UNSATISFIED RECORDS                     Los Angeles
*******************                     USA

Distr.  : US
          UK - Norman
Style   : lo-fi /

UNR     2002    CLEARANCE               CATALOGUE NOS.                  CS      08.2014

        1       Walking Papers
        2       You're Not The Target
        3       Selling The Plot/Holding Pattern (Edit)
        4       She's Gonna Show You
        5       Victory Condition
        6       Close Encounters
        7       She's A Peach
        8       Drive-Out!
        9       Modern Luxe
        10      Face The Frontier
        11      Safer Passage
        12      Carte Blanche
        13      Misdirection Prize/TV Exhaust
        14      Merchant Copy
UNR     1006    CLEARANCE               RAPID REWARDS                   LP      10.2015

        A1      Delays Expected
        A2      You've Been Pre-Approved
        A3      No Glance You Took
        A4      Nonplussed
        A5      Rather Not Bother
        A6      Parlance Quote
        A7      Elsewhere Waits
        B1      Total Closeout
        B2      Crowded Out/Flimsy Maneuver #2
        B3      Swiftboating (Onto The Reels)
        B4      Care Of The Claims Dept.
        B5      Flowers In Epoxy
        B6      Back Of The Yards

LP      Tall Pat        TPR 012         2015    US