Distr.  : NE - Sonic Rendezvous
Style   : garage rock / 60's punk /

USRLP   101     THE TWO TENS            VOLUME                          LP      07.2016

        01.     SCENE
        02.     ELLA DON'T LIKE MY HAT
        03.     WATCHING ME
        04.     SWEET AS PIE
        05.     DREAMS
        06.     RUSH OUT
        07.     CARE AT ALL
        08.     LIFE
        09.     I CAN'T WIN
        10.     YOU WANT IT ALL
        11.     CAN'T PULL THROUGH
        12.     BREATHE

Buzzing guitars, big thumping drums and sheets of skysaw vocals... this is The Two
Tens. A duo consisting of Adam Bones and Rikki Styxx; the inspiration is 60s garage
and 70s punk along with all manner of modern buzz n fuzz. Grimy Goods: "With an
intrigue similar to that of the White Stripes, The Two Tens create a ferocious sound
with just one guitar and a set of drums. Everyone on the floor was rocking out to the
sun-kissed garage punk sounds of the Two Tens." Mixed and mastered by Jim Diamond of
White Stripes/Dirtbombs fame. Artwork by Stephen Blickenstaff, who designed the iconic
Cramps logo.