Distr.  : US - Midheaven
          UK - Piccadilly
Style   : indie / jazz rock /

Um Yeah Arts is a new arts and music collective founded by California-based painter,
sculpter, photographer and filmmmaker Thomas Campbell. Campbell has mounted solo
exhibitions in New York, Paris, Tokyo, Denmark, The Netherlands, San Francisco, Los
Angeles and Morocco. He is also part owner and creative director of a small record
label based in Santa Cruz called Galaxia which was established in 1993, and has
released records by Tommy Guerrero, Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Peggy Honeywell and The
Black Heart Procession. In 2013, Campbell started a new creative platform called Um
Yeah Arts which is a nexus for the making of books, music and films.
[From:] june 15, 2014

UYA     005 LP  SNADY'S                 FOURTH DEMENTIA                 LP      07.2014
UYA     005 CD  SNADY'S                 FOURTH DEMENTIA                 CD      07.2014

        1.      Barnyard
        2.      Lonely Hunter
        3.      Yuba Diamond
        4.      Great Highway
        5.      Listen To My Shells
        6.      Sisters
        7.      Slow Cone
        8.      Who Lives
        9.      The Prodigal
        10.     Lucy Lucia
UYA     006     MATTSON 2               AGAR                            LP+DLc  09.2014
UYA     006 CD  MATTSON 2               AGAR                            CD      09.2014

        1.      Peaks Of Yew
        2.      Dif Juz
        3.      Pure Ego Death
        4.      Meluminary
        5.      Agar
UYA     010     RAY BARBEE              TIARA FOR COMPUTER              LP      06.2018
UYA     010 CD  RAY BARBEE              TIARA FOR COMPUTER              CD      06.2018

        1.      Pink Noise
        2.      Future Blues
        3.      What's His Neck
        4.      Ocra Vs Jaba
        5.      Tina Cut
        6.      Ornithology
        7.      Holding Company
        8.      Tiara For Computer
        9.      Manglenese
        10.     Neon Native

The Tiara For Computer, the latest LP from Ray Barbee, we find the skater, photographer
and most importantly (for our purposes) musician playing around with synths. Along
with a band including John Herndon (Tortoise) Barbee has created a weird, fun record
that skirts between instrumental synth-pop, Krauty-psych and slightly techy, slightly
Afro-funky workouts.