Distr.  : UK - Norman
Style   : alternative pop /

VLF     005 LP  JADU HEART              MELT AWAY                       2LP     08.2019

LP 1:   1       The Cure
        2       Forgotten Ghosts
        3       Iím A Kid
        4       Wanderlife
LP 2:   1       Heroin Song
        2       The Omen
        3       U Never Call Me
        4       Zorah Come Home
        5       Euphoria
        6       Harry Bromptonís Ice Tea
        7       Purity
        8       Whitefang
        9       Koora (Melt Away)
        10      Diamond Day

(Note : 2LP , comes in a gatefold sleeve with matt machine varnish + gold foiling.
        Includes A5 booklet (comic book) A5 booklet (comic book))

Enigmatic UK alternative-pop duo Jadu Heart have announced details of their debut
album Melt Away, which is set for release on August 16th. The idiosyncratic young
band, who perform adorned in hand-made masks, are a best-kept-secret whose early
singles and EP have acquired the sort of hardcore global following (40 million
+ streams, immediately-sold-out shows) that render them one of the most intriguing
new bands coming out of the UK.