UTTER                                   London
*****                                   UK

Owner   : Alex Egan
Distr.  : UK - Boomkat/Norman/
Style   : electronic /

UTTER   1       JACK LATHAM (JAM CITY)/DANIEL SWAN : LUX DAZE           10"     11.2015

        1.      I (Opener)
        2.      II (Chimes)
        3.      III (Running Theme)
        4.      IV (Main Theme)
        5.      V (Lost Track)

(Note : 10" , limited to 300 hand-numbered copies. Includes large fold-out 75x50cm
        poster and a download link that includes the album plus the film itself)
UTTER   2       TREVOR JACKSON          RGBPM                           LP      06.2017

        1.      RGBPM 1
        2.      RGBPM 2
        3.      RGBPM 3
        4.      RGBPM 4

(Note : LP , ed. of 400 copies Housed in a sleeve designed by Trevor Jackson himself
        and packaged with one of four signed prints, each representing one of the four
        RGBPM pieces. These prints are limited to 100 copies per design)
UTTER   3       O YUKI CONJUGATE        INSECT-TALK                     12"     04.2019

        1       Insect-Talk (Dry)
        2       Insect-Talk (Tolouse Low Trax remix)
        3       Insect-Talk (Howes reduction)
        4       Insect-Talk (O Yuki Conjugate 2018 remix)
                (Note : 12" + insert)

Legendary post-industrial group O Yuki Conjugate's "Insect-Talk" from their 1995
album "Equator". Alongside this long lost treasure we get contemporary versions by
Tolouse Low Trax (Salon Des Amateurs), Howes (Cong Burn / NTS Radio) and OYC
UTTER   4       JORGE VELEZ             THE SATURN STAR                 LP      12.2019

        A1.     open / frost
        A2.     sunday / furnace
        A3.     sudden guests
        A4.     the tree
        A5.     labour
        A6.     a messenger
        B1.     two dogs
        B2.     sunrise / a secret way through the wood
        B3.     furnace 2 / materia
        B4.     the saturn star
        B5.     close

(Note : limited to 250 copies LP. Includes the A5 'Systema' risograph-printed booklet
        illustrated by Jorge Velez)
UTTER   5       MUTSUMI                 MUTSUMI                         2LP     03.2020

LP 1    A1.     What's My Name
        A2.     Collage Panty Smelling
        A3.     No More Fake Tits
        B1.     Look Down At Your Feet Below
        B2.     I Make You Go
        B3.     U Look Good & They Don't

LP 2    C1.     Did You Just Grab My Butt?
        C2.     I'm Really Pissed
        C3.     58, 26, 34 & 20
        D1.     Pimp Slap
        D2.     Breastmilk
        D3.     Collage Panty Smelling (Maurice Fulton Instrumental)

(Note : 2LP on Utter. Limited pressing with fluorescent pink sleeve & insert.
        Remastered & cut by Rashad Becker at D&M)
UTTER   6       SAMMY OSMO (LEGOWELT) : SCHADUW HORIZON                 2LP     09.2020

LP 1    A1.     Radar Bol (Main Theme)
        A2.     Verlaten Dierentuin Wassenaar
        A3.     Geheimzinnige Helikopter Basis / Regen
        A4.     Liquidatie Bij Albert’s Corner
        A5.     Men Spreekt Over Atlantis
        B1.     Valscherm Malfunction (Ongeluk)
        B2.     Spannings Bas
        B3.     Albert Helpt Met Inpakken
        B4.     Nachtelijk Konvooi Op De N44
        B5.     Moord Op De Kagerplas

LP 2    C1.     Verdwaald In De Waddenzee
        C2.     Schaduw Horizon (Aktie)
        C3.     Land In Zicht
        D1.     Voor Een Grotere Zaak

                Bonus Tracks From Het Geheim Van De Brittenburg:
        D2.     Duinvallei
        D3.     Man’s Land
        D4.     Verdwenen Weg
                (Note : 2LP , gatefold + lyrics + sticker)
UTTER   7       VÁDIN                   TAI,YO                          2LP     12.2020

LP 1    A1.     The Seven Laws
        A2.     First Contact
        B1.     Merging
        B2.     The Forest

LP 2    C.      Sufi Trance
        D.      Taiyo
UTTER   8       O YUKI CONJUGATE        SLEEPWALKER                     LP+DLc  04.2021

(Note : LP on Utter incl. 16-page 10"x10" size booklet displaying images and text
        from the "Sleepwalker" film, a special 12"x12" tour insert plus codes to
        download the album and view the film)


UTTER   11      Lena Willikens & Sarah Szczesny feat. Viktoria          box     12.2021
                Wehrmeister and Detlef Weinrich : Phantom Seance Ballett

        A.      Identikit Arkaden Seance (Live Recording) 
        B.      Studio Chamber Seance 
        +       20 Locked grooves (10 per side)

Box set including hand-stamped LP, 36-page Riso-printed book, Riso-printed fold-out
poster, stickers. Includes 20 locked grooves. Edition of 250 copies.
UTTER   42      DMX KREW                TURN IT ON                      12"     11.2020

        1.      Turn It On
        2.      Turn It On (dub)
        3.      Love Games
        4.      43