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Distr.  : GE -
          NE - Clear Spot/Shiny Beast/
Style   : psychedelic / progressive / blues / folk /

VG      1       PICKS & LIGHTERS        TVA/STARVATION                  LP      10.2020

The first-ever reissue of Picks & Lighters' 1997 private-press LP 'TVA/Starvation',
two sides of tumbling lo-fi guitars-and-drums improvisation that stumbles across
the under-explored territory that lies between the rough minimalism of early Terry
Riley and the protean drone of Hill Country blues. The original album was the long
document of husband and wife Steve and Mary Ann Pritchard (guitar and drums) and
Bill Warden (guitar), who recorded the session direct to cassette in their Knoxville
living room.
VG      2
VG      3       TAROTPLANE              THE FEEDBACK                    LP      06.2020

Third album from rising psych guitarist! Tarotplane, aka Baltimore's PJ Dorsey, makes
newschool kosmische music done in an old-school '70s way... fuzz, filters, and tape.
You'll hear elements of greats like Ash Ra Temple, Heldon, Besombes/Rizet, and Robert
Fripp within The Feedback Sutras, but with some modern touches. Over two sidelong
pieces, Dorsey revels in seemingly endless, oscillating harmonics and gliding alien
synthetics to soundtrack musical daydreaming for curious minds. Not a revival record,
but hopefully one that pairs nicely with old friends on the shelf. "You might hear
a deep space emptiness in these lingering textures, even the fond, failed nostalgia
that drifting machinery might feel for lost home planets." ~Dusted. "Any fans of space
rock, prog, and psych-folk oughta find a foothold in here." ~Raven Sings The Blues.
"Although Dorsey gives all reason to link his work to the '70s, his music stands on
its own feet and contains some beautifully deep, resonating passages." ~Vital Weekly.
Limited to 200 copies.