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Style   : ambient / modern classical / jazz / fusion / avantgarde /

VOSCD   001     ALAN BRAUFMAN           VALLEY OF SEARCH                CD      04.2021

Available for the first time ever on CD, Alan Braufman's 1975 debut album was reissued
on vinyl to great acclaim in 2018. Alan and his band then performed to sold-out crowds
in New York and recorded his first album in 45 years, 'The Fire Still Burns'.
The 'Valley Of Search' CD includes as a bonus the 18-minute session Live at WKCR,
May 22, 1972.
VOS     002     TOMAS NORDMARK          ETERNAL WORDS                   LP      02.2019

        1       Eternal
        2       Words
        3       Speaking
        4       Human
        5       Future
        6       Days
        7       Giving
        8       Strength

From Sweden, its Thomas Nordmark. Mr Nordmark is something of a minimalist, but he
makes use of the full array of electronic sound sources and processing tools now
available. Eternal Words feels very large to the listener, implying wide stretches
of land with its sweeping synths and slowly-cycling patterns.
VOS     3 1     ALAN BRAUFMAN & COOPER-MOORE:LIVE AT WKCR, MAY 22, 1972 12"     04.2021

On May 22, 1972, the downtown NYC jazz saxophonist played live on the air at Columbia
University's radio station WKCR, as a duo with pianist Cooper-Moore (then Gene Ashton).
The musicians played an intense 18-minute set that was only heard once-live on the
air. The tapes were recently found and remastered. Now, this raw and powerful document
of New York City's early seventies avant-garde jazz scene will be released on vinyl
for the first time ever, as a single-sided 12", limited to 250 copies worldwide.
VOSLP   004     ALAN BRAUFMAN           THE FIRE STILL BURNS            LP      08.2020
VOSCD   004     ALAN BRAUFMAN           THE FIRE STILL BURNS            CD      08.2020

Forty-five years after his debut album 'Valley Of Search' (on India Navigation), jazz
saxophonist Alan Braufman returns. 'The Fire Still Burns' has that gritty, forthright
sensibility in sonic collaborations borne out of beauty and struggle, but there's
a populist ease that comes with age and reflection. Put simply it's natural music
- complementary, individual, and full of the sweet, hot taste of celebration.
VOSLP   005     PATRICIA BRENNAN        MAQUISHTI                       LP      01.2021
VOSCD   005     PATRICIA BRENNAN        MAQUISHTI                       CD      01.2021

        01.     BLAME IT
        02.     SOLAR
        03.     IMPROVISATION VI
        04.     SONNET
        05.     EPISODES
        06.     IMPROVISATION III
        07.     MAGIC SQUARE
        08.     IMPROVISATION VII
        09.     I LIKE FOR YOU TO BE STILL
        10.     POINT OF NO RETURN
        11.     AWAY FROM US

New York-based vibraphonist, marimbist, improviser and composer.
VOSLP   6 1     TOMAS NORDMARK          EXIT GHOSTS                     LP      05.2021
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