URUSAI RECORDS                          NETHERLANDS

Owner   : Petrushka Morsink
Distr.  : NE - Shiny Beast/Clear Spot/
Style   : noise / drone / alternative / acid / psychedelic / beat / punk /
          garage rock / surf / grunge / space /

URU     1       TRUSHKADELIC            RND(*)                          LP      04.2019

        A1      I WANNA RIOT!!                                  3:50
        A2      1st Step                                        2:24
        A3      Georgia Asphalt                                 2:04
        A4      Respectless Son Of A Bitch                      1:30
        A5      U Blew It!                                      1:32
        A6      So Simple                                       4:14
        B1      I Was Here All That Time                        2:19
        B2      Jerez                                           1:44
        B3      Detox                                           2:35
        B4      Serve Up                                        1:46
        B5      The Walk                                        1:02
        B6      So Alive                                        1:35
        B7      Supercharged                                    3:12
                (Note : LP/45 RPM , 250 copies)
URU     2       CORDS : STARGAZER (BEST OF 1990-1999)                   LP      07.2019

        A1      Sugar Riot
        A2      Eat Your Heart Out
        A3      Gasping
        A4      Titan
        A5      Blue Chaos
        A6      Second Skin
        B1      Kitty Grip
        B2      Plastic Sister
        B3      Stomp
        B4      Fleamarket
        B5      Dazzlin' Confetti
        B6      Stargazer

Cords was a Dutch alt.rock/grunge/noiserock-band that operated from 1990 till 1999.
It all started with John Peel playing their first 7", after which he invited the band
for 2 infamous Peel Sessions. A page-wide article in the Melody Maker triggered NYC
-based TVT Records to sign them instantly. The band lived in New York for 2 months
whilst recording the album 'Taurus, No Bull', produced by Nick Sansano. The second
full-length 'Hear! See! Feel! Taste!' was taped in 3 different studios, as the band
was traveling the globe constantly, Zippah in Boston, Sony Studio's in NYC and
Metropool, Hengelo. After that followed their third at Zippah and finally the album
'Lunchbox' with Steve Albini in Chicago. You might have come across this super-high
energy-group at places like Roskilde, Sziget, Lowlands, Dynamo Open Air, or on tour
with bands like The Gun Club. This compilation contains the band's favorite picks and
all tracks have been restored and remastered by Trushkadelic to be released on vinyl
for the first time. Limited edition of 250 hand-numbered copies, designed by Iggy
Pieters, and includes an insert.
URU     3       LOS GRINGOS             STREET SURF                     LP      06.2020

        A1      Planet Of Sound
        A2      Ickern Beach
        A3      What? I Have To Excuse Me At The Police Office
        A4      Kirmes Beta
        A5      Pete Hates You
        A6      The Reverend Ate All The Bread
        B1      Couch Surfers Late Night Trip
        B2      Special Agents Have To Run
        B3      Surf Fast Sleep Long
        B4      Maximum Radiation Level
        B5      Spazz Am Dienstag

If the Dead Kennedys and the Ventures had sex, Los Gringos would be their freakin'
children. Before forming Los Gringos in the German Ruhr Area in 2011, all band members
had played in different hardcore punk bands. After some demo recordings, Los Gringos
released their first LP 'Surf Fast, Sleep Long' in 2014. They had to face a lot of
challenges. An additonal guitar player started in 2013 and left the band in 2014,
in 2018 a close friend of the band and the drummer's wife passed away. But the band
didn't give in. By now, they have found their own unique sound and decided to record
a new LP called 'Street Surf', released on the Dutch label Urusai Records. The sound
is too surfy for punks and much too punkesque for surfers, but Los Gringos still
don't care and they keep on keeping on. 'Street Surf' is an 100 % instrumental record,
its 11 tracks will kick your ass to the moon and back!
All notes taken from: www.shinybeast.nl