Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly
Style   : techno / house /

DIGLP   1       LOSOUL : BELONGING (20TH ANNIVERSARY ED.)               2LP     01.2021

LP 1    A1.     Taste Not Waste
        A2.     Late Play
        B1.     Resisting Curare
        B2.     Overland

LP 2    C1.     Sunbeams And The Rain
        C2.     Position
        D1.     Depth Control
        D2.     You Can Do
        D3.     Trust

Losoul, whose real name is Peter Kremeier, has been one of the leading figures of
legendary 90's and 00's German label Playhouse. He released numerous LPs and EPs
during the last three decades, including underground hit “Open Door”. He also
appeared under the names “Silhouette Electronique” and “Don Disco”.