7      Classics, The           History Of Africa
        B1      Laurel Aitken           Skinhead Train
        B2      Mohawks, The            Sound Of The Witchdoctor
        B3      Norman T. Washington    Tip Toe
        B4      Bobby Patterson & The Mustangs : The Good Ol' Days
        B5      Mohawks, The            Pepsi
        B6      Imperials, The          Black Is Soul
WBS     005     PRINCE BUSTER           KING OF THE BLUE BEAT           LP        .2001

        1       Intro
        2       Madness
        3       Take It Easy
        4       Oh Love
        5       Seven Times To Rise
        6       007
        7       Come To Jamaica
        8       Cincinnati Kid
        9       Move Over
        10      Sounds And Pressure
        11      On The Beach
        12      Al Capone
WBS     006     MAX - B                 Max B                           LP        .2001

        A1      Bananaticocó (1 Parte)                          4:02
        A2      Samba                                           3:12
        A3      Black & Roll                                    3:42
        A4      Poker (Bonus Track)
        A5      Free                                            7:30
        B1      Bananaticocó (2 Parte)                          3:20
        B2      Nessa                                           3:45
        B3      Bameloo                                         4:10
        B4      1er Movimiento                                  3:00
        B5      Free Jacques O Aunque La Mona Se Vista De Seda (Bonus Track)
WBS     007     EL CHICLES              LA LA LA                        LP        .2001

        1       Babalu
        2       La La La
        3       Wild Groove
        4       Streaking A GoGo
        5       King Kong
        6       Watermelon Man
        1       Bantu
        2       Please Love Me
        3       Music For A Play Boy
        4       Girl Safari
        5       Brigitte Bardot
        6       La La La (Single Version)
WBS     008     ASTRUD GILBERTO         With Turrentine                 LP        .2001

        A1      Wanting Things                                  2:35
        A2      Braziliam Tapestry (Mulher Rendeira)            5:18
        A3      To A Flame                                      3:17
        A4      Sólo El Fin (For All We Know)                   3:10
        A5      Zazueira                                        3:40
        A6      Acercándome A Tí                                ?
        B1      Ponteio                                         3:35
        B2      Travelling Light                                3:25
        B3      Vera Cruz                                       5:05
        B4      Historia De Amor (Love Story)                   3:29
        B5      Where There's A Heartache                       3:10
        B6      En Tu Piel                                      ?
WBS     009     BUN HUNGA & HIS COMBO   Relax                           LP        .2001

        A1      Happy Starting                                  3:06
        A2      Privilege For Organ                             3:05
        A3      Diplomatic                                      3:05
        A4      Quiet Ballad                                    2:48
        A5      Play For Suzy                                   5:32
        B1      Music In Transit                                3:00
        B2      Cabal In The Night                              3:28
        B3      Travelling On Rhythms                           2:55
        B4      Bangala                                         3:58
        B5      African Honey Moon                              2:41
        B6      Voodoo Dream                                    3:00
WBS     010     EL GRAN COMBO           Bugalus Con...                  LP        .2005

        A1      Gran Combo's Boogaloo                           2:43
        A2      Clap Your Hands                                 3:10
        A3      Vas Bien                                        2:48
        A4      Monte Escondido                                 3:40
        A5      Como Tu                                         3:52
        A6      Sabor                                           3:18
        B1      Chua Chua Boogaloo                              3:49
        B2      Shake It Baby                                   2:48
        B3      Dejenme Tranquilo                               2:50
        B4      Avelino Plumon                                  3:10
        B5      Combolu                                         2:55
        B6      No Saben Del Son                                3:12

LP      Gama            LPG 3044        1967    US
WBS     011     MAZACOTE                Shukandu                        LP        .2005

        A1      Eh Ehe Pachanga                                 3:10
        A2      Quien Esta Aqui                                 2:50
        A3      Cumbialajara                                    2:46
        A4      Sacala A Bailar                                 3:00
        A5      Shukandu                                        2:20
        A6      Give Me Love                                    2:54
        B1      Malembe                                         2:56
        B2      El Taco                                         2:46
        B3      Francisco Kid                                   2:38
        B4      Con Flauta Y Trombon                            2:40
        B5      Kukumbe                                         2:45
        B6      La Escoba                                       2:58

LP      Olympo          L 181           1973    SP
WBS     012     V / A : Heavy Funky Beautiful Soulful                   LP        .2005

        A1      People's Choice, The    The Wootie-T-Woo
        A2      Brenda & The Tabulations : Right On The Tip Of My Tongue
        A3      Nu-Sound Express Ltd.   One More Time, You All
        A4      Kevin Lassiter          It's My Love
        A5      People's Choice, The    Big Ladies Man
        A6      Thunder, Lightning & Rain : Super Funky Part I
        A7      Joe Jeffrey             The Train
        B1      Thunder, Lightning & Rain : Super Funky Part II
        B2      Oscar Weathers          When You Steal
        B3      People's Choice, The    I Likes To Do It
        B4      Nu-Sound Express Ltd.   Ain't It Good Enough
        B5      Brenda & The Tabulations : Always And Forever
        B6      Benny Gordon            Give A Damn
        B7      Jerry Tiffe             Hey Watcha' Doin'
WBS     013     HEINZ VON MOISY         Las Plantas                     LP        .2007

        A1      Las Plantas
        A2      Nil
        B1      La Carretera
        B2      Mirage
        B3      The Lost Dream
        B4      Samba Do Contrabandista
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      Thorofon        ATH 174         1977    GE
WBS     014     JOSEP CUNILL            RABBIT RUMBA                    LP+7"   11.2008

        A1      Belen, Belen                                    3:44
        A2      Para Elisa                                      3:18
        A3      Nuestro Ayer                                    3:34
        A4      Don Toribio                                     3:40
        A5      Gitano Anton                                    2:48
        B1      No Se                                           3:51
        B2      Caramelos                                       2:45
        B3      El Muerto Vivo                                  2:49
        B4      La Fiesta No Es Para Feos                       3:36
        B5      Borriquito                                      3:03

LP      Tumbao          TM/SC 100001    1972    SP      mono/stereo
WBS     015     NORMA WINSTONE          EDGE OF TIME                    LP      10.2012

        A1      Edge Of Time
        A2      Perkins Landing
        A4      Enjoy This Day
        B1      Erebus (Son Of Chaos)
        B2      Songs For A Child
        B3      Shadows
        B4      Song Of Love
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)
WBS     016     NEIL ARDLEY             A SYMPHONY OF AMARANTHS         LP      02.2013
WBS     016     NEIL ARDLEY             A SYMPHONY OF AMARANTHS         LP      08.2018

                A Symphony Of Amaranths                         (24:56)
        A1      Carillon                                        5:50
        A2      Nocturne                                        7:19
        A3      Entracte                                        6:06
        A4      Impromptu                                       5:41
        B1      The Dong With A Luminous Nose                   11:42
                Three Poems                                     (11:13)
        B2      After Long Silence                              4:08
        B3      She Weeps Over Rahoon                           3:21
        B4      Will You Walk A Little Faster?                  3:44
        B5      Outro (Bonus Track)                             1:38

LP      Regal Zonophone  SLRZ 1028      1972    UK      stereo
WBSLP   017     RAMONCITO 7 SU SALSA    RAMONCITO Y SU SALSA            LP        .2013

        A1      Plechanga
        A2      Con La Punta Del Pie
        A3      El Bombon De Elena
        A4      Aquí Lo Traigo Yo
        A5      Si Tu No, La Otra
        B1      Che, Che, Colé
        B2      El Chivo
        B3      Severa
        B4      Déjalo Que Suba
        B5      Avísale A Mi Compay
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)

LP      Discophon       6084            1978    SP
WBS     018     JOU COGRA               HAMMOND EXPLOSION!              LP      08.2016

Released on vinyl, 'Hammond Explosion' is a compilation that brings together many of
the best and grooviest tracks that Catalan Hammond maestro Jou Cogra recorded in the
period 1971-1976. Imagine Brian Auger or Jimmy Smith going tropical and then adding
some Latin elements and even bits of funky psych. Back in the day Cogra's releases were
extremely limited and by now most of them are impossible to find. In other words, this
is a most welcome collection.

On vinyl, this splendid compilation collects the tracks of all three rare '60s EP's
by the Catalan jazz combo Mantequilla Y Su Conjunto. The LP comes with remastered
sound, great artwork, info and photos, and is limited to 500 copies.
                : NITS DE JAZZ AL JAMBOREE

 splendid Catalan jazz LP, originally released on the Edigsa label in 1968, sees its
 first ever vinyl reissue! The tracklist includes an original composition plus tunes
 by Charlie Parker, John Coltrane Victor Young and the duo of Kaper-Washington, and
 adds a Miles Davis songs as a bonus track. Coming with remastered sound and reproduced
 artwork (but stronger cardboard), this edition is limited to 500 copies.







WLP     001     ATTILIO MINEO           Man In Space With SOund         LP        .1997

        A1      Welcome To Tomorrow
        A2      Gateway To Heaven
        A3      Soaring Science
        A4      Mile-A-Minute Monorail
        A5      Around The World
        A6      Century 21
        B1      Man In Art
        B2      The Queen City
        B3      Man Sees The Future
        B4      Boeing Spacearium
        B5      Science Of Tomorrow
        B6      Space Age World's Fair

LP      World's Fair    LP 55555        1962    US      mono
WLP     002     GERSHON KINGSLEY        Music To Moog By                LP        .1999
WCD     001

        A1      Hey, Hey                                        2:10
        A2      Scarborough Fair                                2:45
        A3      For Alisse Beethoven                            2:17
        A4      Sheila                                          2:33
        A5      Pop Corn                                        2:22
        A6      The First Step                                  2:18
        B1      Twinkle, Twinkle                                2:05
        B2      Nowhere Man                                     2:56
        B3      Sunset Sound                                    2:36
        B4      Trumansburgh Whistle                            2:55
        B5      Paperback Rider                                 2:49
WLP     003     THE DUKE OF BURLINGTON : FLASH!                         LP        .2000

        A1      Flash
        A2      Slot Machine
        A3      30 60 90
        A4      Viva Tirado (Part 1)
        A5      Devil's Trillo
        A6      Bourrée
        A7      Soul Clap '69
        B1      Black Panther
        B2      Flute For President
        B3      I Want You Back
        B4      Viva Tirado (Part 2)
        B5      L.S.D. (Librae, Solidi, Denarii)
        B6      Jungle Duke

LP      Signal          SLP 300         1970    IT
LP      mUSIC hALL      2.229           1970    Argentina
WLP     004     BELTRAN MONER           Formula 1                       LP        .2001

        A1      Sportsmen                                       1:10
        A2      Formula 1 (Hombres Y Bolidos)                   0:34
        A3      Opening Party (Fiesta Campera E Historia)       4:24
        A4      The Men (Los Hombres)                           1:51
        A5      Arrival To The Circuit (Llegada Al Circuito)    2:16
        A6      Aces Of The Wheel (Los Ases)                    0:29
        A7      Training Session (Entrenamiento)                1:17
        A8      Mechanical Machines (La Mecanica)               3:19
        B1      Dawn (Amanecer)                                 3:08
        B2      The Pilots Preparation (Preparacion Pilotos)    3:41
        B3      Training Round (Vuelta De Reconocimiento)       0:52
        B4      Count Down (Dos Minutos, Un Minuto...)          0:49
        B5      Racetrack Trouble (Dificultades En La Pista)    1:16
        B6      Finishing Line (Carrera Y Llegada A Meta)       3:09
        B7      Samba For The Champion (El Vencedor - Samba)    1:58
        B8      Finale (Final)                                  0:57

LP      Berta           FM 68.256       1973    SP
WLP     005     JIM MESSINA & HIS JESTERS : THE DRAGSTERS               LP        .2002

        A1      The Breeze And I
        A2      Raunchy
        A3      No Name Dragster
        A4      Strange Man
        A5      High Voltage
        A6      Yang Bu
        A7      The Thing
        A8      Hollywood Sound
        B1      The Jester
        B2      Suspense Run
        B3      The Cossack
        B4      Masatlan Rally
        B5      Honkey Tonk
        B6      Chihiuaha
        B7      Tamale Wagon

LP      Audio Fidelity  DFS 7037        1964    US
WLP     006     THE BIGROUP             Big Hammer                      LP        .2005

        A1      Big Hammer
        A2      Annapurna
        A3      Devil's Stronghold
        A4      Rolling
        A5      Beat Norm
        B1      Heavy Lift
        B2      What's Coming?
        B3      Blow-Suck Blues
        B4      Gentle Swell
        B5      Bombilation
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      Southern Library Of Recorded Music MQ/LP 9009   1971    UK
LP      Peer International Library Limited PIL 9009     1971    UK
                PARTY !

        A1      All Men Shall Be Brothers Of Ludwig             5:15
        A2      The Every Days Way Down To The Suburbs          4:20
        A3      Lightning Fires, Burning Sorrows                3:27
        A4      Swing Low, If You Like To Do                    5:09
        B1      Stainy, Heavy Needles                           4:59
        B2      P.A.R.T.Y.                                      4:15
        B3      Let The Thing Comin'Up                          3:55
        B4      Shummy Poor Clessford Idea In Troody Taprest
                Noodles                                         4:44
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)
WLP     008     ANDRE POPP              LE COEUR EN FATE                LP      06.2012

        A1      Les Jardins De Marmara                          3:19
        A2      Toutes Les Pommes Du Paradis                    2:52
        A3      Pour Celui Qui Viendra                          9:05
        B1      Tric Trac                                       2:26
        B2      Ophelia                                         3:06
        B3      Ave                                             2:47
        B4      Le Coeur En Fete                                2:27
        B5      Theme In G Minor                                4:18
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      Disc'Az         STECLP 87       1972    FR
WLP     009     [soundtrack] MARIO MOLINO : GLI ANGELI DEL 2000         lp      10.2014

Side A  1.      T'Amo (canta EDDA)                              3'05"
        2.      Jerk Beat                                       2'28"
        3.      L'Estasi (canta EDDA)                           1'55"
        4.      Shake Psyco                                     2'42"
        5.      Bossa Jaguar                                    2'04"
        6.      Furto Di Droga                                  1'59"
        7.      Woman (Flicornio Solista R. PATTUELLI)          2'55"
        8.      Le Mani (Alternate Take)                        2'20"
        9.      Bossa Jaguar (Alternate Take)                   1'41"
        10.     T'Amo (Alternate Take)                          1'10"

Side B  1.      Poemas                                          2'58"
        2.      Ash (canta EDDA)                                2'20"
        3.      Gli Angeli Del 2.000                            2'34"
        4.      Woman (voce Solista EDDA)                       3'05"
        5.      All See Saw                                     2'27"
        6.      LSD, Una Croce                                  1'27"
        7.      Le Mani                                         1'57"
        8.      All See Saw (Alternate Take)                    1'08"
        9.      Ash (Alternate Take)                            3'00"
        10.     Colonna Effetti Psichedelic*                    2'31"
W CD    001     GERSHON KINGSLEY        MUSIC TO MOOG BY                CD        .2000

        1       Hey, Hey                                        2:10
        2       Scarborough Fair                                2:45
        3       For Alisse Beethoven                            2:17
        4       Sheila                                          2:33
        5       Pop Corn                                        2:22
        6       The First Step                                  2:18
        7       Twinkle, Twinkle                                2:05
        8       Nowhere Man                                     2:56
        9       Sunset Sound                                    2:36
        10      Trumansburgh Whistle                            2:55
        11      Paperback Rider                                 2:49

CD      Audio Fidelity  AFSD 6226       1969    Mexico
W CD    002     [WBS 008]
W CD    003     [WBS 007]
W CD    004     [LPS 004]
W CD    005     [LPS 005]
W CD    006     [LPS 020]
W CD    007     V / A : BLACK IS SOUL-PAMA SINGLES COLLECTION           2CD     12.2007

                [LPS 021]
W CD    008     ATILA                   INTENCION                       CD      11.2007

        1       Intención                                       8:51
        2       Cucutila                                        4:48
        3       Dia Perfecto                                    6:35
        4       El Principio Del Fin                            15:55
        5       Un Camel De Xocolata                            4:09
                [LPS 032]
W CD    009     VAINICA DOBLE           VAINICA DOBLE                   CD      05.2009

                [LPS 008]
W CD    010     THE INNER SPACE (CAN)   AGILOK & BLUBBO                 CD      04.2009

        1       Agilok And Blubbo                               3:44
        2       Es Zieht Herauf                                 4:37
        3       Dialog Zwischen Birken                          1:49
        4       Michele Ist Da                                  1:38
        5       Mama Mama                                       3:54
        6       Kamerasong                                      2:30
        7       Zwischen Den Bäumen                             3:56
        8       Zweige Und Sonne                                0:14
        9       Revolutionslied                                 1:48
        10      Der Letzte Brief                                1:26
        11      Probleme                                        2:14
        12      Flop Pop                                        3:33
        13      Memographie                                     11:43
        14      Apokalypse                                      10:25
        15      Hexapussy                                       16:51
                [LPS 061]












WDLX    001     THE MANDRAKE MEMORIAL   MEDIUM                          LP      04.2009

        A1      Earthfriend Prelude                             2:49
        A2      Earthfriend                                     6:17
        A3      Just A Blur (Version 1)                         0:53
        A4      Hiding                                          3:15
        A5      Just A Blur (Version 2)                         0:51
        A6      Tadpole                                         2:25
        A7      Kyrie                                           3:24
        A8      Ocean's Daughter                                3:35
        B1      Volcano Prelude                                 2:09
        B2      Volcano                                         5:59
        B3      Whisper Play                                    3:00
        B4      Bucket Of Air                                   9:37
        B5      Children's Prayer                               3:25
        B6      Puzzle                                          3:08
        B7      Just A Blur (Version 3)                         0:51

LP      Poppy           PYS 40.006      1970    US
WDLX    002     THE MANDRAKE MEMORIAL   MEDIUM                          LP      04.2009

        A1      Snake Charmer                                   2:45
        A2.a    Witness The End
        A2.b    Celebration
        A3      Other Side                                      3:25
        A4      Last Number                                     4:31
        B1      After Pascal                                    6:51
        B2      Smokescreen                                     5:06
        B3      Barnaby Plum                                    6:10
        B4      Cassandra                                       5:26

LP      Poppy           PYS 40.003      1968    US      mono/stereo
WDLX    003     AARON LIGHTMAN          AARON LIGHTMAN                  LP      08.2009

        A1      Interlude/Out Of The Morning/Interlude/They Call Me
                Traveler/Interlude/None For Me
        A2      On Monday Me/Interlude/I Have A Little Friend/Take 74
        A3      Little Girl/Interlude
        B1      The Morning After/Interlude/Down To The Sea/Something
        B2      Now Is The Time
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      Poppy           PYS 40010       1969    US
WDLX    004     SHOES                   BLACK VINYL SHOES               LP      05.2009

        A1      Boys Don't Lie
        A2      Do You Wanna Get Lucky?
        A3      She'll Disappear
        A4      Tragedy
        A5      Writing A Postcard
        A6      Not Me
        A7      Someone Finer
        A8      Capital Gain
        B1      Fatal
        B2      Running Start
        B3      Okay
        B4      It Really Hurts
        B5      Fire For Awhile
        B6      If You'd Stay
        B7      Nowhere So Fast

LP      Black Vinyl     S 51477         1977    US
WNSCD   001     THE PINKER TONES        PINK CONNECTION                 CD        .2002

        1       A Message By His Holiness The Maharashi Pihnkhy
        2       Viva La Juventud
        3       Mais Pourquoi?
        4       Introducing Mr. Furia & Profesor Manso
        5       One Of Them
        6       Advanced Night Repair
        7       Pinker Party
        8       Mario's Jingle
        9       For The Righteous
        10      Travel Club
        11      One Of Them - Readymade Jazz Exercise
        12      Mais Pourquoi? - BCN Mix
        13      Fly Me To Brazil
        14      Mais Pourquoi? Videoclip By Phila - VCD Track
WNS     002     LOST MEN SERVICE        BARCELONA BREEZE                LP      03.2010

        A1      King Of Fools
        A2      Back For You
        A3      Barcelona Breeze
        A4      Those Days Are Gone
        A5      Noia
        A6      When We Were Kings
        A7      Hardcore Scooter Crew
        B1      Wackie Wackie
        B2      The Last Kiss
        B3      Coocking For Tomorrow
        B4      Falling In Love
        B5      Chinese Eyes
        B6      Time To Reborn
        B7      Extraball
                (Note : LP , 750 copies)
WNS     003     BLUEBERRY HILL          GIANTS                          LP      03.2010

        A1      Giants
        A2      Country Is Deas
        A3      Pornstar
        A4      Freaks
        A5      Mistake
        A6      Bcn
        A7      Hanging Around
        B1      Anytime
        B2      K.O.
        B3      C'Mon
        B4      Autumn
        B5      Man Of The Year
Mapache label:

MAPA    0001    HERON                   HERON                           LP+7"     .2013

        A1      Yellow Roses                                    4:00
        A2      Car Crash                                       2:30
        A3      Harlequin 2                                     4:15
        A4      Smiling Ladies                                  2:15
        A5      Little Boy                                      3:00
        A6      Sally Goodin                                    0:20
        A7      Upon Reflection                                 2:35
        B1      Lord & Master                                   3:40
        B2      Little Angel                                    3:30
        B3      Goodbye                                         3:30
        B4      For You                                         2:25
        B5      Sally Goodin                                    0:20
        B7      Carnival & Penitence                            1:15

7"      C1      Bye & Bye
        C2      Through Time
        D1      Only A Hobo
        D2      I'm Ready To Leave
                (Note : LP +7" , 500 copies)

LP      Dawn            DNLS 3010       1970    UK
MAPA    0002    HERON : TWICE AS NICE & HALF THE PRICE                  2LP       .2013

LP 1    A1      Madman                                          4:42
        A2      Take Me Back Home                               2:01
        A3      Love 13 (Lone)                                  2:45
        A4      Something Inside                                2:30
        A5      Miss Kiss                                       2:10
        A6      John Brown                                      7:13
        B1      Big A                                           2:57
        B2      Winter Harlequin                                8:50
        B3      The Sound Of The Music                          3:58
        B4      Your Love And Mine                              2:22

LP 2    C1      You Really Got A Hold On Me                     3:15
        C2      The Great Dust Storm                            3:30
        C3      My Turn To Cry                                  1:56
        C4      This Old Heart Of Mine                          4:42
        C5      Minstrel And A King                             5:35
        D1      Getting 'Em Down                                1:55
        D2      I Wouldn't Mind                                 4:04
        D3      He's A Poor Boy                                 2:45
        D4      The Devil                                       2:36
        D5      Wanderer                                        2:56
        D6      Harlequin 5                                     2:46
                (Note : double LP , 500 copies)

2LP     Dawn            DNLS 3025       1971    UK
MAPA    0003    HUCKLE                  UPON A ONCE TIME                LP        .2014

        A1      April
        A2      Flowers
        A3      Get Down
        A4      Beyonder (The Hymn)
        A5      Sunshine Shuffle
        B1      Hello Sunshine
        B2      Good Morning
        B3      Lady Goldberry
        B4      Gabriola Day
        B5      The Minstrel Song
        B6      Ocean
MAPA    0004    HUCKLE                  WILD BLUE YOUNDER               LP        .2014

        A1      Wild Blue Yonder
        A2      Rolling River
        A3      I Surrender
        A4      Flower To The Sun
        B1      She's Coming Home
        B2      Beautiful You Are
        B3      High For Sky
        B4      Gather The Children
        B5      Wild Night
MAPA    0005    BOB LIND                SINCE THERE WERE CIRCLES        LP        .2014

        A1      I Love To Sing / Sweet Harriet
        A2      City Scenes
        A3      Love Came Riding
        A4      Loser
        A5      Not That I Would Want Her Back
        A6      Theme From The Music Box
        B1      Anymore
        B2      Spilling Over
        B3      She Can Get Along
        B4      Up In The Morning Me
        B5      Since There Were Circles

LP      Capitol         ST 780          1971    US
(Some notes taken from: www.shinybeast.nl)