Distr.  : NE - Shiny Beast
Styl    : punk / hardcore / indie /

VR      3       V / A : KILLED BY JOHN PEEL, VOL. 2                     LP      12.2020

                SIDE JOHN
        1.      2TV                     Mary Thompson
        2.      Expelaires              Nasty Media
        3.      The Prefects            Escort Girls
        4.      The Petticoats          Paranoia
        5.      Tanz Der Youth          I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry
        6.      The Piranhas            Jilly
        7.      The Desperate Bicycles : Skill
                SIDE PEEL:
        1.      Jimmy Norton's Explosion : Just Like Lazarus
        2.      Leyton Buzzards         Love Is Just A Dream
        3.      Icon A.D.               Face The Facts
        4.      Splodgenessabounds      Rolf
        5.      The Molesters           Disco Love
        6.      The Gymslips            Drink Problem
        7.      The Zeros               Hungry

Second installment of the 'Killed By John Peel' series, focused on the less known,
punker side of the amazingly rich archive of John Peel's BBC 1 Radio session
recordings. A collection of hidden underground gems by British luminaries such as
2Tv, Tanz Der Youth, Leyton Buzzards or The Desperate Bicycles to name a few, 14
tracks of pure punk rock bliss by some of the most exciting (and unfairly forgotten)
bands of their era.
VR      4       KILLING JOKE            PEEL SESSIONS '79-'81           LP      03.2021

SIDE 1: 1.      Pssyche
        2.      Wardance
        3.      Nuclear Boy
        4.      Malicious Boogie
        5.      Change
SIDE 2: 1.      Tomorrow's World
        2.      Complication
        3.      The Fall Of Because
        4.      Tension
        5.      Butcher

The first three Peel Sessions recorded by the almighty Killing Joke in 1979, 1980
and 81, with the band at the peak of their indisputable power. A bulletproof repertoire
with songs from their classic first two albums, a band in a state of grace and a great
sound make this a must... a merciless discharge of menacing tribal after punk by a
groundbreaking band.