Distr.  : NE - Shiny Beast
Style   : psychedelic / experimental / sound art / folk / acid / dark folk /

VM      1       DE BART PAEPE           SOLITARY MOON                   LP      11.2015
        (Note : LP , 250 copies each packaged in recycled, repainted covers with a
                silkscreened front and back)

VM #02  2018    COIMS                   BLUES IN F SHARP                LP      07.2018
VOHUMAN 002     COINS                   BLUES IN F SHARP                LP      07.2018

Bristolian duo Coims make noisy post-industrial, electronic-rock deconstructions
influenced by and in response to the continual renewal, regeneration and gentrification
of their immediate urban environment. Clear blue vinyl LP, limited to 250 copies housed
in a pink & blue screen-printed sleeve.
VM      003     MARK ALEXANDER MCINTYRE : MURK, MUCK & MIRE             LP      12.2020

Mark Alexander Mcintyre, one of the founding members of Canada's premier heavy psych
rockers The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol, returns with his third solo album on Vohu
Manah Records. This LP finds him back in familiar territory with dark themed songs
for the lost. There's a new hopefulness some of his lyrics, songs such as 'Nobody
Makes It On Their Own' for example. It's a kinda downer country style LP like his
others but much more fully realised on this album. Includes screen printed lyric