Distr.   : NE - Sonic Rendezvous
Style   : experimental / avantgarde /

VER     1
VERLP   2       LOU ROGAI               CATHEDRAL                       LP      11.2019
VERCD   2       LOU ROGAI               CATHEDRAL                       CD      11.2019

        01.     CATHEDRAL
        02.     ESSERE AMATO THEME
        03.     AMORE ANDANTO
        04.     ANNA AND LUCA

An experimental elegy for chamber ensemble in three movements. Orchestrations of
classical guitar, winds, brass, synthesizer, vocals, and piano are woven with tendrils
of string passages and field recordings. The movements are exercises and expressions
on theme, working within an overarching reference to the inner cathedral or sanctuary,
the hidden spiritual chambers and corridors inside of us.
VERLP   3       ACIDHEAD                DISTRACTIONS                    LP      12.2019

Acidhead is the brainchild of Patrick McGee, saxophonist, composer, multi-instrumenta
list, producer, empath. Distractions is his debut, an introduction and experiment;
a deconstruction of pop music, a fracturing and reassembling of classical beauty
delivered with angst. The songs blur and blend the lo-fi of punk with the tenderness
of Aaron Copland, brimming with the desperation of troubled love.