VINYL REVIVAL RECORDS                   UK

Distr. : UK - Norman/Piccadilly/
         US - Forced Exposure
Style  : indie / new wave / synth pop /

VR 12   001     LLOYD RYAN              Night Run // Discovery          12"     12.2006
VR      002     RAMBO AND LEROY         Last One Standing               7"      03.2008
VR      003
VR      004     THE DELAPLAINS          THE OTHER YOU                   7"      01.2014
VR      005     THE CHANGE              WHERE WERE U                    7"      08.2014
                (Note : 7" , 250 copies)
VR      006     B-MOVIE                 THEY FORGET                     7"      04.2015

        A       They Forget
        B       Trash & Mystery
VRLP    007     V / A : GREATER MANCHESTER PUNK 1977-1981               LP      08.2015
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)
VRCD    007     V / A : GREATER MANCHESTER PUNK 1977-1981               CD      08.2015

        1.      V2
        2.      The Reporters
        3.      Elti-Fitz
        4.      Pure Product
        5.      The Panik
        6.      The Enigma
        7.      Steroid Kiddies
        8.      The Hoax
        9.      The Critics
        10.     The Change
        11.     Armed Force
        12.     The Still
        13.     Fast Cars
        14.     The Things
VRLP    008     GREASY BEAR             IS ADRIAN THERE?                LP      04.2016

                A Side                          B Side
        1.      Windy Day                       1. Geordie
        2.      Five Black Horses               2. Brown Eyed Boy
        3.      Betcha Gonna Need               3. Country Brown
        4.      Autumn Fair                     4. Tallawaya

Manchester in 1969 as a folk/rock outfit and was described as "Manchester's answer
to The Grateful Dead." The band soon gained a reputation as a tight and eccentric
live act, due to the on stage antics of C.P. Lee (vocals) and Bruce Mitchell (drums).
Other band members were Ian Wilson (vocals/guitar), Steve Whalley (guitar) and John
Gibson (bass). In 1970, with a collection of songs penned by Lee and Wilson, Greasy
Bear recorded nine tracks, hoping to secure a deal with the now highly collectable
Philips/Vertigo label. The deal with Philips fell through and the band soon went
their separate ways. C.P. Lee and Bruce Mitchell formed Manchester anarchic-satirical
rock band Alberto Y Los Trios Paranoias. Bruce was also the other half of Factory
records duo The Durutti Column. Ian Wilson went on to form Sad Cafe with the late
Paul Young and Steve Whalley also played in Sad Cafe and joined Slade for 14 years
in 1992 whilst Noddy was in Toyland.
VR      009
VR      010     ONE SUMMER              SPIRIT                          12"     05.2017

        1       Spirit
        2       British Summertime
        3       Can't Stop Falling

One Summer were formed in the aftermath of Manchester indie legends The High who split
in 1992. The band featured John Matthews (The High, Turning Blue) vocals. Chris Goodwin
on drums who has been in numerous Manchester bands incl The High, Buzzcocks, Inspiral
Carpets, Electronic. Carl Wolstenholme (The Rainkings, Turning Blue) on bass Stephen
Fitpatrick (The Small Cardigans) on guitar.
One Summer set Manchester alight in 94/95 with their summertime pop catchy tunes
selling out Manchester's legendary club The Hacienda and other venues across the city.
This debut release includes 3 stunning original band creations recorded in 94 and 95.
VR      011     THE WATERFRONT          NORMANDY (ON THE BEACH)         12"     05.2018

        A       Normandy ( On A Beach )
        B       When The Wind Blows

he Waterfront were a short lived Manchester supergroup from the early 80's.
The band consisted of 3 original members of The Stone Roses.
Andy Couzens ( Guitar )
Gary Mounfield ( bass )
John Squire ( Guitar )
Chris Goodwin (Drums)( The High )
David ' Kaiser' Carty on vocals.
VR      012     THE HIGH                SAY IT NOW                      7"      05.2018

        A       Say It Now
        B       Sugarpuff

The High were formed in 1989 by Andy Couzens ( ex Stone Roses ) John Matthews, Chris
Goodwin and Simon Davies. They signed to London Records after one gig and their highly
acclaimed debut Lp Somewhere Soon combining 60's pop and psyche guitar was released in
1990 to rave reviews. In brief, ' Somewhere Soon ' is a very effective record, expertly
executed and completely addictive. The dog's bollocks. I hope they become massive.
( 9/10 ) Jack Barron NME. The band split in 1993 but reformed in 2015 with Tony Meehan
replacing Simon Davies and Jack Couzens taking over from Chris Goodwin on drums.
Scott Parkinson has since replaced Jack Couzens. 25 years after their last release,
these Manchester favourite's are finally back with new material.
VR      013
VR      014     THE HIGH : Unreleased Martin Hannet Sessions For        LP      08.2020
                Somewhere Soon

2020 is the 30th Anniversary of the release of The High's debut LP on London Records.
This release presents an alternative version of that album, taken from sessions
produced by legendary Factory producer Martin Hannett.Sessions.A feast of unreleased
mixes and unreleased songs.These were the final sessions ever produced by Hannett
before his untimely death.The band was formed in 1989 by former Turning Blue singer
John Matthews, along with former Buzzcocks F.O.C.members Andy Couzens (guitar, also
formerly of The Stone Roses and pre-Roses bands The Patrol and Waterfront), Simon
Davies (bass), and drummer Chris Goodwin (also formerly of the Waterfront as well
as the Inspiral Carpets), They were signed by London Records and had three UK Singles
Chart hits in 1990 before breaking into the top 30 in 1991 with a revamped version
of their debut single, the Martin Hannett-produced "Box Set Go"