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VAG     013     D.R. HOOKER             THE TRUTH                       LP      08.2016
VAG     014     D.R. HOOKER             THE TRUTH                       CD      08.2016

        A1      The Sea
        A2      Fall In Love
        A3      A Stranger Smile
        A4      Weather Girl
        A5      This Thing
        B1      Forge Your Own Chains
        B2      I'm Leaving You
        B3      The Truth
        B4      The Bible
        B5      Falling Asleep

Privately-pressed to a mere 99 copies, this may be one of the rarest records of all
time. Not much has been discovered about Donald “D.R.” Hooker’s life, but the little
that is known is pretty much summed up in one photograph, found on the cover of his
1972 album.