UNLESS YOU TRY RECORDS                  UK

Distr.  : UK -
Style   : punk / folk rock / indie / alternative /


        1       Destination
        2       Everybody Shines
        3       I Wouldn't Wait
        4       Getaway Car
        5       My Side Of The Bridge
TRY     002     PARASITES               SOLITARY                        LP        .2009

        A1      All The Time In The World
        A2      Real Real Good Time
        A3      Stuck On You
        A4      So Wanna Kiss You
        A5      Say It Again
        A6      Breakage
        B1      Hanging Around
        B2      Gonna Get You Back
        B3      Maybe I Don't Know
        B4      Really Really
        B5      Say You Love Me
        B6      The First Day Of Summer
                (Note : LP , 100 opaque yellow/100 transp.purple/50 black)

LP.CD   Kid Tested      KTR 007         2009    US
TRY     003     ATLANTIC/PACIFIC        SOME WEARY VALENTINE            10"       .2009

        A1      Some Weary Valentine
        A2      The Inquisition (Demo)
        B1      Picture Perfect (Demo)
        B2      Meet Your New Love (Live In Hamburg)
                (Note : 10" , 300 opaque white+green splatter/200 black)
TRY     004     THE GREAT ST. LOUIS     IN YOUR OWN TIME                LP        .2010

        A1      Mooresy
        A2      Redeye
        A3      Safe
        A4      Don't Ask
        A5      Remain
        B1      Coming Home
        B2      Closest Enemies
        B3      Head Down
        B4      Strawman
        B5      Croal
        B6      Bare Knuckle Stroller
        B7      Worlds Collide

CD      Boss Tuneage    BTRC 033        2010    UK
CD      JSNTGM          JSNTGM 024      2010    UK
TRY     005     SAMIAM                  ORPHAN WORKS                    2LP       .2010

LP 1    A1      Ainít No Size That Small                        3:35
        A2      Capsized                                        4:17
        A3      Regret                                          3:25
        A4      Bad Day                                         3:30
        A5      My Convenience                                  2:48
        B1      Stepson                                         4:05
        B2      Donít Break Me                                  5:20
        B3      Mr. Walker                                      3:49
        B4      I Want More                                     4:42

LP 2    C1      Search And Destroy                              3:10
        C2      Here Comes Your Man                             3:14
        C3      Stepson                                         3:54
        C4      Sky Flying By                                   3:25
        D1      Full On                                         3:28
        D2      Clean                                           2:57
        D3      Speed                                           2:13
        D4      Time By The Dime                                5:35
        D5      Home Sweet Home                                 2:16

2LP.CD  No Idea         NIR 279         2010    US
#       6       JEFF CAUDILL            ALWAYS ON                       12"       .2013

        A1      Laughable
        A2      The Warmest Heart Attack
        A3      Angels On The Wing
        A4      Balance
        A5      Anyone Can Write A Song
        B1      New Landscaping
        B2      Robots
        B3      Accidental Clarity
        B4      The Problem With Me
        B5      Awkward Age
TRY     007
TRY     007.5   GAMEFACE                REGULAR SIZE                    7"      10.2014

        A       Regular Size
        B       Mirrors
                (Note : 7" , 100 copies on pink vinyl)

7"      Equal Vision                    289             2014    US      500 clear
7"      Coffeebreath & Heartache        CAH 019         2014    GE      100 yellow
                                                                        100 blue
TRY     008
TRY     009     SNUFF                   THE WRATHOF THOTH               LP+DLc  08.2020

        A1      Drink Freely From The Chalice Of Lunacy
        A2      Nothing To See Here
        A3      Conductor 71 (Vada Version)
        A4      FUWOAGORR!
        B1      Poetic Nonsense
        B2      The Bells Of Hell Go Ting-A-Ling-A-Ling
        B3      King Of The Wild Frontier

Limited pressing of just 300 copies on translucent red/translucent blue (A-side
/B-side) with white splatter.
The only pressing to come with free digital download code (inserts) with embedded
TRY     TBR     TEENAGE BOTTLEROCK      TEENAGE BOTTLEROCK              7LP+12" 09.2013

LP 1            Another Way  (gray vinyl)
        A1      Be Stag
        A2      Patrick
        A3      Go-Go
        A4      She Can't Think
        A5      Senior Prom
        B1      Mini Skirt
        B2      Pull The Plug
        B3      Rebound
        B4      Opportunity
        B5      Rathead
        B6      Another Way

LP 2            Total  (white vinyl)
        C1      Radio
        C2      So Cool
        C3      Stupid Games
        C4      Fall For Me
        C5      Crashing
        C6      Lost In Space
        D1      Go Away
        D2      Rebound
        D3      Blood Bath At Burger King
        D4      Veronica
        D5      Repeat Offender
        D6      A Bomb
        D7      So Far Away

LP 3            Warning Device (yellow vinyl)
        E1      Bottlerocket
        E2      In The Basement
        E3      Gave You My Heart
        E4      She's Not The One
        E5      Pace Maker
        E6      Social Life
        F1      Welcome To The Nuthouse
        F2      Anna's Song
        F3      On My Own
        F4      Totally Stupid
        F5      Crawling Back To You
        F6      Warning Device
        F7      Wasting Time

LP 4            They Came From The Shadows (chartreuse vinyl)
        G1      Skate Or Die
        G2      Don't Want To Go
        G3      Bigger Than Kiss
        G4      Do What?
        G5      Not OK
        G6      Forbidden Planet
        G7      Call In Sick
        H1      Fatso Goes Nutzoid
        H2      Without You
        H3      Tonguebiter
        H4      Be With You
        H5      The Jerk
        H6      They Came From The Shadows
        H7      Todayo

LP 5            Freak Out! (pink vinyl)
        I1      Freak Out!
        I2      Headbanger
        I3      Cruising For Chicks
        I4      Necrocomicon
        I5      Maverick
        I6      Done With Love
        I7      Punk House Of Horror
        J1      Never Gonna Tell You
        J2      In The Pit
        J3      Mutilate Me
        J4      Who Killed Sensei?
        J5      Radical
        J6      Summertime
        J7      Go With The Flow

LP 6            Live In '06 (red vinyl)
        K1      Radio
        K2      So Cool
        K3      Stupid Games
        K4      Warning Device
        K5      Crashing
        K6      Lost In Space
        K7      Go Away
        K8      Repeat Offender
        L1      On My Own
        L2      Blood Bath At Burger King
        L3      Veronica
        L4      Gave You My Heart
        L5      A Bomb
        L6      So Far Away
        L7      Another Way

LP 7            Bonus (multi-coloured vinyl)
        M1      A Bomb
        M2      Job On Me
        M3      Going Slow
        M4      Teen Wolf
        M5      Bottlerocket
        M6      Graduation Day
        M7      Name Game
        N1      Satellites Over Baghdad
        N2      Go Away
        N3      Why I Let You Go
        N4      I Know You Know
        N5      Bitchface
        N6      Dean's Dream

12"     O1      Having A Blast (multi-coloured splatter)
        O2      London Drunk
        O3      Henchman
        O4      Walked In Line
        O5      Ice Age
        P1      A Bomb
        P2      Teen Wolf
        P3      Going Slow
        P4      Job On Me