Distr.  : NE - Shiny Beast
Style   : rock / pop / wave /

UNDERFL 1       LOST BODIES             SPECIFIC OCEAN                  LP      07.2018

Lost Bodies is the creation of two friends from Athens, Thanos and Anthony.
They started out with improvisation in 1985. In 1988 they put out their first two
tapes of underground art-punk music. Lost Bodies now have behind them 33 years of
continuous activity in the Athens music scene and have issued eleven CDs, three
vinyl albums and two tapes. The band's music is part of the alternative scene,
demonstrating outmost flexibility in both high-speed punk rock and sombre dark music
with influences of industrial rock, trip-hop and post-punk, right up to funk,
avant-garde and experimental fusions of acoustic, electric and electronic sound,
combining prose, self-sarcasm and social satire. Through the years, Lost Bodies have
experimented in many fields, including music for cinema, contemporary dance, modern
theatre and ancient Greek tragedy. The music presented on this record is a collection
of works composed for theatrical performances, dance performances and film.
Limited to 500 copies.
UNDERFL 2       SISTER                  UNTRUE                          LP      09.2018

sister is an electric minimal rock trio. Its members have been involved in various
groups throughout the years in Athens, the rest of Greece and abroad. sister
manifested itself for the first time in 2016. The tracks of their debut album
'Untrue' came together as a way to acquaint with each other musically. The record
was produced in the first months of 2017 at Suono, a studio in downtown Athens
operated by producer and musician Coti K. (The Man From Managra), being the very
first record produced there under the man's supervision. Hitting the blind spots
between harmony and dissonance, 'Untrue' evades explicit feelings to evoke ideas
of speed and heat, light and shade, a sense of inner space and biochemical rush.
'Untrue' is music for those who sit in the corner going quietly out of their minds.
Limited to 500 copies.