TWO SHEDS RECORDS                       P.O.Box   5455
*****************                       Atlanta
                                        GA  31107-0455

Distr. : US - Stickfigure
         UK - Shellshock
Style  :

TS      801     ASHEN/FLUX CAPACITOR    Split                           12"
TS      806     CRYBABY                 Crybaby                         12"EP
TS      816     FAIRBURN ROYALS         Sunshine Slowdown               12"

TS      005     SHARKS AND MINNOWS      Light As A Feather              CD
TS      006     ASHEN                   No Other Comfort                CD
TS      008     HEROS SEVERUM           Grounded...Like A Prop Plane    7"
                // From Foot To Foot
TS      001     PARTIAL TO MABEL        If You Knew Mabel...            CD
TS      010     CRYBABY                 No Means Yes                    CDEP
TS      011     FAITH KLEPPINGER        Asleep In The Well              CD
TS      012     HEROS SEVERUM           Wonderful Educated Bear         CD
TS      013     C'EST MORTEL            C'est Mortel                    CD
TS      014     3D5SPD                  Fever In The Ice Age            CD
TS      015     FAIRBURN ROYALS         From A Window Way Above         CD
TS      018     ASHEN                   Pull And Repel                  CDEP
TS      020     HEROS SEVERUM : Rock'n'Roll Nigga                       7".CDS
                Get Ur Freak On // Rock'n'Roll Nigger
TS      023     BLAKE RAINEY            Appetizer Sickness              CD
TS      025     FAITH KLEPPINGER        No Galore                       CD
TS      027     FAIRBURN ROYALS         The Whistler                    CD
TS      028     NILLAH                  The Sun Show                    CD
TS      029     DODD FERRELL & THE TINFOIL STARS:The Murder Of Love     CD
TS      030     HEROS SEVERUM           Plaguem Dogs                    CD      04.2006
TS      031     AN EPIC AT BEST         There Will Be Rain              CD      04.2006
TS      032     HOT YOUNG PRIEST        Fiendish Freak Love             CD      06.2006